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"Why won't those stupid idiots let me in their crappy club for jerks?!"

(*snert* The Stonecutters episode of The Simpsons is one of my all-time favorites.  So many quotable bits...not to mention a great song!)

I have all kinds of stuff to talk about today!  

First, I'm beginning to grow annoyed by the fact that there is often only one space between my sentences.  I very specifically double-tap that spacebar!  Sometimes I write in LJ and sometimes I paste from Notepad, so I don't know which one's the culprit, but it annoys me when my sentences come out looking strangely squished and I realize why.  Does anyone else notice that?  Did I just raise an issue you were previously unaware of that now will bug you forever?  (If so, sorry)

Second, I was an actual Good Sister tonight and helped my brother study elements for his chemistry quiz.  It was actually kind of fun, since he had made flashcards and so I got to test myself at the same time.  (when I pointed out that flashcards exist so that you don't need another person, he insisted this way helped him study better.  I decided to take this as a compliment, especially after he said he still remembered "Pb" because two years ago, I told him I'd remembered it as "lead paintbrush")  It's crazy how many I still remember, six years after I last had to know them.  Of course, there are also some random and crazy ones I had no idea existed, like "antimony" and "molybdenum," just to keep things interesting.

TV Squad Headline: "The Doctor and Martha, together again."

After cursing about the fact that "Come on, I'm finally starting to catch up!  Why do you continue to force new knowledge on me!", I managed not to read or even accidentally glimpse the accompanying article, but that sounds like it might be a description of the pairing in the next special. Which does two things:

1) Removes my hope that Martha dies in Journey's End (WHAT. The rumors are still swirling in my head! She's the most expendable!)
2) Makes me go "Noooo...I can't go back to that after the magic of Doctor/Donna, I can't, I just can't!"

On the other hand, if by some miracle this happened to be nothing more than misleading wording meant to explain that David Tennant is guest starring on British Law and Order, I'd be totally cool with knowing that.

But I sort of doubt it.

FOLKS! Just so you know,  deleted scene #2 contains things that would have made last week's episode of The Office at least 75% better:

1. This is where they've been hiding the Jim/Pam! Kind of. If you squint.
Jim: She's a great actress. But!  It's all connected. Talent. Style.  Attitude. That's what makes you fall for someone. That's not what makes them pretty...that's what makes them hot. (cue reaction shot of Pam smiling)

(whatever!  It counts as interaction!)

2. At this point, I think Mindy Kaling is just contractually obligated to have at least half her work cut out of the actual episodes.  Fine. As long as they make it to online deleted scenes like this one, where Jim and Toby appear in her nook, post-meltdown, apparently checking to see if she's okay. This is important because it indulges my secret wayward love where dammit, I am determined to believe that Jim and Kelly are friends!

*5 seconds later* Of course, you need to ignore the part where Jim and Toby immediately run away (somewhat literally!), and pretend he did something nice like pat her shoulder or remind her of the good qualities she has instead. Lately I've gotten a lot more appreciative of the fifth story, the one that used to squick me a bit, in "Five Stories Kelly Kapoor Never Told..."

3. Also, I breathe a sigh of relief when I discover that Andy's definition of "hottest movie star ever" is "Charlize Theron." Because she's better, but not super hot either, and thus I do not have as much in common with the man as I feared (also, strange: Angela's body type is much more like Hilary's than Charlize's...)

I'd probably name Halle Berry, if only because she somehow looks good in all lengths of hair. Or Jennifer Garner.  Jessica Alba? Keira Knightley?  I don't know; I don't have a readily available list of hot female actresses despite the fact that I just named four! I tend to look more for "beautiful," which Kevin has already sternly informed us is not the same thing.

Although I have to admit that I'd agree with Phyllis and count Kim Kardashian, otherwise aptly known to Marshall as "super hot lady who my wife keeps telling me why you're famous but I keep forgetting," as a good choice too. From a purely physical standpoint.

Without a Trace: "Once Lost"
Title also clearly refers to the network execs' minds, since they decided to make me wait an extra 2 weeks for this. *scowls* You're just lucky it was worth the wait and not falsely hyped.  Hello there, yet another new contender for best episode of the season...I don't know what to do with all this sudden awesomeness!  

