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Hey, look at me, being all relatively concise and stuff.

I bounced around TV all night with no real rhyme or reason.  Bones to start, because nothing else is on...then CSI, because I'm saving The Office (that resolve lasted about 5 hours) and am more likely to pay attention to Bones than CSI once the ability to skip-forward is in my hands, and then ER because I'd wandered downstairs in search of dinner (foiled again!) and figured they'd most likely left that station on after The Office.  I'm presently pulling an all-nighter to write this, with plans to sleep all day, and maybe by the time I wake up there will finally be something to eat around here.  I'm going to blame my moodiness and irritability of the past 48 hours on my insufficient calorie intake.

Moving on.  You know what the real problem with having all these shows on Thursday is?  It makes the whole Hodges/Hodgins thing even more confusing in my head, and I literally have to stop every time I'm about to type one and think very carefully about which name goes with which show.

Bones, 4x12, "Double Trouble in the Panhandle"

For some reason, I can't remember the last time I saw this show.  Hmm...let's see, it was the week before I started the crazy homework/TV war and had to post a chart on my door to keep track of what I was stockpiling while I did homework, so...ah, here it is!  November 26th.  Hey, it's only been 2 months.  A few days shy, even.  That's like half the summer hiatus.  I told you we were going to pay for jump-starting the season early and running pell mell with nary a rerun in sight...

I wasn't expecting this one to have all that much substance - figured it would be light and fun and fluffy.  And it was that, but it had quite a few unexpectedly wonderful moments, too, proving to me that after Addygate, this show really should just be about Booth and Brennan, all the time, because it's so much more fun that way.  I swear I'm not just saying this because Nigel Murray annoys the everliving hell out of me.

(Although I do love how much Hodgins hates him.  I realize that Hodgins hates everyone now, but he has a special reservoir of hatred for the roulette wheel of grad students, and he was shooting some especially magnificent glowers in Nigel's direction tonight.) 

Honestly, I don't even know how I can talk about this one without just collapsing in a pile of melty, flaily love.  Everything about the circus was golden - Magnus the Strongman, the rageful clowns, Andy Richter (! I like him in small doses) as the ringmaster, the acts in general (acrobats, woo!), the little 24-hour man I was convined was guilty, the fact that the twins' deaths were an especially unique accident...and of course, Buck and Wanda

No, really, I have no words for this perfection.  In character and out.  Wonderful stage presence, THE COSTUMES, Bones' reckless excitement, Booth's constant terror of hurting her, and then being semi-expectedly AMAZING with the knife-throwing (and I held out, wincing, through a lot, but when it came to the clown nose?  No.  I absolutely had to change channels). 

Also, the oh-so-married bickering (about underwear of all things!) in the trailer, and Booth asking her if she's this spontaneous during real sex (Bones: duh!  Booth: Meep.  *think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts*), sulking about but then being delighted by her high-wire antics and then freaking out just a tad when she fell (my brain can use that fodder for weeks, thanks!), and...

Did I mention what a hardcore Booth/Bones shipper I've become? 

In short, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE I HAVE SEEN IN A REALLY LONG TIME.  More later, once I have acquired the second episode of the night.  I would have watched them back-to-back, but I (mistakenly, it turns out) thought #2 was the gravedigger episode, and I wanted to savor that.

CSI, 9x11, "The Grave Shift"

As far as Hodges and the evidence desk goes, I think Jim Halpert said it best:  "This is the smallest amount of power I've ever seen go to someone's head."  So I'm really glad that he ended up warming up to Langston at the end.  He's like a 1-man dog with a new owner, slowly being won over with patience and treats. 

I say this mostly to show how impressed I am with Langston, who is fitting in with remarkable aplomb: not perfect, but so human and with such a realistic transition into field work (given his previously existing aptitude) that I have to admit, I'm completely bowled over.  From the grimace as he learns why not to wear a tie, to that last scene, taking time after-hours to practice fingerprinting?  Ohhh.  It's not often that a show with an established cast manages to work a new member in seamlessly - but they've done just that.

Of course, their trial run with Riley failed miserably, so maybe they learned from their mistakes.  Unfortunately they haven't learned enough to fire her and start anew from scratch, even though tonight was another perfect example of why they should.  Riley, you don't have to get all bitchy because Langston doesn't like kids being slapped upside the head.  Nick would have said "That's not necessary" too.  Perhaps without the threatening look and forward advancement, but Riley's attitude is, once again, all out of place.

Come to think of it, that "smallest amount of power" comment applies to her too.  Personally, I think Riley just sort of resents not being the special new puppy on the team anymore and so she's lording her level 2 status with as much "I know better than you" attitude as she can.  Because she's spoiled and bratty like that.  God, I wish Annie was still doing recaps; she'd have much better snark. 

You know what I really love, though?  Nick suddenly being the second most senior officer on the team, and capturing my attention in ways I never thought possible.  Turns out he's an amazing teacher, patient and encouraging and kind, and I found myself speechless during several of his scenes.  *swoons*   Plus, the sharing of the office?  Way cool. 

Less cool when he has to give a third of it to Riley in the name of fairness, but that's an inevitable symptom of his kind nature - he actually gets along with her.  I appreciate the gesture towards Greg, at least.  You know, since he was actually appreciative while Riley just stomped her self-entitled ass in there like it was a God-given right that she'd have office space within three months of starting her new job.

