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Look at me, all not watching American Idol again.

Poll #1331319 The Gladiator Arena

At 9/8 PM on Thursday night, you'll be watching...

Grey's Anatomy
Kitchen Nightmares
The Office and/or 30 Rock
Something else
I still can't make up my mind where I'll have my remote set.  I want to savor The Office for when I can pause/fast-forward at will, but the squicky nature of Grey's Anatomy is such that I MUST fast-forward often and for copious amounts of time.  Normally CSI is the nice in-the-middle pick, except that this week I want to savor Grissom's Goodbye as well.  And not watching anything just seems sort of sacriligeous. 
-NCIS, 6x14, "Broken Bird" (I do so love when they get all poetic with their title's secondary meaning)
*gasp* ZIVA'S THANKSGIVING-COLORS SWEATER!  That's apparently the only shirt of hers I recognize, but I *love* that it made a repeat appearance.  Although I was even more fond of the vibrant blue turtleneck (it's a good color on her) in the second half, especially when paired with the half-ponytail.  Ziva looks amazing in the half-ponytail; her thick wavy hair is simply gorgeous.  Never cut it.  Ever.  Moving on...

Despite the fact that I'm not terribly fond of Ducky, a found a lot to love in this episode because it seemed intent on making sure I did.  Starting with: CORGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!  I feel like we may have previously known about or even seen these dogs, but my brain is a sieve and so I just spent several minutes flailing with love at the pair of perfect tan-and-white Pembroke Welsh Corgis running around his nigh-museum-quality-decorated living room. 

(In case you were not previously aware of this, I adore Corgis.  Besides the omnipresent Labrador or Golden Retrievers, since they're a dime a dozen at shelters, Corgis are the only breed of dog that have ever tempted me to consider spending the outrageous sum of $300+ for a purebred puppy.  They are so ridiculously cute, and have such soft, thick fur and little foxy faces, I can't stand it!) 

You add the starling down the chimney (they're very pretty too; I'm not sure I've ever seen one outside of photographs), and a) tug my heartstrings by telling me one of the Corgis killed it and b) make me gasp in shock and delight when it ends up just being stunned and unexpectly flies out of the coffin box and flaps away?  DELIGHTFUL. 

Other unexpected Ducky joys were the return of Jordan Hamton as the colleague/friend/maybe-love-interest, further mention of Ducky's mother and her advanced Alzheimer's (which I suppose sets up for them to mention her death before too long, since the actress is *sniff*), and the crying at the end.  Which on the one hand seemed terribly fake and forced, but on the other I might have just been terribly uncomfortable because it just looked so WRONG.  He's not supposed to look old and vulnerable and frail!  It's kind of a terrifying experience.  Did like how proud Jimmy was of figuring out why there was no J Street, though.

-WHY THE KNIFE THROUGH THE HAND.  WHY.  I guess I should be grateful he wasn't stabbed in the eye, given the way TV usually likes to gross me out.

-I never cared what was in the file Vance shredded in the season finale - but I do desperately wish to know what's in the secret CIA file with his name on it.  Maybe it's something so damning he has to leave his job without even finishing out the year.  Hey, a girl can hope.

-Loved Abby's surprising calmness at the hospital, because "If I keep going Crazytown every time one of you gets hurt..." (that's all I could get down before my short term memory failed, but it was kind of a humorous observation, and she has a point.  One of them seems to be in mortal peril at least every month, and I always find myself wondering how much government health insurance covers)

-We...totally have an ancient Mac computer like the one McGee pulled out of the box.  Used to be in my dad's business.  On second thought, by the time we pulled it out of the garage I don't think it was functional and/or my brother dissembled it for parts, least I recognized it!

-Law & Order: SVU, 10x12, "Hothouse"
So this week, Olivia briefly plays a Madam, making what I think is her 50th adopted persona in the name of law enforcement over the course of the series.  Sometimes I wonder who's actually being nominated for all those awards, Mariska or Olivia.

Not much to say - I suspected the simpering little roommate as soon as I saw her, because no one ever seems to take into account how psycho teenage girls can be, but at least she was a more sympathetic victim, all strung out on lack of sleep.  Also, um, is it bad if during her whole squeaky, wide-eyed ramble about the drugs she needed, all I could think about was how nice and convenient those drugs sounded?  I could do a lot of things if I didn't have to sleep for up to six days straight.  Apparently nobody suspected and she was getting through all her classes just fine, too - and feeling focused rather than tired!  This sounds like a magic pill indeed.  What's that you say, it's addictive and side effects may include indecipherable scribbling and/or psychotic breaks?  *shrugs* Minor drawbacks.

Also, I find it kind of hard to believe that 17 hours without sleep has the same effect as being halfway to legally drunk.  I mean, isn't that...sort of an average day?  Say you get up at 6 AM and watch primetime TV at night; if you live in one of the crazy places where the local news doesn't start until 11 PM, that's 17 hours right there.  I don't start feeling the first effects until I've been up at least 21 hours, and I'm good for another ten before I start to go into the delirious zone where I'm falling asleep in my chair.

Did highly appreciate the lack of the wooden DA, though.  And I like how they tried to make us appreciate her by showing that New Jersey has even worse DAs.  "He's 15; he raped and murdered his six-year-old sister, has no remorse, says A++ would do again.  You want him out at 21, too?"  Which...that's a terrible comparison.  Was he strung out on prescription drugs and sleep loss, or was he sober and in his right mind when he did it?  Was Elsa much younger and more defenseless and/or raped?  Also, he has no remorse!  It's sort of a big distinction!  Terrible Jersey prosecutor, I say.    -
P.S. "RECAPIST TO CEASE RECAPPING"?!  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS NONSENSE, SITE.  *howls in pain*  No more from theoriginalspy?  But, but, but - THIS IS ACTUALLY WORSE THAN NUMB3RS BEING CANCELED.  I'm guessing Annie's out too then, and that is so... For lack of time I stopped reading the majority of the recaps on there, but %(#!@#!@, Numb3rs & CSI are integral parts of my weekly fandom experience; I don't know where I'd be without the Doctor Who, Torchwood and So You Think You Can Dance ones; and how am I supposed to follow Without a Trace and Law & Order: SVU now?  Nobody talks about them!  That was like my one place on the whole internet to find extensive plot summary and/or commentary!

This sucks, and it's probably too much to hope for another miracle pickup to rescue them as Recapist rescued them from the ruins of Fandom Talk.  So if you don't mind, I'm just going to go my corner and sulk and futilely wish I was an heiress or a lottery winner or something. 
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