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I like how what started as a general post managed to become all about TV anyway,

1) MY WIRELESS INTERNET IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Every few page loads it gives up and quits, unable to find the server. After ten or fifteen minutes, it'll behave again, and then repeat the same process. I think some keysmashy swearing symbols are in order here: %(&*)@ %()#*%&(*#&%#()*&%()#%)(#*%&#*&%*#%#(%

2) In other news, I proudly refused to watch Idol tonight, not even out of curiosity. What little faith I had in the show - or rather, the faith that Jordin Sparks created for me - was destroyed the minute Porky Pig won. No matter how much they promise me about it being better and different and having fewer terrible singers in the auditions, I reject it entirely this year until I have a top 24 on the website to eyeball and judge solely by appearance.

3) Question: does 30 Rock ever have an episode without a special guest star? Resentment for awards...growing...

4) I just saw my first real live promo of the season for Medium, and realized how super-exited I am for this show to come back.  Domestic marital cuddling, it is high time you returned to my life!  By way of my TV screen.

5) Oh, "Secret Life."

Sweet lord, Ben (and Amy, though it's less surprising from her). How do they not understand this?! You can declare yourselves engaged without legal paperwork; you cannot declare yourselves married. Or rather, you can declare yourselves husband and wife, but you're still going to have to behave like regular teenagers, who go to school and live with their respective parents in separate residences, and your parents are still not going to make up the guest suite so you can have sex (which I realize is, refreshingly enough, actually not your primary reason for marriage, but I'm just throwing it out there as an aside).

By the way, I yelled it at Seth and Summer, and I'm going to yell it at you: engagements do not come with time limits or an expiration date! There is nothing preventing you from just being happily engaged until you finish high school. And preferably college. Also, an engagement vs. stubbornly insisting that you want to be married would, ultimately, save both you and your parents a lot of fighting, yelling and headaches. And since everyone thinks that the marriage is a bad idea because you're too young and will probably change your minds, if you're so sure that they're all wrong, why don't you prove them so by just staying together? Then, on the off chance that they're right, much less damage done!

But then, this is the girl who can't fathom that there is anything to do with your unexpected pregnancy except keep the baby AT AGE FIFTEEN, so I don't know why I still let these things surprise me.

On another note, I'm starting to appreciate Ben's dad more and more. Ben usually isn't quite as stupid as the rest of them, and on the rare occasion he is you can usually understand why he chose to override his natural common sense, but even so it's nice to see him be yelled it with good cause - and in an effective manner, too. Mr. Boykewich is clearly the best parent on this show. Although Molly Ringwald does come close.

Two questions:
1) How does everyone know off the top of their head what the penalties for carrying a fake ID are? Did they all decide to brush up as soon as their kids became teenagers, just in case they'd need to yell at them about it?
2) ...Ben didn't know you couldn't get legally married with a fake ID? Really? REALLY? Now you're testing my suspension-of-disbelief bone.

And two parting shots:
A) *shrugs* Whatever. If sleeping with Adrian keeps him out of Grace's pants, I'm OK with Ricky being a two-timing manwhore. Was I supposed to be shocked and/or appalled? Sorry, but he's so clearly a piece of slime on the bottom of my shoe - not unlike Adrian - that I find myself hard-pressed to care. Also, part of me finds her antics amusing and thinks it serves Grace right for being that stupid and naive.

B) You know, Ben, when Amy accidentally hears you saying that you "knew" the wedding was a bad idea...this is why you should close the door to the guidance counselor's office. For some reason, no one ever seems to do that, even though it's apparently on the busiest corridor in school and people only drop in during passing time. What really cracks me up is that even after she hears him and storms away, they still don't close the door. *throws up hands*

Tags: 30 rock, american idol, medium, secret life, tv commentary

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