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Lucky Thirteen!

I didn't plan this, so I think it's kind of great that everything in this post just happens to be the 13th episode of its respective season. This far along, shows don't usually align themselves so well.

-Grey's Anatomy: 5x13, "Stairway to Heaven"
Wow, I love when they take the voiceover away from Meredith. It's the only time I actually pay attention to what's being said. And to give it to Denny? Amazing.

And oh, Mr. Duquette was in fine form tonight. I don't care if he's a stupid figment of Izzie's addled imagination (and here is where I will grudgingly admit that I realized even from the beginning there was something a little too serene about his presence to be real, but I stubbornly ignored it in favor of the emotion and later the funny quips). About broke my heart when he kept repeating "I'm here for you" and she finally put together the proper emphasis. I refuse to be moved by Izzie's responses to this storyline after reading that it was cooked up specifically to give Katherine Heigl more powerful material - apparently, like many a spoiled toddler has realized, whining about not being given work good enough for an Emmy means people cater to your every whim; Emmy people, could you PLEASE snub her on principle? - and so I'm just going to continue focusing on how much I adore Denny.

Are you sure Izzie's condition isn't meant to be fatal? Because I'm now really, REALLY invested in the idea of her dying and strolling off to heaven with him. Even more so than I was in the premiere, when I was instantly ready for her to curl up and belatedly die of a broken heart.

And Cristina. God, Cristina, who is never not fantabulous, but...TEAM YANG/MCDREAMY FOREVER. Working together to save the serial killer while Mer stands numbly on the sidelines continued the joy of the previous weeks. I also kind of love the fact that she blows him off about the ring because she's not interested in their personal crap at the moment. But the ending, that was beautiful. "She's in the car and she won't stop crying." I don't know who I love more in this moment: overwhelmed Derek seeking help because he knows there are certain times even he can't reach Meredith, or Cristina for snarking "You proposed?", then realizing he's serious and dropping everything, including the feud, to crawl into the car with her and make it better. (unless I'm completely wrong about that, which I could be, since they decided it would be all artsy and cute to just have Meredith mouth something we can't hear over the stupid song, which is ALWAYS WRONG AND NEVER ARTISTIC OR FITTING IN ANY WAY)

I'm glad we at least got to see him try to comfort her first, though. Always a thumbs up! In fact, I was just thinking to myself that right about now was when I could use some tears-n-comfort from this couple, to take away my bitterness about MamaShep indirectly ragging on Addison last week. It's so much easier to be amenable to them when he's rocking her in his arms, murmuring "it's okay" while she sobs on his shoulder. And the way he gazes at her right before she completely loses it almost makes me forget about any previous marriages at all. Damn it, this is why I'm ensnared in the MerDer trap for all eternity.

I'm always very fond of the way he sits back and watches the girls from a distance, just kind of marveling at the power of that bond. Gah! I want them all to be lifelong coworkers and friends and grow old together. Preferably with Burke completing the quartet, but since I've decided to shut my brain's memory center off and pretend he died instead of gallivanting away, it makes me slightly more open to the possibility of Owen completing it instead. Not because I have in any way, shape or form forgiven him for stabbing a bunch of defenseless pigs, as the sight of him still turns my stomach no matter how hard Shonda works at making up for that, but because I am so very, very appreciative of the speed at which this relationship is progressing, and how sensible and cautious and careful Cristina is being - I love that she flatly points out he has problems - and which Owen is, if possible, even more strictly adhering to.

(Well, he planned a damn date at a lighthouse to watch the northern lights. For a first date. Even I have to grudgingly admit that is a certain level of creative and thoughtful and spectacular.)

Also, I would like to point out the majesty of the fact that everything I swore was true at the end of my review last week, regarding Owen and nudity and sleeping arrangements, was in fact true. Well, he was in the bed instead of on the couch, but I would have been okay with that. I just didn't say anything because I couldn't see any way a naked man in Shondaland could be in a bed doing nothing but sleeping.

Speaking of gross couples I hate, I wish Lexie had *permanently* broken Mark's penis. That would have been hilarious. Is it bad if I kind of want one of the nurses to go crazy with jealousy after he sleeps with her once and forgets about her, seduce him again, and chop his man parts off entirely? And/or into itty bitty pieces? It's just, I've never seen a creature more in need of being neutered. And the...*grimaces* staying by his side, like this is an actual relationship? Mark/Lexie is squicking me out on whole new levels I didn't even know existed.

