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First out of the gate in 2007: Law & Order SVU

(actually, I watched most of CI as well, because HOLY WAHOY, no Alex!  No Goren!  CHRIS NORTH AND THAT PRETTY REDHEAD FROM ALLY MCBEAL Julianne Nicholson!!  Even though I'm sure I saw this storyline in a fairly recent SVU episode - Muslim family, "honor" killing - it was worth watching just to see the detectives on the case.  Man - but CI is not worth speaking of. On to better things.)

*glomps on episode* IT OPENED ON ELLIOT'S FAMILY!

It also reminded me why I had to resist the lure of the Stabler/Benson ship for so long.  Because at the end of the day, I'd really be happiest if he'd stayed with his wife.  I'm all about family values.  Sometimes.  When it suits me.  Anyway, I like Kathy, despite having seen her in only a few episodes, and they have four beautiful children who are presently very unhappy that their parents are split up.  At least, the middle child is, and I seem to recall the eldest one having gotten in a few spats with him before.  Which is too bad, because far and away beyond any shippy stuff, my favorite part of this show is the father/daughter dynamic.  It makes me sad when daughters hate their criminal-chasing, divorced**, but nevertheless loving and devoted dads.  *coughWithoutATrace* 

[**A quick bit of Google research shows that Elliot and his wife are separated, but not officially divorced yet because he won't sign the papers.  *smacks him* You have no business kissing people and holding hands and getting shippers' hopes up when you're not divorced yet!  Don't be like Dr. McDummy!]

I was rather disappointed that we didn't get any sort of closure on that opening scene - I kept waiting for it, and it never came.  I had to settle for inferences and Elliot's reaction to the parallel storyline.   Which, you know, was all right, but not blow-me-away spectacular.  Benson and Stabler seem to have their working dynamic back; that's good.  The story  Not great, not awful.  It was interesting to see the various layers of the story peel back - especially when you find out that she wasn't the biological daughter of EITHER of her parents - but I'm just not that intrigued by deathbed confessions from old guys.

Frankly, I can't believe the estranged daughter could avoid the temptation to open any of those cards for all those years.  And especially after they showed her all the money that was in them?!  Damn, I wouldn't care where the money came from, or why - money is money, and as long as I didn't have any part in procuring it, and the action they took to get it is no longer going on, it could come from a horse slaughtering plant for all I care.  I'd take it.

It took me a long time to figure out why she hated her father so much, too.  I mean - so he didn't tell her she was adopted?  THAT'S the reason to never speak to him again?  Jeez-a-lou.  It wasn't until she got to the whole "my parents never said they loved me.  They never touched me" that it started to make sense.  That is a little weird.

On to other things!  Today may be the Best Day Ever: three of my favorite stories on FFN were updated, and four of my shows are new tonight.  AND unlike my little brother, I'm still on winter break.  Woohoo!
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