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Hey, this is only my second post today.

Even though I rarely remember unique dreams, I know that I have several recurring ones, and one of them came last night.  Would you like to hear about it? 

Ever since I was a teenager, I've had dreams where I "collect" things - usually, I'm in a store and I'm filling my cart with everything I could ever want.  For example, a bookstore and the shelves are full of horse titles, or the grocery store where I'm buying all my favorites, or a department store where I'm apparently building myself a new wardrobe from scratch.  The whole dream is about stockpiling and anticipation - I'm flush with excitement, thinking about how much I can't wait to get home and immediately enjoy all my purchases.

But the thing is, I never get to enjoy them.  I always wake up before I leave the store, feeling disappointed and frustrated because I was SO READY to have those things, but I have this dream all the time and not once have I ever gotten satisfaction out of it. 

Mom says I'm probably having it right now because I feel like I'm drifting and don't know what comes next. I kind of think it's just because I've only gone shopping by myself one time in my life, and I deeply want to do that.  :P  (hey, there are also times I dream about secretly driving or walking to a local store, and then spotting my dad in the store and panicking wildly, trying to hide, because it's not my job to go shopping and so I'm not supposed to be there.  Those kind of link up, don't they?) 

I feel like I had something else to talk about...ah, here it is! 

House, 5x13, "Big Baby"
"Oh, I don't believe this.  I feel like I've spent half my TV life trying to make the point that deciding to become parents doesn't necessarily make you automatically feel a Special Magic Bond the first time you see a baby, and then the one time I desperately do want someone (namely Cuddy) to become a loving adoptive mother, she craps out on me.  The hell, TV."

Luckily, Mom was there to keep me sane and point out that Cuddy's lack of interest in the baby had more to do with her feeling trapped by it.  "Think about it.  She gives up a great, high-paced job in a position of power and authority to stay at home all day with a baby.  She doesn't have anyone to talk to - no husband or boyfriend, and she's not even interacting with other moms.  No wonder she looks like she can't even run a brush through her hair."

Phew.  So, you got that, show?  I fully expect Cuddy's interest in the baby to kick back up post-haste.  Let's have no more of Wilson being driven to awkward lies about having digital-aging photos made to remind Cuddy what Rachel will become in the future.  Although, please do have more of Wilson randomly coming over all the time, lending a supportive shoulder, spouting reassurances and/or bearing gifts and generally being the best of friends.  Just be careful and try not to reactivate my wayward Wilson/Cuddy shipping radar while you're...ah, hell.

Quick, remedy it by handing the baby to House!  Oh good, Hugh Laurie + (real, not-doll!baby = appropriate explosion of helpless squee.  Baby barf and all.  I just chose to unsee that part before I remembered why actually, there is a good and proper reason I will never have kids, because that was a ridiculously cute scene between the three of them.  Just the wary way he eyed her was gold.

In other news, way to compromise drug trials in the name of Not Actually Love Yet, Foreman!  (*repeats to self* Is not love, is not love, cannot be not love yet, or my head will explode)  The way I understand it, if you don't get caught, then even if the drug works, according to the results there will be little to no difference between the placebo and the regular drug, ergo "the drug isn't effective."  I realize one patient's not enough to make a difference in that respect, but what if there were multiple people running about as crazy as Foreman?

Bye, Chase!  Nice to see you have lunch, at least, while talking about nothing but Cameron until forced to respond otherwise!  Speaking of, while the amount of Cameron in this episode was tolerable and she was perhaps even surprisingly effective, for the most part, in her ability to control House, I think this exactly met the limits of how much Cam I can take per week.  The more you know...

As for the patient, Mom wins again by immediately suspecting dyslexia or some sort of brain damage as a symptom as soon as she heard that the woman walked into 241 instead of 214.  Though for the record, I suspected from the start that her mellow personality was a symptom, I just didn't know of what or in what capacity.  I've learned to pick up on subtle early clues, kind of.

Oh, ALSO!  The autistic boy who loved her, I was bowled over in shock by how he looked exactly like Tania Raymonde.  The same eyes, lips, facial expression...yipes.  They could have been twins, aside from him being ten years younger.  Look!  Look at the pictures and tell me I'm not crazy.  Because the fact that I cannot find any evidence to suggest they are even related is driving me nuts.

P.S. In what universe do uncooperative babies shut up if you just scream at them loudly enough?  Because that is a method of baby-raising I could handle.

EDIT: Hey, would you look at that...NUMB3RS RECAPS, ALIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR AGAIN!!  Or soonish, anyway.  Is what it sounds like.  Boy, that was a terrifying week without hope, wasn't it?  
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