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Need sleep...don't want to sleep; morning/Scary Driving comes at 8:30!

-ER, 15x11, "Separation Anxiety"
*taps chin* Let's see...a drunken hookup/one night stand should be everything I despise, and yet.  TONY/DARIA.  It is such a refreshing change of pace after sitting through yet more of Sam's sulking and whining and scowling that I don't even care.  This is so going to blow up in her face; it's going to end poorly and Sam is going to find out & then find a way to tear her apart for it, I'm sure, but!  Don't care!  For once in my life, Pretty Factor has overridden all my morals and scruples and delicate sensibilities. 

Besides, I got an over-the-phone "I love you" to Sarah (followed by "I love you more," so, it's nice to know that even in her Stupid Teenage Statistic times, she's not too high and mighty to say "I love you too."  Which is more than I can say for myself), to make up for her lack of actual presence, and they get to keep Jake for a while longer!  Woohoo!

Also, realized for the first time tonight that Tony is getting a lot more gray in his hair - and it's good; makes him look distinguished.  Am also beginning to think that John Stamos is one of those rare men who just always looks attractive no matter what age he is.  

All of the above makes up for the fact that nothing much else happened - I'm rather "meh" on Banfield's desire to have a child, even more so on her insistence that she wants to spend her money on what sounds like a .0002% chance of IVF as opposed to adoption.  Supportive of her desire for motherhood in general, not so much so on seeing it. 

As for Neela's plethora of Cute Boy texts on her fancy new iPhone...*shrugs* I'd like to resolve her love interest dilemmas soon.  Preferably with Ray, because without hair gel he's cuter than Brenner and I have someone equally pretty to ship with Gates now, so that ship has sailed.  Short of bringing back Gallant for Grey's-style ghost sex, I don't have any better options for her. '

And also
Numb3rs: 5x11, "Arrow of Time" OK, I know this was a really intense episode that built on the foundations of when Megan was kidnapped, and from the glimpses I saw, it looked really good.  When I wasn't busy daydreamily replaying the teaser in my head or looking up details for this post, I saw that there was a lot of Robin and Brooding Don, the usual hilarity of Simon Camden being a badass, and I almost had my attention fully caught when I heard Charlie say "what the hell is wrong with you?" and prepared for a confrontation between the brothers...

But I'm sorry.  If right off the bat, you give me shots of Amita lying with her head in Charlie's lap, while he holds her hand and pets her hair, I AM NOT GOING TO CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING ELSE FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT.  I'm not even going to get as far as paying attention to what he's saying, other than that it sounds very sexy intelligent and captivating and...sorry, have gone all melty-like.

It's going to take a Recapist recap for me to get any meaning out of this episode, is what I'm saying.  (Come on.  Hair petting!  Sometimes, I think they may actually kill me with cuteness.  I didn't even have time to notice the TragiCut.)
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