RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm feeling reflective and thankful.

So I think I'll make a list of the Top Ten Twenty Gleeful Moments that TV has given me so far this season. 

1. [CSI: NY] Danny/Lindsay hug
2. [CSI: NY] The reversal of the Mac/Peyton breakup
3. [CSI] Sara kneeling beside an injured Greg
4. [Bones] Jack and Angela - the "I love her" confession/rescuing him/"come home with me"
5. [NCIS] Gibbs rescuing Abby from the Evil Humvee of Death
6. [Numb3rs] Everybody shout together, "Charlie!  And Amita!  Have!  Chemistry!" (a/k/a first real kiss)
7. [Lost] Every Sawyer/Kate scene.  What, I gotta pick one?!  Fine... "I love you too."
8. [Standoff] Emily tears, reassurance
9. [CSI Miami] Raymond's death scene.
10. [Without a Trace] Jack/Anne scene in recovery

Oh, what the hey.  I want more moments.

11. [Standoff] Pillow talk (of things kept from partners) and snuggling
12. [Grey's Anatomy] Cristina breaking down: "Don't ever die."
13. [Lost] Sawyer getting smacked around, with Kate's hysterical screams and finally, "Ilovehim; please."
14. [Bones] Jack/Angela's date on the swings
15. [O.C.] Summer calling Seth to tell him she got suspended a rabbit
16. [Law & Order: SVU] Olivia mumbling Elliot's name
17. [Law & Order: SVU] Elliot/Dani handhold
18. [The Class] Lina opening her arms, forgiving Richie
19. [CSI] GSR: "No dear."
20. [Cold Case] Scotty's brother finally admitting his past abuse

That was fun.  I feel cheerful again.  :)
Tags: gifts, tv commentary

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