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5x03: "Jughead," and other things

In theory, I should have been all over this episode, what with the declarations of love and tender looks and the incalculable gestures of physical affection all over the place. It was like all my shippiest dreams come true! In fact, I was not on board with it all, even if I do approve of this new fast pace + 8 billion storylines that keep me glued to the screen at all times. Here are some reasons why:

*snert* OK, I'm sorry, there was obviously only one way I could respond to that opening scene:
"Are you the doctor??"
"Clearly not!  Do I look like David Tennant?  You, on the other hand..."

Stupid perfect Penny and Desmond and their stupid perfect son.  Stupid perfect family, all cute and wonderful and adorable, that I would totally love if I wasn't bitter about how Charlie and Claire could have kinda had this.  Except they CAN'T, as DESMOND got Charlie KILLED so I am ETERNALLY BITTER FOREVER.  My heart is a hard cold lump of lead where this family is concerned. By the way, naming your kid "Charlie" does not make things okay.   Only you and/or or Penny dying makes things OK.  Just so we're clear.

It doesn't help that my bitterness is now being compounded by my insane need for Ian Cusick to be the next Doctor, which is beginning to manifest itself in a belief that "Desmond" is merely a fobwatched Time Lord and this is an extended Family of Blood/Human Nature type situation.

(Literally, "Charlie Killer" or "The Doctor!" are the only things I think about every time he appears on screen.)

Also, Dan/Charlotte? Still not working for me, as Daniel Faraday is and forevermore will be a twitchy little ferret.  Except much less cute than an actual ferret.

On the bright side...
WTF Revelation of the Hour: Waugh, Charles Widmore started on the Island? That...explains a lot about why he's so desperate to find it, actually.

Juliet Burke: Making Latin sexy since 2009. (or 1954, depending on your POV)

And since it is incomprehensible that I should discuss Lost without mentioning Sawyer, even when it seems unnecessary since we can just assume Sawyer is smokin' hot at all times, rifle action, sir!

P.S. I really, really want to love Dan/Charlotte and Desmond/Penny. I especially want to love the latter, with their epicness and their eternal love with teary hugs and kisses, and their having babies on boats in the middle of nowhere that cause the husband to panic at the amount of blood (which, HI, favorite crazy pregnancy scenario that is really hard to find plausible excuses for!), and their kid skipping straight from birth to Cute Ragamuffin Stage, complete with towheadedness...

BUT I REALLY CANNOT.   I JUST CAN'T.  There is this fiery pillar of hatred that rises up inside me every time I try to relax and open my heart to them!

1. Remember when I found the Greyhound game? While I was poking around the site, I downloaded AlterEgo too, something I've long pondered but never actually played, and I cannot believe how much I adore it (text-based choose your own adventure life simulations!). I went back to download the female version, but while searching for it I found out that you can play the same game in a more streamlined online version, too. Look!

2. The closer we get to the new episodes, the calmer I feel about the Jim/Pam spoilers I may or may not have raged about before.  I think it'll be all right.   I haven't been stalking the MTT spoiler boards to an excessive degree lately, what would make you say that?

3. I forgot to mention...I caught the tail end of the Idol auditions last night, and promptly fell in love with someone I shouldn't (also known as "anyone in the audition rounds," which is one of many reasons I don't watch them). But drat it all, I'm rather hooked on orphaline Rose Flack. She's cute (despite the unfortunate dreadlock-type bits in her hair), young, blonde, and has two of the best names ever.  I demand that she be in the Top 36!  She's now clearly going to get cut in the first round of Hollywood.

Sidebar: God, top 36, really?  You just know that's going to end up being nothing but an excuse to cut a bigger percentage of my initial favorites than ever before.
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