You know who I've decided I like? The other interns. You know why? Because they don't have sex. At least not where I can see it. Also, they complain about wanting to actually sleep in the on-call room. They are getting more hilariously wonderful and endearing by the week, and I am totally in favor of replacing Izzie and Alex with Steve and the black guy (okay, so I don't know all their names yet. Clearly, they need more screentime so I can learn).

Didn't like Bailey's storyline tonight. I'll defend her to the death and I still think Derek out-dramatized her by claiming that not helping the guy was the same as sticking a scalpel into his brain (because it's really not! "Doing nothing" is not the same as "actively killing." A hundred years ago you wouldn't have had the technology to save him anyway, but you still could have stabbed his brain with something), but I just don't like it when Bailey gets all emotional and weepy. I can take it up to a point, but when it erodes the strong, confident, sassy lady I'm used to, it's just unnerving.

On the bonus side: not a lot of Alex or Callie tonight. I knew there was a reason I was having fun with this ep. Besides the serial killer storyline itself, which was much less fun once he decided to live, and became mostly gross instead. The head-banging in the teaser was way too over the top and nasty; I couldn't watch it.
-Private Practice: 2x13, "Nothing to Fear"
How nice it was to finally see someone so determined to give her baby to a good couple that she didn't even want to see it after it was born. Smart woman; she knows the trap all moms of initially-unwanted babies on TV fall into! Even more refreshing when she had a good reason for reneging (they bailed when the baby was born needing surgery), and then came around when pressed as to whether she was keeping him because she really wanted him, and not for impulsive, vengeful reasons.

(sidebar: not really sure why everyone was freaking out and saying they couldn't make a decision. Either party should have opted for the aggressive surgery: best case he comes out generally healthy - making the potential adopters want him more - and worst case he dies, and since the mom wanted to give him up and the couple was giving up on getting him anyway...win/win? Choosing the riskier surgery doesn't mean you actually kill him if he dies, you know. You can blame that on Addison.)

As for the rest, I said this looked like the simultaneous jumping of two sharks, and I stand by the fact that I can see both of swimming out there in the not-too-distant distance, waiting to be jumped.

1) This continued pretense that Cooper loves Charlotte in a way where he wants to marry her for real, with the big ceremony and everything, continues to be an effective storyline. Its intended effect was to sicken me, right?

2) I'm still waiting for Violet's pregnancy to turn up as a false positive. I know this show kind of already did that, but as eleigh reminded me (you can't possibly think I'd make connections like that on my own?), Shonda already had George marry Callie in Vegas, too. Because if not, while my brain is not immune to the potential delights of Pete having a child - even if he's not actually with Violet - the universe is much more likely to continue screwing me over by making the kid either Sheldon's or abortion #3.

Besides, the scene with Violet and Cooper in the closet just made me bitter by reminding me that once upon a time, I was looking forward to the possibility of them having their first kid. I didn't even really want to see it, I just wanted the potential to be there. Imagine him being thrilled by the prospect and her neurotic side kicking in, but the beauty lying in him keeping her grounded. Instead we've already seen Cooper's intrigue by possible pregnancy, and apparently now we're going to get Violet's neurosis over being a mom, but it's all separate and individual instead of together, and somewhat faded for it.

In other news, apparently Wyatt's gone (yay!) but Archer's back (boo) and Kevin, who has been mistreated horribly, is finally free but most likely will not trust the next woman who confesses to having cheated in her past. Which would be understandable.
Bones, 4x13, "The Fire in the Ice"
Hockey is such an excellent sport. Possibly the only sport I actually enjoy watching guys play, and also the only one I can see being even more exciting live than on TV. I think it stems from playing pep band...the hockey games were somehow always much more exciting than basketball or even football. We had kick-ass hockey teams for both genders, but unlike girls, the guys got to check. VIOLENCE IS FUN!

In other words, having not only Booth but Wendell playing on a hockey team? For quite a bit of this episode? So much win. I love Wendell. If not my pet favorite Grumpy Clarke, can we please hire Wendell full-time? Because to be honest, he'd probably fit in best overall. Besides, Hodgins likes him!! Do you understand how rare that is? Though he's very clearly apprentice-in-training, they show signs of eventually getting along nearly as well as Hodgins and Zack. They went on a field trip! And did experiments! And Hodgins smiled more than he has in ages, between the demand for a photo op and the delighted "Ooh, if Brennan were here she'd smack your face." I feel certain that his response to anyone else would have been a glare of disgust.