Before I get anywhere in this discussion, I clearly need to get that ending scene out of my system, because SQUEE!! I spent the episode feeling somewhat petulant about the lack of D/E interaction, but I was patient and sat through it all, and thankfully the ending conversation made some of the preceding action clearer. Which I will get to, but right now, clearly the only way to get it out of my system is to transcribe it right here for easy access:

(At least as best as I can, because they tend to mumble and sometimes the accents trip me up. Also - if someone could tell me what the opening lines of the conversation were, that'd be nice? I got "You didn't have to stay," but I can't figure out what Danny says back)

"Elena...I know you're worried, but we're going to do everything we can to help her, okay?"
"I know."
"I called a defense attorney that owes me a favor. Supposedly, he's the best - and the most expensive, but we'll figure out the whole money thing as we go." Long pause as she just looks at him. "What?"
"Why are you so good to me?"
He fixes her with this glorious expression, like so:

and mildly answers the only way you can, "Because I love you."

A tear rolls down her cheek, which he immediately wipes it away, at which point I just sort of go into flaily convulsions on the side.
"I'm sorry for the times I shut you out. I know how I am. But I know I can trust you, and that feels good."
"Elena, you can trust me."
"If I ever try to walk away...don't let me, please?"
"Never," he repeats, laughing softly as he wipes away another of her tears. "Never never never never never."

*iz ded of convulsions*
(Otherwise I'd continue to tell you about how he takes her hands as she toys with the lapels of his jacket, or how they proceed to go home with their arms around each other's waists, or how he kisses the top of her head as they walk out.) 

And is it me, or did his eyes look suspiciously bright by the end of that conversation, too?  Either way, I love how they just get more incredible with every significant scene they share.  I will never tire of the adoring way he looks at her (the repeated whispering of "never" was particularly indescribably beautiful), but I think I was almost more moved by her begging him not to let her walk away.  While I could give myself an ulcer wondering if this means she's previously considered walking away, I will instead treat this as proof that they're in the foreground again for the sake of being in the foreground, and not to make them a sacrifice in the name of Jack/Sam. 

Methinks I need a 20-minute break to ponder the wonder and delight of a possible "forever."

...anyway, I'm also really really glad that she acknowledged her tendency to shut him out, because it has happened in the past, and I spent much of the episode being quietly disgruntled. I wasn't too worried about it, since I felt like it would be resolved eventually and Danny repeatedly made cautious overtures (I was especially relieved that after his expression when he saw her on the tape, he didn't become hostile but just waited with concern until she left Jack's office), but still.  

For example, I was originally kind of annoyed when Sam was the one who followed her outside and listened to her muttering about how she should have saved Yvette, but in retrospect I really like the fact that they shared a moment.  They don't have a lot of those, which is a shame, because the Pretty just explodes off the screen.  

I also was annoyed at the Lying Lying Promos that made it look like Danny was brushing her hair back from a facial injury, and instead turned out to be part of a flashback with Bianca, but hey!  I don't argue with past proof of Carlos giving her a black eye!

As far as case-related things went, it was better than I thought it would be, considering I can't stand the actress playing Bianca.  (She has a tendency to play loud, brassy cops and rubs me the wrong way in every role I've seen).  Except for when that was extremely awkward watching them try to channel Elena's past self/homegirl side, I liked seeing various aspects of their friendship, and I bet they were fantastic partners.

Unlike Jack, however, I do think Elena can be forgiven for not immediately jumping to the conclusion that her friend's disappearance was related to the one case she screwed up years ago, though.  I mean, she disappeared after a shootout!  The timing alone would suggest it was related to that.  Any logical person would assume that if she was suddenly going to follow up on that old case, she would do it off-duty when she wouldn't immediately be missed.

Humorous Quote of the Night:
Suspect: You got a title for that story?
Elena: How about "The Neils Barker Story: Stupid Enough to Sell Stolen Identities to the Cops."

I'm going to back to watching Danny and Elena over and over again now.  I'm beginning to think that if they only had more regular screentime, they'd be one of my favorite couples of all time.
NCIS: 6x14, "Love and War"
"Beary Smiles?"  You couldn't get clearance for Teddy Ruxpin?  That's a shame.  Oh well, creepy talking bears are creepy talking bears!  Made extra creepy when McGee reanimates the disembodied face and makes it talk.  But made somewhat less creepy when you think first of little Abby wanting one ("My dad waited in line 2 hours for one on Black Friday"), and then of Gibbs getting one for his daughter ("Six.  Christmas Eve.")

