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I feel like death. How's your weekend going?

1. I've been exceedingly miserable since about 5 AM yesterday, between pounding headaches that would not go away even after taking medicine, being flush with fever, and then feeling so cold that at one point I was shaking beneath blankets for upwards of 20 minutes (although, thank goodness for being home, where I could wrap myself around the giant space heater, a/k/a "my dog"). Couldn't talk, couldn't stand up, just tossed and turned for hours with brief periods of napping before the pain woke me back up.

You know it's misery when not even listening to David Tennant read "The Stone Rose" makes you feel better (though it was still nice, and something I highly recommend when one has nothing to but lie in bed with closed eyes and try not to think about pain).

Two hours of clear-headedness last night in which I took a shower, wrote some of this, and ate something before going back to bed, and then I woke up at 6:00 this morning and it started all over again. Half past noon, I very cautiously began to sit upright and hope it was gone for good, although I remain in a constant state of paranoia that it will return without warning again. 

2. Reason #423 I should not watch the audition episodes of American Idol: They inevitably shoot down someone clearly awesome - like the last girl, who sang "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." That was freaking amazing. It sounded exactly like the original, or possibly better since she managed to do that a capella, to the point where after 3 seconds it was like "Hi, please record the full version so I can download it and put it on my MP3 player." And then they blathered about how she fell short of that OMG LEGEND and wasn't really that good. Which was ridiculous. Thank God for Simon's deciding tiebreaker.

I think I can put into words why I can't stand Kara, though. She's like a bratty teenager/college girl, always feeling the need to be loud and act out for attention. Also, she tends to fall very flat when she tries to be funny. As Mom said, her role seems to be making you appreciate Paula more, which is true! I've been taking Paula for granted for a while now, but next to this one, Paula's the model of dignity. Plus, she very frequently *is* funny, in a way that seems effortless but really takes perfect timing.

3. I may have given a rerun of The Office (a rerun known as Business Ethics, even) precedence over the first half of a new episode of CSI last night? In my defense, which is weak, it was new to my mom and I enjoy watching other people see episodes for the first time. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have, as between that one and the last two new ones, she's developing a very poor outlook of season 5 overall. Save us, Superbowl episode!!

Anyway, missed the whole first half and thus wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the rest, but it starred...what's her name as the blonde FBI agent, and that's enough to make it excellent in my book. Also, I kinda like how Brass calls Langston "Professor," and it still warms my heart the way everyone's so eager to show him how to do things and help him learn the ropes. Like Wendy and the gun swabbing? Aww. Plus, he's already learned how to put Hodges in his place.

4. Private Practice
This episode was the last thing I watched before bed, I thought about it as I fell asleep, I dreamed about it, and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, so pressing was my need to get out all these thoughts tumbling around in my head. Of course, I also woke up with a pounding headache and alternating chills/fever, so that rather delayed the process, not to mention I had to sort out which part was real and which part I'd dreamed. But I think I've got it now...

Love Pentagon: I spent a good deal of it throwing up my hands, too furiously incredulous for words at the Charlotte/Cooper nonsense which, at this point, is just insulting my intelligence. "Why can't you see that we're perfect for each other??" *chokes on own sarcasm* Um, GOLLY, I don't know, perhaps because your anti-chemistry is such that the two of you on screen is like a pair of magnets repelling one another? Or GOSH, maybe because you and *Violet* are perfect for each other and/or you and Charlotte are the most terrible thing to be unleashed upon the world in nearly the whole history of television?

(in retrospect, I want to give Shonda credit and believe that he's spewing lines like this as a setup for some point down the road when he realizes he's as blind as he accusses her of being. But that would be strangely clever of her, so I'm reluctant to do so)

And to have Charlotte whining that she's "humiliated" because she asked him to marry her and he said no, and then SULKING about it? Woman! What the Sam Hill goes on in your twisted little mind? He very specifically said "yes" to marriage! He gave you a flowery speech about how much he wants to marry you! (for reasons I still cannot begin to comprehend) The only thing he rejected was your bossy and controlling demand to get married immediately in a crappy Elvis chapel. Which strangely I find it hard to blame him for.

More throwing up of the hands happens when they go from torturous scenes of Cooper claiming he's so, so terribly emotionally invested in this sham of a relationship...and then he shows up at Violet's house with Chinese food and good-natured scolding, and it is the most freaking natural thing in the world, WHY IS THIS NOT THE WAY OF THINGS, how stupid do you have to be to willfully and deliberately ignore this? And, ugh, it's just so cute and normal and perfect, with no Charlotte randomly showing up at the door to interrupt it, know how I thought my Cooper/Violet inclinations were dead forevermore?