I think I'm beginning to develop an unhealthy crush on Wendell. To the point where if we had him, my hurt and bitter feelings over Zack would cool off enough for me to become...not precisely OK with it, but able to reach a point of acceptance.

Plus, Booth repeatedly punching a jerky player on the opposing team? Kinda hot.

(Speaking of which, Booth has an alcoholic/abusive father? What? Where have been? I feel like this something we knew that my sieve-like brain simply forgot, but this seems like a particularly fascinating line of character development, as evidenced tonight by his repeated dark threats at Sweets to back the hell off the subject. And makes his sweet relationship with Parker even more significant.

And of course, there's no way not to love the skating scene at the end. You know, it's kind of a clever place to take a date, especially if you're not actually in a relationship yet. It seems to require a lot of clutching and grabbing to see that you/your partner doesn't fall. Or at the very least, hand-holding as an excuse for simultaneous momentum. And oh, such fun banter. "Bones, he's not an Italian opera singer; why do you always say it wrong? You do it on purpose, don't you." *melts at smile*

Final notes: Hodgins, you're way too interested in whether or not your going on a date bothers Angela. You're too good for her, remember? Because she invents pathetic excuses to call off engagements for no reason? (SORRY. My bitter anti-Angela feelings have not yet faded in the slightest, which is somewhat surprising even for me)
Numb3rs: 5x13, "Trouble in Chinatown"
I don't have a lot to say about the case itself, but "Chinatown + missing woman = ghost brides" was a really well done, intense, compelling episode. Also, very, very creepy. What kind of creepy parents pick out girls to be killed so that their deceased bachelor sons won't be lonely? I know it's probably not a widespread phenomenon (and/or possibly made up or at least taken to extremes for purposes of this episode), but still. This is the kind of thing I use as proof of why it's not bad to judge other cultures, because it is a stupid-ass superstition that leads to this kind of behavior.

Of course, this episode also reminded me of one of the things I loathe about this show: volume clashes. The incessantly popping fireworks were a unique twist of torture - it sounded like my speakers were dying - but I hate how this show tends to be very, very quiet when people are talking, and then all of a sudden there will be OMG HYPER SHOOTING TIME, or SIRENS AND SQUEALING TIRES CAR CHASE TIME, not to mention the fact that every time it goes to commercial, the sound moves to a roaring crescendo as the image zips out. That last one is a special hatred of mine, because it's so unnecessary.

Um, other than that, Kraft is dead, yay! No more being bothered by his weird presence. I can say this because he's fictional, but apparently no one taught Charlie not to speak ill of the dead. That final scene seemed a bit too cavalier, but maybe that's just me.

Also, yay for Hot Threatening Don warning Kraft not to come near his family. And while there was nothing I can particularly remember on the Charmita front, they had a cute opening scene ("It's too quiet in here...drop a spoon or something"), and I appreciate the somewhat threatening angle of the creepy guy showing up at the front door, with Charlie immediately calling Don for help. Also, the fact that Amita just gets left alone in the house to read her book. Yeah, it's not like she's living there at all.

By the way, is there a housekeeper I don't know about? Because it seemed terrifically messy of them to just leave beer bottles and Chinese food containers all over the table as they left.

[edit: Oh, and I almost forgot! Another hilarious Don-and-Charlie commercial, this one for DTV, and the first such commercial I haven't despised. If they played that 20 times a day, I don't think I'd be nearly as sick of hearing about the digital transition as I am.]

I'm off to go play Taipei for a while now, if you don't mind. Somehow, I never knew that was the same thing as a Mahjong table (and if it isn't, it sure looks mighty similar). I mean, I've heard of Mahjong all my life, but I always assumed it was some far more complex card game.

CSI: NY, 5x13, "Rush to Judgment"
(edit: thoughts may not be as quick as originally planned)

Silly me, I thought we were actually going to start out with the high-stakes action!  For the first few minutes, I was hooked.  Then of course, it merrily rewound itself to "two days earlier," and that is the fastest way in the world to reset my excitement counters to "zero" and cause me to hop-skip-jump through whatever action supposedly took place earlier.  And since I was already disengaged, I ended up adopting the rule of "if Flack or Angell isn't on screen, I'm not watching."