Loved Catherine fondly looking in on them all, though.  Awww. Guys, it feels so good to just take a breath and love Catherine unconditionally, in ways I never thought possible, now that I don't have to be annoyed about her stealing screen time from Sara or whatever else annoyed me about her after GGL.  After Riley, she's a downright goddess.
Best part of the episode?  NEW-TEAM BREAKFAST!  (And Nick actually ate the fly on his spoon, ewwww...but weirdly awesome)  Do you know how nice it was to see them all laughing and smiling together at the diner and just feel...content, rather than like I was having a knife stabbed through my heart?  I <3 CSI: Generation 2.  Damn this show and its magical ability to make me love it no matter what! 

P.S. Grissom didn't sell his condo??  Don't feed me tripe about the crappy housing market; I choose to believe it is because they will come back.  Also, the question I would rather have answered is WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS TAKING CARE OF HANK?  YOU KNOW, THAT FUZZY FOUR-FOOTED CREATURE THAT USED TO LIVE WITH THEM IN THE CONDO?  Does this have to become a thing I yell about on a weekly basis and am grumpy forever about never getting closure on? 
Voice: Apparently.

ER, 15x13, "Love is a Battlefield"
*clears throat*  GATES/DARIA FOREVER, YEAH!  Or, you know, not, since he very gently called their night a mistake, turned down any future dates, and ran off to go take another whipping from Sam.  But whatever.  For the first time in my life, I'm going to give someone a high five for tapping that while she had a chance, and applaud Daria's springing while the moment was right and taking advantage of his drunken inhibition to spend the night.  Ooh, that rhymed.

The point is, Daria did exactly what I wanted her to, which made it all the more hilarious to watch her play innocent while steam curled out of Sam's nostrils and her inner temperature rose to approximately 300 degreees.  Because, you know, she didn't actually do in anything wrong.  Which is why Sam couldn't call her on it.  Which made my night.

And while I loathed the heavy-handed old couple's HEY, OUR STORMY BUT LOVING RELATIONSHIP IS JUST LIKE YOURS, GET IT YET??? story, and the fact that I'm positive Sam and Gates will end up together in the end, and I really really really do not want them to...shut up, Sam. 

As was pointed out to you a few times, you broke up with him.  He did not cheat on you.  7 weeks!  7 weeks you'd been broken up already, having also rejected several of his subsequent attempts to make nice!  If he wants to sleep with Daria, he gets to sleep with Daria without you acting like he betrayed you in the most fundamental fashion.  (also, I don't appreciate your incredulous tone upon saying her name. Bitch, Daria's not only prettier than you, and possibly smarter, she's also got a delightful sense of humor and not half the attitude and/or cynicism you've got going on.  Sure, she's too young for him, but that's all.  And that isn't necessarily a dealbreaker).

I also feel it's my duty to point out that he slept with her because he was lonely.  Missing you.  Having pretty much reached the point of despair that you were never going to forgive him.  He wasn't out on a lark or taking revenge or even really moving on with his life.  Did I mention the part where you broke up with him?  

Other things may or may not have happened in this episode.  The only ones I care enough to mention are
1) "LOL, callback to Neela working as a cashier!"
2) hatred of the fact that Brenner, with or without gloating, got his way on the prediction that she would eventually fall for him (why do women always have to be won over persistence?  Why is that?  Why can't one of them just get increasingly disgusted by an unattractive man's refusal to give up, rather than falling for them?)
3) a little bit of sadness that Banfield's not getting her miracle baby, mixed with adoration for her husband promising "You and me, it's enough - you know that, right?"

The Office: 5x12, "Prince Family Paper"
Wow, I didn't think anything could outstrip Moroccan Christmas for suckiness.  I was wrong.

This episode just kind of churned my stomach, and I'm sorry, but I have essentially NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT.  I couldn't watch past the first five minutes of Michael and Dwight - the little paper company guy was so sweet that it broke my heart and I didn't want to see that place tainted by Michael and/or Dwight's presence, so I refused to acknowledge it.  Plus, you know, Michael was talking.  A lot.  That's not a thing I need in my life, so I skipped more than half the episode right there.

Meanwhile, the in-office debate broke my heart because Kelly and Jim and Pam were all on one side, but it was THE WRONG SIDE.  Hilary Swank?  Incredibly not hot.  It has been a long-standing opinion of mine, with her mannish looks, boxy jaw, overbite, high forehead, tiny little eyes, and generally "meh" hair.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find Kelly where she's probably sobbing in the bathroom and assure her that she is at least eight hundred times hotter than Hilary Swank, with her shiny hair and perfect teeth and everything else that is wonderful about Kelly Kapoor.  I might end up sobbing too, when I think about the fact that I was forced to side with not only Kevin, but Andy - two of my arch Office nemeses.

Although I kind of loved when Angela voted "hot" just because "Kevin deserves to lose for what he said."  That's my girl, more perfect by the week!

In the end, though, one really excellent thing happened: Jim.  Messing with Dwight.  With 500 feet of red wire.  Climbing telephone poles.*  Shopping at flea markets near high schools.**  As if he needed more reasons to be my perfect fictional boyfriend.

* = You couldn't catch this on film, camera crews?  Really?  Preferably with a particularly opportune angle?

** = So, between this flea market, the Fun Run estate sale, and the season 1 mention of going to the outlet mall, I think it's safe to say that Jim is a bargain-hunting connoisseur.  The ways in which this delights my brain cannot be articulated with a mere keyboard.  (Unless I smash it.  ASLDJFASDFASF;KAJSDF!) 

P.S. I'm pretty sure Jim's voice inexplicably cracked at one point.  Hee!  Sadly, this was one of the best parts of the night.

P.P.S. Back to the cold open, I am really, really distracted by the fact that there's a yellow plush duck behind Dwight's desk lamp when we have a close up on his face, but I cannot find it when the camera switches angles.  WHY IS THERE A RANDOM DUCK?  WHY? 

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