They're so not! As soon as the creepy significant other(s) disappeared, it bounced right back, like magic! I'm perfectly willing to forgive and forget and move forward with a clean slate. I kind of doubt its ability to remain elastic like this forever, but hey, it's only been like 20 episodes of this nonsense! We can still salvage something from the ruins. I mean, look at them, with their giggling, and him talking her down from her crazy ledge and promising to be there, and chowing down on greasy fast food which she insists are not the result of cravings"...

Obviously, I think that him moving in with her "to help out" can only be setting the stage for some 3, 4 episodes down the road where closer proximity causes him to get over that memory block from season 1 and remember his true feelings, followed by acting on them. But I'm willing to compromise as long as I get to see them being friends on a regular basis again, because that is half the reason I fell in love with this show.

(On the other hand...Violet? I realize Pete wasn't precisely encouraging when you hinted about children, but his response was vastly different from Sheldon's. Sheldon's response was "ew, get them away from me, I can only take 5 minutes." Pete's was "it's probably for the best that Anna and I didn't have kids." Which, from everything I've heard so far about this marriage of resentment and dog-killing, is very true! And I realize.that he also admits he can be selfish and such, but I sort of think that would change if he actually had a kid. My point here is Pete seems much more equipped to handle fatherhood. I'd venture a guess that after Sam, he's probably the most mature person in that practice. Which is not a thing I ever thought I would say, back in the early days of season 1)

Bermuda Triangle, Zone 1: Still can't stand Archer. Can he die soon, please? He's gross, covered in a layer of slime, and reduces Addison to someone far less awesome when he's around. He's even worse than Wyatt, at this point. I don't care what rationale you have; it's terribly bad form to take a job in a practice directly competing with your sister's. Did I mention he was covered in a layer of slime? Pretty sure Addison has every right to be upset that he's sleeping with Naomi (ick ew ick).

Frankly, Naomi should be a little more concerned about the fact that he's randomly sleeping with multiple women. Perhaps in the line of "I personally like to reduce my risk of STDs, thanks!" If that were truly the case she wouldn't have gone anywhere near Archer in the first place, at least certainly not without clothes, but still. It's not even manners and morals at this point, it's just a health concern.

Bermuda Triangle, Zone 2: I...I'm sorry, I just refuse to believe this ridiculous roller coaster ride that Sam and Naomi are on. Married! Divorced! Sleeping together! Totally over each other! Awkward! Friends who discuss their sex lives with each other! No. As far as I'm concerned, none of this is happening and they are still married, LA LA LA LA LA.

(besides, really, REALLY, they give each other advice on the bedroom portion of each other's new relationships? When they were married for upwards of a dozen years, were off and on after that but very ON about three months ago, this is the first time either of them has slept with anyone else, and suddenly they're totally cool with discussing it in detail? That is just weird.)

Circling the Arena on Maury: Giving clean needles to drug addicts so that they'll be "safer", how about no? Not only is that terrific enabling, I sort of feel that disease and/or death are perfectly reasonable prices for addicts to pay. No comment on the other cases; far too busy.

Non-Geometric Shapes: Awww, poor Dell being thrown into a shelf full of glass jars and needing to be stitched up. I'd feel so much more sympathetic if I wasn't harboring that new grudge brought on by finding out that he was the evil young man who corrupted Betsy's mother in the first place.

4x03, Planet of the Ood
I like how these episodes just keep getting better and better.

All right, sue me, I believed that the Ood really were born to serve. House elves are! (shut up, Hermione) How was I supposed to tell they weren't born with the little clicky translator bulbs? They look natural enough. And I still think they resemble cattle much more than human slaves, so pardon me if I can't quite get behind Donna's outrage and indignation. It's not as bad as the S.P.E.W. campaign, but I feel a need to reject the internet's excessive praise on the point.

Also, I kind of spent the episode thinking that the Indian woman (PR rep) had a fantastic job, one I'd enjoy. I'm very sorry she got her brain fried with an Ood bulb. Then again, she did refuse the Doctor's earnest request for help, so clearly something wasn't right with her brain anyway.

Stuff in Sort of Chronological Order
I can't even put into words how much I love the Doctor and Donna's friendship. I can't even entirely recapture it by writing down quotes, which frustrates me. Sometimes it helsp when I shout brief little exclamations, though, like so: Counsole bouncing! Wild laughter and energy! Squealing at each other! It is nice to see the Doctor carefree and having fun, and she definitely brings that.