Things of Detective-Related Note:
1) Hey, how fitting, the IA guy plays Adrienne's recently-discovered birth father on Secret Life of the American Teenager.  His primary purpose there is also being a smug know-it-all.  Although in this case it seemed like a sort of pointless excuse to pull out the "IA agents are made of poison and devilry and soullessness," because I would think there would be a fair number of underlying medical conditions (or drugs!) that might cause a kid to start going into convulsions.  One might also assume that the fresh bruise on his temple could have happened when he fell to the floor.  Particularly if one was looking at Flack's perfectly clean record and it had been, like, two hours since it happened, so it's not like they'd exhausted all possible explanations and had nothing else to go on.

2) I think it's sort of incredible that Flack doesn't swear.  Incredible as in "difficult to believe," but also "I have no proof to the contrary, and if you say so...wow, don't hurt yourselves trying to make the guy even more perfect!"

3) Stella came up behind Flack, put her hands on his shoulders and kissed his cheek!  Alert IA, there is an unprofessional relationship happening!  (seriously, how does IA know about Flack/Angell, though?  I'm hoping it's gossip-based and not because Flack lets stuff slip to people who prove untrustworthy.  On second thought, if it is the latter, I think I'll blame Danny's loose lips.  Blaming Danny usually works for me).

4) I'm a little bit worried by the edge of frost and/or accusation in Angell's tone when she asked him about it, though, particularly since we got no followup (look, show, ordinarily Mac/Flack interaction outside of work would make my day, but right now I have bigger worries on my mind!).  I'm going to hope she relented when she realized that he did in fact have bigger things to worry about - I liked his tone, weary but not impatient, clearly no hostility directed back at her - and go squee over the fact that they really have been dating on the sly and the kiss wasn't just an isolated incident.  *brain explodes with Pretty Factor*  (And I still like when he calls her Jess, even though I can't stand seeing "Jessica Angell" written out.  It's a strange incompatibility in my head.)

5) Is this the second time Angell's done her hood-surfing trick to tackle a bad guy?  I love that!
And damn, just because it fits the pattern...let's go ahead and talk about that old finale I'd still like to deny the existence of, too:
Torchwood, 2x13, "Exit Wounds"

You know, I find myself really not caring that Spike was being controlled by Grey. Still hate him. Grey > Jack > John. Grey's actually kind of fantastic, to be honest. Pity about that insane streak, and I really think it would have been better off for all involved if Jack had just gone ahead and killed him, but overall...not a bad villain. I mean, he buried Jack alive for almost 1900 years, ensuring like a million more torturous deaths! Awesome (and rather attractive) dude! Except for the part where he killed Tosh.

Which, OMG, STILL HORRIBLE. I had this vague idea that it might be more bearable seeing as I've known about it forever and been spoiled on a fair number of the details, but no. The sinking of the Towenship is just not a thing you come to terms with. I can't decide if I like the fact that he didn't know she was dying or not - part of me is greedy and would have liked see his reaction to that - but at least they were able to talk to each other through the end. And more to the point, we got to see her stop his raging at TPTB's cruelty the universe with "because you're breaking my heart." Which was terribly sweet, even if it proceeded to officially break my heart.

And at least they died together, in a manner of speaking. Though I'd have preferred that Jack's ugly mug not have been the last thing my girl saw, so I'm going to pretend she expired a few seconds earlier, like as soon as Owen's voice disappeared. And with her eyes closed, imagining much nicer pictures.

But you know, all things considered, I didn't cry nearly as much as I thought I would. I probably shed a couple of tears at first viewing, because I'm me, but in subsequent rewatches, it's not as bad. Maybe because they went out at the same time, and I tend to find that less painful than one party being left behind.

Mostly what I feel is annoyance that they knocked out the two best characters in one fell swoop. If you're going to knock out two characters, I'm pretty sure you can guess who my picks would be for. I mean, a Torchwood of Gwen, Owen and Tosh? AWESOME. A Torchwood of Jack, Ianto, and Gwen? Mmmm...no, do not want.  Gwen's likability tends to be contingent upon my mood being already elevated by better characters; there's no way she can hold her own unless PC Andy joins the team. (Can PC Andy join the team? He was full of hilarious snark, all "Brilliant secret; I ask, you tell" at Rhys).

