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TV That Broke My Brain, part 2:

I watched Idol on Wednesday - my protest against being sucked in earlier than ever is refusing to discuss it in detail yet - and of course, Rose Flack is gone.  Grrr.  But she's such a vibrant person; I want to get to know her!  I want to follow her Facebook messages and friend her on LJ.  Regardless of whether or not she has either service.   (Which I will not actually do, as I am not one of those crazy people who thinks she knows people she sees on reality shows, really.) 

I also fell in love with Tatiana (SHE'S SO PRETTY.  Just like her name), and will not be least until the inevitable moment when she gets cut before the Top 36. 
How I Met Your Mother: 4x14, "The Poss-imp-plib-bluh yeah, I'm sorry, I cannot type or pronounce it to save my life; it always comes out looking like "Pimp Mobile."
Why hello there, yet another entry in the "best episodes of all time" category.

THAT WAS SO GREAT.  Right?  Was that not great?  Barney's video resume!  I want to talk about it, but all I can do is keep watching it over and over, with my jaw faintly agape and my eyes shining and bedazzled in wonder and awe.  Seriously, I need that song.  Awesome-awesome-awesome-awesome-awesome... not to mention Ted interjecting every so often to demand with faint disgust whether Barney is interviewing and/or singing about himself in said resume video.  *collapses with giggles again*

And, BARNEY/ROBIN.  In addition to the fact that their mutual ability to make amazing music videos proves yet another reason they are right for each other (who is writing this and what have they done with Me?)...NEAR-PROPOSING!  Oh, my God.  Barney perking up like a hunting dog on the scent at the realization that marriage could keep Robin in the country, getting down on one knee in the background before Marshall shoots that idea down, and oh-so-casually moving back to his chair?  I just wanted to give him a hug.

Also, HUGGING.  Little pieces of me exploded all over the place when Robin gave him the first hug, and he had to let her go too soon (aw), but then!  Second, longer hug!  Longer hug in which he can steal a more intimate hold, and stroke her hair a bit.  *wibble*

-Baby belly!  "Hot dog eating contests," heehee.

-Barney standing next to a gorgeous black pony!  Don' pin eyes...

-Loved reading the detail on the resumes of the other three - Lily's fluent in Italian? - but I have to say, Ted's radio experience seems considerably more relevant than "basketball slam-dunk champion" or "champion competitive eater."  I mean, there was management and scheduling of like 24 people.  He seems to have plenty of relevant experience so that it wouldn't be a necessary addition, but hey, he still has lifeguarding on there.  So.

Um, and now I am going to go stare at the hugging GIF that appeared on the internet one way or another and which is now on my computer, so that I can  gaze at it endlessly, or at least whenever I'm not being mesmerized by my Jim/Pam desktop.  I have finally found a Barney/Robin moment that can be encapsulated in an icon I want to show off!  Get on that, icon makers.

CSI: Miami, 7x14, "Smoke Gets In Your CSIs"
Stop unexpectedly being decent, season 7!  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COPE.

I may have missed things; I watched this episode very late at night, in a way where I had my eyes closed most of the time because I was trying to fall asleep, and only forced them open for especially dramatic-looking scenes which I made a point to rewatch later.  But even with that, I recognized a darn good episode.

...screw it, I'm back on the E/C train.  I'm very easily swayed.  Near-death experiences and hospital vigils tend to do that, especially when one is expecting CSIM's usual "OH NOES, SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO DIE IN THE TEASER!  ...hah, made you look," and then all of a sudden Calleigh's lying unconscious with a tube down her throat.  While I grimaced a bit at the "I can't imagine living my life without you," and need firmly to believe that whatever Calleigh thinks she heard, that wasn't part of it because hideously embarrassing, yes - I very much enjoyed the rest of his stay with her.

And it was a very sweet gesture that he strapped his watch on her so she'd know he'd been there.  Not exactly conventional, but very appropriate for him, I think.  Definitely more meaningful than flowers.  Or even special truffles.

Alexx, of course, was brilliant; I miss her!  Not so much in a way where I want her to come back, as I'm quite happy with Tara and happier still that Alexx has distanced herself from the 3-ring circus and found another job she's fantastic at, but in a way where it was just wonderful to see her work and talk to everyone again.  Although Ryan got the short end of the stick on that one, banished to go work the case with Natalia, who once again - in a way I find delightful - is nowhere to be seen when her teammates are at the hospital.  

And even though Horatio scenes just make me intensely uncomfortable nowadays - and I sort of imagine this constant tension where Khandi wants to punch David in the face before they finish - I think it was a wonderful job by the writers to remember that these two go way back and have that moment between old friends.  Come over for dinner on family night, indeed.

I feel like I should make some note of the teaser, because I swear there is far more chemistry crackling between Calleigh and Ryan - I'm not particularly invested one way or the other; I go where the shippy winds take me and these two did more for me than the rest of the E/C combined - and I very much liked him reaching up to help her down once he got through.  (Dear Calleigh: the body is never that important.  Don't screw around when it comes to fire.)