"Lovely, thanks!"
"Can you hear anything inside that?"

*giggles* Her dress was of rather unflattering fit, but I love her giant black parka. Times like this, I almost don't even miss Rose. Because watching them walk around together, chattering, brings me joy the same way he and Rose did. Well, not the SAME way, but in a way very similar and with equivalent amounts of happiness. I'm even (very slowly) getting over my hatred of the Doctor's ridiculously out of control hair. (gel: not a thing anyone needs, ever)

Continuing the theme of "Donna Noble, doing stuff to win my heart over and over," I love that she's initially grossed out by the Ood in the snow (as anyone should be), but one sharp word from the Doctor and she's all compassion.

"So not married. Never ever." Their mutual horror just cracks me up. It is sort of a horrifying notion, isn't it?

God, again with the disappearing bees? Please tell me that's not the Secret Season Password, because that would be rather lame. That's a real-life problem! I demand crazy alien sci-fi problems! And real-life problems with crazy alien sci-fi causes don't count.

I feel like whoever wrote this episode, with the crazy claw-chasing scene, perhaps had one too many viewings of "Brave Little Toaster" in his lifetime.

I also feel like the Doctor, flat on his back staring at the claw hovering inches above him should be a serious moment, but...fiery-twilight has a looping GIF on her sidebar, and it's sort of been mesmerizing me out of context for a really long time time now, so I'm afraid I have nothing but mildly unclean thoughts about his heavy breathing right there. (although now, thanks to a certain macro, I'm also thinking "Farewell my friends! I have been chosen! I go on to a better place!")

"If you don't do what she says, you're really in trouble. Not from me, from her." Heh. And awww, look at that spectacular hug that I totally did not use to pretend was Rose when she gets out of the container! Have I mentioned lately that I love them?

And now for the best scene of the season so far, the one that took my breath away and made it impossible for me to form words about for days on end: the natural-born Ood. I am in paroxysms of glee over the ethereal beauty of the music alone, but Donna asking him to let her hear it (*never tires of mind-opening stuff*), then to take it away, her heartbreaking realization "But you can still hear it," and finally her request to go home? Emotional JACKPOT.

Regardless of my unwillingness to read this ep as a commentary on slavery, it still has a powerful effect as far as breaking my heart with thoughts of animal cruelty. And the Doctor crouching down, promising "Friends," ever so gently coaxing the Ood to show him what it was cradling in its hands? Just like poor abused dogs, wary but hesitantly willing to trust. Though must admit, as intensely curious as I was to see what they had - I thought maybe eggs, or something - as soon as I got a look, it was a backpedaling WAUGH, DO NOT WANT.

And um, crazy Ood marketing company? There's a difference between a creature happy to be pressed into service, and achieving that service by CUTTING OFF THEIR BRAIN. *rolls eyes* Now all I can think about are what kind of terribly tortuous experiments must have gone on until they figured out how properly attach a clicky translator bulb. Which made it rather fun to have Donna rolling her eyes at the head boss guy, despite being handcuffed and possibly in imminent danger of being shot, all "You IDIOT."

It took way too many days for it to sink in that "photoactivists" = FOTO activists. Up to that point, I was confused as to whether this was a new term for "photojournalist activists" and why the Doctor immediately started talking about Friends of the Ood.

When the gun gets pointed at them, I really love the Doctor moving Donna behind him.

I could have done without seeing the evil head boss guy turn into an Ood. I really could have. I mean, it's a hilariously fitting punishment, but did I have to see the actual transformation? Particularly the spitting-up-the-brain part? Also, is it bad form that after Sigma sweetly explains "Natural Ood must never kill, sir" I kind of want to add in the hysterical psycho laughter from Bart Simpson's clown bed?

"I think your song must end soon." The haunting Doomsday motif that arcs through here and disappears is, bar none, the most brilliant bit of direction I've ever seen. Gives me chills every time I watch it.

Up Next: There goes the streak of quality. What the hell, Martha. Look, when you show up on Torchwood, you vastly improve its quality so I like it. Here, the quality is already EXCEEDINGLY HIGH. You can only bring it down - especially if you're bringing UNIT with you. *is grouchy*
*3 hours later* Yeah...*is woozy* I think I'll be wandering back to bed now; not quite enough energy to look up titles or do any better formatting or check for spelling errors; want to post now before I become comatose the rest of the weekend or something. 
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