I'm sticking around long enough to hear the radio play (in its proper chronological context), out of sheer curiosity to see how the fallout is handled, but then I'm pretty sure any future interest in Torchwood, unless I'm terrifically bored or they perform casting miracles, is going to consist merely of reading other peoples' posts.

Stuff I Forgot:
-YAY for Space Pig continuity. I had started to convince myself that Tosh's appearance in "Dalek" was just sheer coincidence.
-Making me to watch Tosh painfully and bloodily roll herself down the stairs was just mean.
-Owen screaming at Tosh to somehow get him out was...well, Tosh called it heartbreaking for a reason.


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Jan. 25th, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)
I'm sure if the network could get away with it, Flack would swear like a sailor on a regular basis.
Jan. 25th, 2009 03:36 am (UTC)
Which, OMG, STILL HORRIBLE. I had this vague idea that it might be more bearable seeing as I've known about it forever and been spoiled on a fair number of the details, but no.

I had the same idea. IT DID NOT WORK. Goddammit I'm still pissed they killed Owen just when I stopped hating him and could ship him with Tosh on his own merits and not just because she loved him!
Jan. 25th, 2009 06:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, I went back to read your post on it...figure it's a little too late to comment there, but I felt the same way, to a perhaps scarily identical degree. It's just frustrating that they worked so hard on rebuilding Owen into a likable human being, for nothing. It's like burning a painting as soon as you finish the last stroke.
Jan. 25th, 2009 04:04 pm (UTC)
Private Practice - I'm must say from last thrusday preview I knew Violet would find out she's pregnant but I was still shocked. We didn't get any signs, it just sprong up on us. I guess it's karma getting back at her for sleeping with both pete and sheldon. My fear is the it will be Sheldon's but I'm also thinking it's Pete's child and I believed it more when Pete feared he would be alone forever and die alone because he has no one, not even a child. So, I'm thinking the kid will be his because kind of sounds like he needs one. He needs someone in his life. Sure he might not have a relationship but he would always have a bound with the child if it's his.

I too, once hoped that Violet & Cooper would be together and have a child together, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I know realize how much I really love their best-friend relationship. I wouldn't want that to be ruin. So, I kind of got over the idea of violet & cooper as a couple.
I'm really liking Violet & Pete though. I think they're good together and Violet is wrong about that. Pete really wanted to be with her. I'm also enjoying Charlotte & Cooper, although Charlotte is a bit too stiff she needs to losen up and stop trying to be so rigid.

Grey's Anatomy - I haven't watched the past 5-6 episode. I have them all recorded but haven't gotten around to watch it. I heard about Mark & Lexie. I'm not thrilled about that. I really liked Mark & Callie. Mark is a manwhore, plain and simple. He'll just screw anyone.

CSY:NY - For some reason, I did not fancy this episode at all. There was nothing I enjoyed about it. Which is weird because I love this show and always have something to comment about.
Jan. 25th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
So, I kind of got over the idea of violet & cooper as a couple.
I wish I could! I don't even think I want it in canon anymore, but back at the beginning, I only liked them as best friends. Eventually the show forced me to ship them, and now it's trying to tell me that was all in my head. I will never get over my frustration on this aspect.

Grey's: You know, at this point, even I think it would most organic for the show to try Mark/Callie. If they're not afraid to give up his randomly-sleeping-with-everyone-once storylines, they should at least do it for a plausible couple.
Jan. 28th, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
I too was very fond of the ending scene in Greys, Derek desperately trying to push the girls back together because he is at a loss? Yes please. (At this point I can't even remember why they aren't speaking- is it still from the solo surgery thing???)

PP-Charlotte- DO NOT WANT

My love for Bones is unhealthy. And David B. was looking all kinds of smokin' hot. Between the hockey (I don't like sports), the concussion/dream (aww cuz she gets worried when he doesn't get up), the apt/caring (she brought him soup!), and good god the skating?! I was all kinds of goo. In fact I have saved about 6 different sets of icons from the episode and I can't pick, I just can't!
Jan. 28th, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
is it still from the solo surgery thing?
Come to think of it, I don't even remember. *looks it up* Oh, yeah. Still because of that.

I forgot about the soup! I loved that.
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