Someone please write me that Christmas fic with the Gibbs family.

I loved Abby dressed up in full scrubs and face mask to perform "exploratory surgery" in cutting him open, though.  I love when she turns her job into a game!  Almost as much as I love her demanding Caff Pows - I was just about to ask where they'd gone, anyway. One of my favorite parts of season 3 was hanging out in my dorm room, ready to crack open my freshly-purchased bottle of pop as soon the giant drink appeared on screen and activated my cravings.  Sneaky Gibbs is sneaky, slipping them into the fridge without her noticing.  ("I don't know how you did that and I don't care!"  *zooms toward drink*)

Case-wise, nothing important, although I will never understand why they always call that shape a "pentagram."  I mean, I know it is, but - it's a star!  It's a star drawn the way you learn in elementary school!  Are you telling me my teachers were trying to plant subliminal messages when they drew those on my assignments?

And poor McGee.  I feel bad that he was so enthusiastic about this girl and then we found out it was just Tony taking a joke too far.  I mean, it was nice to see him take sweet-faced revenge at the end - and hilarious when Ziva lightly chided him, only to be placated with a bribe - but still.

Finally, I'm pretty sure there should be icons bearing one of Ziva's threatening looks and the caption "Someone will die today."  That, or I just need to break out that phrase next/every time this show does something to specifically displease me.

Finally...every week, I live in eternal hope that I will just watch my guilty pleasure crack addiction and move on from it in relative (or complete!) silence.  But no!  I not only go through the trouble of watching Secret Life of the American Teenager on the official site, with the buffering and commercial breaks (mostly the buffering), I feel a need to talk about it with multiple hundreds of words.  Every week. 

You know, I always used to be sort of horrified by people who watched daytime soap operas with any degree of regularity or serious interest.  Then my mom and I were having a discussion about whether or not there was still stigma attached to teenage pregnancy, and I was trying to explain the elements of this show in a nutshell, and as soon as the words started coming out of my mouth, it was like ". . .oh God."


OK, so I think I am shipping Ricky/Adrian a little?  In the sense of "they're both so screwed up they're the only people who could ever make each other happy"?  I DON'T KNOW. 

All I know is that the buffering was so bad on the website today that I would have given up entirely, except that I was stopped in my tracks by a desperate need to hear the rest of Ricky having Actual Emotions as he furiously, wavering on the edge of breaking down, confessed his father's abuse.  Like, wow.  I am...speechless.  Not enough to find either of them any more tolerable than I did before, but between that and the tears streaming down Adrian's face while she listened in horror, enough to be thoroughly floored by the phenomenal acting. 

Phenomenal acting was in weirdly high supply this week, actually!  Molly Ringwald, taking Bob to task with her "You're a coward" speech!  Grace, crying her eyes out!  (eyes that actually went red instead of the usual perfect tears one sees on TV)  Grace's dad, teetering on the line between "emotional" and "overwrought" but managing to stay on the right side!  It was like they were all suddenly practicing for Emmy clips or something.  

Tragically, Amy and Ben weren't so much "cute" as "PAINFUL AND AWKWARD AND PAINFUL" most of the night and had me writhing in my seat from embarrassment.  Apparently, Ben's first documented flaw is his tendency to be so deaf and blind in his devotion that he refuses to listen to things like "I think it would be sort of awkward if you went to my ultrasound with me, SORRY!"  At least Amy grew a spine and stood her ground on that point?  That was nice. 

Think maybe am a little disappointed it's a boy (don't know why I was even surprised), but at least this more firmly cements my desperation for there to be an adoption at the end of all this.  (and Ben kind of redeemed his cuteness by filming the adoption video, a little bit.  Also by sulking in his room beforehand.  He's so adorable when he pouts.)

It needs to be the next episode RIGHT NOW.  Must see fallout from Bob's arrest!  And it's about time Amy and Ben had a real fight, but what is this nonsense with him walking out??  You don't get to walk out, sir!  You are an endless well of patience!  
8:58 PM: Why do I not know what time Lost airs anymore!  Here I am, twiddling away the 8:00 hour, waiting for my show to start because it's the only thing on tonight...ARGH. 

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