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Ausiello comes bearing spoilers. Spoilers I hate.

It's funny how whenever there's a picture of Jenna Fischer on Ausiello's spoiler page, it immediately strikes terror into my heart.

1. The Office
Aw, hell.  That's what I was afraid of!

As soon as the "Pam learns something shocking that she and Jim have to deal with together" spoiler hit, I firmly clamped down my ears and said WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR PREGNANCY-SCARE WORDING, then proceeded to watch MTT explode with theories for what it might actually be.  The most prominent one was "Maybe Pam's parents are getting a divorce."  I  really, really did not want that one to be true.  And then look.

Question: I am absolutely in love with the Jim/Pam relationship on The Office! My body is just itching to see their wedding. Will it be this season, or are the writers going to make us wait? -- Kyle
I assumed it would take place this season... until, that is, I spoke to exec producer Greg Daniels. "If people assume it'll happen this season, then I don't want to do it," he countered with a laugh. "There are so many stories about a couple getting married that I want to explore." The post-Super Bowl episode on Feb. 1 will introduce one such story when Pam learns that her parents are having marital problems, causing her to wonder, "If they can't make it work, what chance do Jim and I have?"

OK, this worry had better only last one episode.  If it lasts one episode, aside from my lasting despair that Pam's mom is way too sweet and nice to be getting divorced (also, for some reason I had kind of assumed they'd been divorced for a long time already) - although hey, there's no guarantee they are! - then maybe there is potential for excellent and emotional Jam scenes.  On the other hand, if it takes a proposal-style detour, I am going to resume feeling pissy and sulking about how Pam tends to seem one foot in, one foot out of this relationship.  And I feel like it's going to take a proposal-style detour.

Feelings on Karen appearance in subsequent episode...changing from "cautiously curious intrigue" to "molto annoyed..."

I don't even have head space to deal with the further reality that I am probably not getting my wedding this season.  *clings desperately to "Pam's always said she didn't want a long engagement"*

[Edit: I probably should have run into the comforting arms of MTT sooner.  *sighs in relief*  Sometimes when they tell me things are going to be OK, they turn out like "Goodbye Toby," but usually their reassurance is spot-on while helping me to access my un-crazy side.]

TYou know, I realize that it was probably too much to ask to wait until sometime after the child was born and they'd tried living together as a family for a while.  But hey, I was thinking that maybe by season finale time, I'd have come around.

Question: Is it true that CSI:NY's Danny and Lindsay will wed in February? -- Sherry
There's an episode coming up that executive producer Peter Lenkov promises will make D&L fans very happy. Rough translation: YES!

*gnashes teeth and fires all cylinders backwards*  TOO SOON!  DO NOT WANT!  Burning hatred for couple...replacing...grudging journey towards acceptance...

Grey's Anatomy:
I don't want to knooooow...
Question: Seriously, how much longer is Denny going to be around for on Grey's? Love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but it's just not working for me. -- Lauren
He'll be around at least through March, since that's when Izzie's aneurysm-esque medical condition finally gets diagnosed.

...and that's when I clicked the link, realized the only reason I haven't known about this twist six weeks already is because I was dodging spoilers when the news broke, feel sort of silly that I lasted this long without knowing about the existence of such an article, and resume sulking that said condition isn't meant to be fatal.  At least I get two more months of Denny.

Also, not touching the "Arizona is a planned love interest for Callie" spoiler with a ten-foot pole, which I knew but had forgotten last week when she managed to make me hate her all on her own.

Pushing Daisies: Yeah, the comic book thing has been "okayed" by Warner Bros., which makes me angry.  If it goes through, this provides a scary amount of room for canon to continue and expand, rather than keeping it safely contained in the supposedly closure-giving finale that was rewritten, with the possibility for more satisfying resolution in a hypothetical movie that I will not give up on (hey, if Veronica Mars gets a movie, PD can too!). 

I do not want this story to continue unless Lee Pace, Anna Friel, and Chi McBride are acting it out on my screen.  (Kristin Chenowith I could take or leave.  I feel Olive's story could be conveyed without the actress's particular tone and facial expressions, whereas the other three characters would lose all their luster in sketch format)
In other news, Lost is back tonight, where I'm feeling more and more like I will be helplessly end up shipping Sawyer/Juliet on account of the Pretty Factor.  And the loneliness factor.  And the "all my other ships are dead and/or miles from where you are" factor.  Maybe this season won't be as desolate and boring as I suspected it would be after all.
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