Mostly, though, I wanted to commend it for doing a high-stakes teaser and actually doing it well rather than succumbing to the usual histrionics and melodrama.  This one felt serious and urgent rather than overwrought.  Oh, I also liked the part where you jumped straight into the action rather than wasting time showing us what happened before the murder, and you also didn't do the "rewind, 24 hours earlier" nonsense.  GOOD; you do learn!

Finally, this episode had the most beautiful incidental soundtrack in recent history.  I would like more details on the scoring, and whether or not any of it exists in a way I could acquire, as it was perfectly gorgeous mood music, sort of a soft electronica theme.

*10 minutes later* Ooh, is an excellent resource!  The pretty, delicate stuff featured mostly in Calleigh's hospital scenes appears to be The American Dollar, "Thompson."  *bounces up and down* Omigod, yay!  The whole song - just 1:40 - is like that, just lovely instrumental, and YAY.  I think I will secretly call it "Calleigh's Theme."  Or perhaps "The Hip Huggers Waltz."  Dude, I have not been this excite by a piece on Miami since I snagged "Enter One."

Lost, 5x04, "The Little Prince" (TITLE WIN)
I miss last week, when we didn't have to see any of the Oceanic Six.  It's rather startling how much I loathe them all, Hot Assassin Sayid aside (now strangling guys with IV lines.  Yep, still hardcore, albeit more in self-defense than assassin mode).  At this point, I look forward to seeing Ben, because at least he makes interesting stuff happen in L.A.  I'm not exactly fond of Richard Alpert or Daniel or Miles, and I can't wait for Locke to die already, but at least on the island I can have fun delighting my brain with creating horse-herd metaphors and cataloguing all the ways in which the island folk behave like groups of semi-feral range horses. 

Also on the island, we have Sawyer seeing Past Kate, and me finding it suddenly difficult to breathe, with faint squeaking noises of squee and delight barely escaping through my closed-up throat.  Josh Holloway is utterly incredible at everything he does, because a small novel's worth of emotion flooded across Sawyer's face and I can't define any of it.  Just whimpered in empathy as he stood transfixed, and then perhaps started full-out howling at his completely tortured expression after they'd vanished.

And talking to Juliet afterwards!  Ship, ship, ship.  I need this mutual comfort to exist immediately.  And by immediately I mean "whenever it gets around to feeling right, but in the meantime, please let Juliet continue to gently pry, and Sawyer to be willing to open up to her; vice versa when appropriate."  Because I am loving this.  It's like...well, it is all the joy of Jack/Juliet + Sawyer/Kate, with the fat trimmed and condensed into pure and unadulterated brilliance.  I need a new Lost icon to reflect this.

(...I'm very conflicted on how I feel just now.  I still like and believe in the original ships, and do not think S/K is a bond that can be broken on his side.  I'm just equally invested in this other thing.  Right now.  As circumstances necessitate.)

Dear TPTB: The worry that comes with nosebleeds is fine and dandy, but if you ever kill Juliet, I will motherflippin' hunt you down.   

(on the other hand, still twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Charlotte to die.  Less than before, because I'm really starting to adore her again now that's she less bitchy and in control, but at the same time, she's one of those characters whose maximum appreciation can be reached only in retrospect.  I know for a fact that I will care very much and be extremely emotional about Dan/Charlotte if/when he loses her.  But I will not feel that way unless he loses her.  Paradox!)

Which reminds me, WTF was with Kate listing Jin, and more to the point Michael, in the same list of people as Sawyer, who are apparently the sum total of "everyone we've lost"?  How about a little respect for Boone, Shannon, Libby, Charlie, and possibly Claire in there?  You probably shouldn't start listing names at all; it's a doozy once you get going.

Otherwise, I continue to love this show and the copious amounts of untranslated French it gives me.  Makes me feel all smart 'n stuff.  In fact, I was so busy rhapsodizing about this fact that it didn't even occur to me that we might be with Rousseau's original crew until she mentioned "Robert," and then it was like OH CRAP.  Run, Jin, run!  The Sickness!  In a related note, pregnant!Danielle is super cute.  Pity how she got all crazy and ravaged by time and jungle life.

Oh, and uh...yay, Jin's alive!  That's nice.  Although considering Sun's gotten all levels of evil and crazy in his absence, I'm much less invested in their eventual reunion than I was last year. 

Lastly, Aaron continues to prove he's his real mother's child, being far cuter than Kate, and I continue to be plagued by Ben's lawyer, who is the ultimate Hey, It's That Guy!, because I swear he's been on at least 10 shows I watch.  Also, I still can't figure out why Kate thought pretending to be Aaron's mom would be a good or necessary thing.  As though there would have been any danger of him not finding a decent home, perhaps with his grandmother...besides, they were on the island for months.  Plenty of things could have killed Claire after the birth, even if it wasn't a supernatural island full of crazy people; they didn't have to say she died in the crash.

Bones, 4x14, "The Hero in the Hold"
(hey, look at my icon, being all ultra-relevant!)

Oh, Gravedigger.  You are the reason I love this show.  It was such a long time ago that we many things were different.  Hodgins had amazing hair.  Zack wasn't in the madhouse for aiding a serial killer.  I didn't care much about B/B.  And most importantly, I shipped Hodgins/Angela because you brought them together.

