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At last, we meet again!

Lately I find myself especially impatient to get to Doctor Who s.4 already, but I can't do that until I close this season of Torchwood.  And today, with no Tuesday night TV to distract me from my impatient waiting for Lost and a fantastic-looking episode of CSI: NY, I pulled it out and dusted it off.

It's been a long time.  September 19th, to be exact.  I spent 3 weeks in the fandom and then 4 months out of it.  It's weeeeird going back in!  I don't remember what's happening!  I don't remember how I feel about people!   It's like learning how to walk again after being laid up in a full-body cast.

And I have a confession to make - I did actually watch 2x12 way back when, but I didn't write about it because I wanted to write about it and the finale in one fell swoop, except that I didn't take notes and 2x12 alone kind of wore me out, and then almost immediately school and the regular TV season started clobbering me over the head, so I ducked and ran without looking back.  All right, enough stalling: 

The first thing I remember from way back when is a paralyzing sense of dread throughout the whole episode.  I knew Tosh and Owen were slated to die (in separate locations, even), and finales tend to be 2-part affairs, so I figured this was how it happened.  The second thing I remember is being bitter that Tosh and Owen were split up.  And the final thing I remember, and the reason I didn't want to go to 2x13, is how bitter I was when they all miraculously got rescued from the rubble, that TPTB gave such cruelly false hope and relief only to take it away after all.

What I had forgotten until the rewatch, however, was what a finely crafted story it was, and a resplendent explanation how they all got mixed up in this nonsense in the first place (I kind of like how only one of them joined on a purely voluntary basis).  Apparently it's actually more retconnish than resplendent, according to fandom, but luckily I don't care nearly for that to bother me, since I remembered none of the discrepancies anyway.  At this point I'm amazed I remember Ianto's cyber-girlfriend. 

"Also (as Gwen wakes up saying "Shit!"), I forgot how nice it's been to watch regular TV where that sort of thing is not allowed."  Now, backstories --

Jack: Oh, man.  Those Victorian Torchwood women are living my dream, repeatedly torturing and/or killing Jack with considerable interest.  It does almost as much good for my heart as knowing he's died at least 1392 times (awesome).  I find it intriguing to learn that he was recruited for Torchwood rather than being among its founding members, though.  I figured the fact that he landed in 18?? the first time was more significant.

And the scene of Jack walking in to find all his teammates scattered dead on the floor will never not be creepy as hell.

Tosh: 's story is even more horribly sad and depressing than I imagined.  Blackmailed into illegal activities, uncomprehending mother tortured anyway, and then being hauled off to Sekrit Solitary Confinement without neither explanation nor a chance to explain herself, her only way out a not-dissimilar form of blackmail by way of Jack.  I can't think about the part where she never sees her mother again.  It's far too upsetting.  Although I like the part where Tosh is even more brilliant than previously expected.

Ianto: So it's true - there was a never time when he was not terrifically annoying.  "Gimme a job, Jack!  I need a job, Jack!  I'm gonna keep stalking you until you let me be your butler, Jack!"  Since I don't like Ianto, I will make no allowances for his motives.  The only thing that was really worth watching this bit for was the capture of the pterodactyl, a creature I've always wanted to see more of but won't go back to season 1 for.  Nice chocolate-munching Myfanwy!  *pets*


Did I say Tosh's story was bleak and depressing?  Because it was, but Owen's outstrips it by a mile.  My heart's broken in little itty-bitty pieces - I feel like anyone coming into Torchwood for the first time should probably be told to view this clip first, before they suffer through season 1.

It's a rare thing when I rewind bits of this show, but I cannot get tired of his scenes with Katie.  I also cannot articulate them in any sort of coherent manner, as I inevitably just get all choked up and then maybe at best let out a strangled "squee!" or five.  Maybe I could do a magnetic poetry sort of thing: Beautiful.  Moving.  Tender.  Loving.  Devoted.  Caring.  I've died at least three times listening to him say "I am losing her and I don't know what to do about that."  Etc.  *whimpers*  Aaaand, we have a new favorite character.  Scootch down a bit, Tosh.  It'll be a moot point before long anyway.

Also, I highly approve of watching Owen pound the crap out of Jack's face.

And lastly, while I didn't focus too much on their present-day situations, I have to admit that his stare of paralyzed terror, unable to take his eyes off the ominously swinging guillotine blade of glass, was extremely well-done.

*sighs* All right, Spike Captain John, come on and help this finale suck a little more by virtue of your being in it.

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