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Saw CSI. Venting is in order.

*exhales in relief*  Oh, merciful heavens of TPTB, I knew you'd get it right someday.  I knew, despite all the ugly GGL kissing and the Lady Heather and the breakup videos, that somehow you would atone for all your past sins and return to paradise.  And you did (somewhat literally!).  Jorja Fox learned how to kiss, you gave me pleading looks and teary eyes, you sent them off into the metaphorical sunset together.  So even though it was too short and you tried to distract me with a monkey and further hide it behind that fugly straw hat, at least you gave me my love story with a camera-spinning kiss and a beautiful musical score.  *dies & iz ded*

Finally.  At long - long, long, long - last, they nailed the last missing point on the Checklist of Cute and gave me everything I've ever wanted from them.  *snuggles down contentedly*  Suuuure, I could pitch a fit about how jungles are hot, humid, and thoroughly unacceptable places to spend excess amounts of time, and I'm going to need you to exit out of there and find more respectable places to do research ASAP, and most importantly if you stay there, WHERE THE HELL IS HANK GOING TO LIVE, know.  At the moment, I'm simply too blissed out to get up in my ranty place.

(Sneaky TPTB is sneaky, not listing JF in the credits like that.  I was hoping that was the case, but you know, I worry.  Visions of Grissom making a 1-sided phone call in the final minute danced through my head.  And Voice tried to convince me that he was just going to smile sadly at a picture of Sara and then put it in a box, like he was saying goodbye to that memory along with all the rest.)

In other news, I have no brainpower left to talk about the case except that it was less chilling and more plain gruesome than part 1 (I literally could not watch the torture sessions; my shoulders were somewhere up above my ears), but still a phenomenal close and a measure of why this show is still such a powerhouse 9 seasons in.  The remaining goodbyes to Grissom (namely Nick and Greg's) were as touching as the ones from the previous episode, and I may have teared up a little. He always seems surprised to realize what an impact he's made.

Also, I confirmed that I do in fact like the thoughtful and placid Ray Langston - mostly because he's coming in as entry-level rather than a leader, and so I think it'll be interesting to see him focused on learning and finding a foothold in a new element - and that I am so grateful Riley is getting shoved to the back burner, because she just seems awkward and out of place when she speaks, and she's totally irrelevant and unnecessary.  Miami made do with 4 CSIs for years!  She's clearly extraneous!  For example, when everyone except Riley was in the auditorium, I didn't even notice she was gone except when I realized how much smoother and more cohesive they (Langston included) were without her.

Yup...CSI: Generation 2, I think we'll get along just fine.  It's not the same show, exactly; that era's ended, but I can be content so long as I've got Catherine, Nick, and most importantly Greg headlining the new one.
*sneaks in extra, less poetic GSR thoughts*  Um, I'm pretty sure I've watched this like 72,934 times so far, and I really cannot tell you how it THRILLS MY SOUL WITH DELIGHT.  They are so perfect and right and oh, so clearly belong to each other.  I love that he walks towards her with arms outstretched, and the bit where he almost breaks just seeing her.  I didn't quite cry, but my eyes definitely welled up in sheer happiness. 

And I think my delight with the pretty kissing bears repeating, because - squee!  Normally I am 100% in favor of the long/chaste kiss, but this one needed to be more - just a little more?  And that's exactly what I got.  Most beautiful display of emotion ever.  Bravo, show.  Bravo.
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