With all that in mind, am I the only one who felt like the resolution...fell somewhat flat?  I mean, it's been over 2 years.  While this is an excellent showing of continuity, especially as far as cold cases with no leads and little evidence go, I guess I expected a much bigger finish.  As it stands, I feel like we didn't get any real motive or detailed explanation as to why she did what she did (nice twist, "she," but I still really wanted it to be Vega the author).  We didn't even really get a solid "she's a psychopath" reason, I don't think.  It was just like "oh by the way, here's the killer.  Enjoy Brennan whapping her with a briefcase."

It didn't help that we had Sweets butting in and analyzing things - you weren't part of the original investigation; I don't want you here! - and didn't have Zack (although at least that also meant no Roulette Grad Student), and had Booth's stupid brother, who for all intents and purposes didn't exist back then, ultimately tying things up.  Add that to the fact that there was basically zero fear of Booth running out of oxygen in classic Gravedigger-style intensity, and I felt like it was very fractured and a far cry from echoing the sentiments of the original episode.  Anticlimatic, I guess, is a good word to use.

Another thing that rankled: while I do like the anger and frustration and pain from Hodgins' side, and felt that was very well done (bonus: gratuitous pushups!), it just reminded me over and over again what an integral part of the original episode Hodgins/Angela was.  I kept thinking back to his obsessive need at the end of that episode to keep working, to pull some meaning out of their minute cache of evidence, and how Angela had to talk him down from his mental ledge and give him both perspective and calm.

When all that tension revved right back up here, when you can see him regressing to a dangerous combination of helplessness and bullheaded recklessness, all I wanted was for Angela to be there again, except she couldn't as they are STUPIDLY BROKEN UP.  Even if she'd tried, it wouldn't have had the same impact, so it makes sense that she didn't and Brennan stepped in instead.  That doesn't stop me from feeling like they wasted prime emotional opportunity.  And the only way to remedy that is if they'd solved this case earlier, last year, before their ridiculous nonsensical breakup.  I realize that solving it now, with Booth in danger, feeds more readily into the magic B/B storyline, and that part of it was nice, much just felt like a misstep, that I was sadly disappointed.  :(

However!  If I back away from holding it to the gold Aliens in a Spaceship standard, and consider it on its own merit, it was very impressive.  I'm not sure why this show has decided to go all bendy-twisty with the edges of scientific reality lately, but since it made for a very cool effect, I can't complain.  I accepted his ghostly presence by the time he helped Booth crank open the second door, and thereafter it was actually really nice to have someone there...but up to that point it was a constant war in my head of "wait, what?

But even though I'm really starting to get sick of characters in crisis having military flashbacks to a buddy's death (NCIS, CSI: NY...), I liked finding out that Parker was named after this guy.  Very touching. 

Frankly, I think the ghost plot was solidified, pardon the expression, when he showed up at the cemetary and actually spoke to Brennan like a regular person.  That was a really good, well-rounded conclusion - and confirmed, I think, that Booth really wasn't just conjuring up visions and summong superhuman strength with adrenaline.  At least, that's what I choose to believe.  "Medium" has made me very willing to accept higher planes amidst my procedurals, and since Booth's always had a lot in common with Mulder been more open to the spiritual side of the unexplained, it makes sense.  Even though Mom proceeded to rain all over my parade and tell me that ghosts and Catholicism don't mix.

Also, I really love that the "Cocky" belt buckle saved the day, and that even though he had to sacrifice it to save himself, Bones came through with a replacement.  That's true love.

...hahaha, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention the desperate hug at the end.  BECAUSE THAT WAS EXCELLENT, and nearly made up for my bitter feelings about the H/A mess, not to mention my annoyance at the "We only have 5 minutes, must perform Horatio-Caine-esque feats!" antics.

TV That Left My Brain Intact

-Without a Trace, "Friends and Neighbors"
I actually did fall asleep watching this, so I'm rather sketchy on some of the details, but I gathered something about angry mob guys taking revenge on wives, and mixing up two blonde women.  The only important detail was that one of the snatched women left a kid behind, thus prompting a delightful exchange with Elena saying she just wanted to go home and hug Sophie, and Danny agreeing (squee!  I love this little quasi-family). 

Followed by a brief handhold (what are you lookin' at, Samantha?) and smile before she heads off for more proper investigative work, all of which automatically rendered this a worthwhile episode.  I wasn't sure we'd get any D/E follow up at all what with the change of order, and then there it was.  It never fails to amaze me how easy it is to slip that stuff in, which is clearly why it should happen every week without fail.  

Although must admit, Danny's sarcasm-heavy encounter with the one guy on the street was pretty funny, too. 

Oh, SVU.  Only you could take a low-life scumbag and make the father/daughter reunion between them adorable, while simultaneously revealing said daughter's mother and loving stepfather to be daughter-ditching criminals.  And I should have stopped watching there.  *sigh*  At least they sort of gave it an uptick, if not a totally happy, ending...


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