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Still need an icon for Medium, drat it.

I don't want to alarm you, but I seem to have developed an earworm in the tune of "Barney Stinson: That Guy's Awesome."  In a way where it's the first thing I think of in the morning and it comes unbidden to me several times a day, whenever I'm not distracting myself with other music.  Whyyyy does the guy from Awesome Town have to be so good awesome at what he does?

This isn't Barney Stinson singing this song
(That would be really lame)
just one of the many admirers who think that guy's awesome
(References available!)

How do you not love that?  Also, would it be really lame if I included it on my first Music of 2009 post?  Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to.
Must...distract self...with other stuff...

NCIS: 6x15, "Deliverance"
First of all, loved Ziva's cranberry turtleneck.  She has the best wardrobe in crime drama, and I have said this before but I'll say it again - I want to raid it for my own purposes! 

Second of all, Abby is still perfectly adorable, in ways I can't define except that the bit with Gibbs + Franks in her lab was the best part of the night.  In a semi-related note, if the song she was rocking out to is any indication, I'm starting to feel like the only palatable number on the official soundtrack is going to be the theme song.

Mostly what I have to say, though, is that the interest the previews piqued fell completely flat as soon as Franks showed up, because I really just can't stand anything about that guy.  I was even prepared to forgo my usual "Director Hate" statement, because Gibbs' Secret Past would have made up for it, but not when you add nasty Mike Franks on top of it.  At that point, I stop paying attention entirely.  About the most productive thing I did with that hour was start compiling a frothing rant as to what I would do if they gave Gibbs a secret teenage son popping out of the woodwork.

Fortunately, I think they erased that possibility in the nick of time - right?  Gibbs said the kid's mother was already pregnant, and then we learned that the Big Secret was that he'd killed the kid's real dad?  (I have no idea why, who the kid's dad was, or in fact what Gibbs' relationship to Rose was, to give you an idea of how much attention I wasn't paying.  I figure I'll just find out later in aries11 's review)  Which is a relief, otherwise I'd have to, you know, choke a bitch.

Without a Trace, 7x15, "Chameleon"
AHHHH!  Jack's daughter #1 *looks stuff up* Hanna!  She exists in the flesh and she is the same actress, despite TV's usual propensity to replace child actors once they cross the teenage line!  YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME, especially given that she's only gotten even more ridiculously pretty (her hair, I want it).  BONUS: she's significantly less bratty than she used to be, or in fact than I imagined her to be, given the horror stories we were told about why she'd been shipped back to Jack in the first place.  I mean, really.  In fact, I'm still not sure I believe it.  Are we sure she didn't surreptitiously sell half her dad's record collection to buy her boyfriend a plane ticket to visit, or something?

Because I really, really loved all her scenes, even though I tried not to think about what it meant when he said he "had help" decorating her room, as I'm still denying that 'ship exists.

Course, I was so busy being happy with Hanna (regardless of the fact that it meant I also had to deal with Jack), I failed to pay any attention to the case.  It took me most of the hour to figure out what was going on, and I just barely gathered that the MP slipped off to restart his life yet again...I still don't know if he was using his real or another fake identity at his metalworker job.  He seemed like he was making a fresh and honest start, but that could still be misdirection.

And of course, my brother interrupted me during the best part - I missed most of the dialogue between Martin and Danny on the woman's doorstep, which rather ticked me off.  Something about Danny being incredible, deciding that since the guy was technically no longer missing, he made the executive call that the case was over (regardless of whatever not-so-legal stuff he'd done)...?

Regardless, I'm glad WaT has worked out a better balance of cases and personal moments this year.  So glad.
Medium, 5x02 "Things to Do In Phoenix When You're Dead"
Do any schools really still have you pretend to take care of babies for health class?  Is any teenager under the delusion that babies are fun and games?  If they are, I somehow doubt this assignment would dissuade them - they probably either would enjoy the roleplaying opportunity, or they'd remain convinced that a real live baby would be different.  Somehow I don't think the life lessons will translate all that perfectly when they are old enough to decide to have kids, either.  Pretty sure a week in health class with a toy doesn't teach you all you need to know about raising an actual baby. 

Much as I love Ariel, I could not sit those torturously awkward scenes with her crush.  Instead I contented myself with admiring her gorgeous hair (hey, I had a legitimate fear when the actress SHAVED HER HEAD last year), featuring some random lovely braids this week, and being amazed that she's skinnier than ever before.  It was also a bit fun to watch Joe alternately grumble/yell about the crying doll and be a legitimately Concerned Father when Ariel went all loopy for no apparent reason.  Sometimes I think I like those scenes even more than the domestic bedtime ones.

Speaking of Ariel going loopy, that was really weirdly handled - I kept waiting for the serious explanation, and then all of a sudden the episode was over.  So, what, the doll was laced with pot?  But that doesn't explain why she was immediately fine as soon as she wasn't in direct contact with it.  Oh, wait, was it just one of those psychic flashes to expose Brian's drug use?  I guess that must be it, what point or purpose?  I would think the Universe would have better things to do than bring pot-smoking to light while getting Ariel out of some homework.  But that's just me.

I find myself with strangely nothing to say about the case, except Sweetly Snarky Allison FTW at the end.  So that's 2/2 in which she didn't actually solve a crime on the books, but brought about moral justice and/or improved the life of a good person.  The Psychic Gift: now more altruistic than ever before!

P.S. Marie is still the cutest thing ever, and she looks so grown-up and serious in those glasses, it's almost like she's five years older all of a sudden.  And I think she is clearly going to be the prettiest of the three sisters.
Secret Life of the American Teenager: 1x17, "In which everyone takes EXTRA stupid pills."

Remember when Ashley used to be the smartest person on this show?  Yeah.  I miss that.  Now she's just constantly in a snit because she somehow thinks that the best/only acceptable option for the baby is to live with its 15-year-old mother and grandparents who distinctly dislike each other, with occasional visits from its jackass/manwhore father, and GOD FORBID a loving yet unrelated adult couple should adopt it, THE HORROR.

Plus, my head hurts from this nonsensical belief everyone seems to have suddenly developed overnight - that after Amy and Ben have spent however many months being perfect and adorable and trying to get married, suddenly she wants to run off with Ricky and they should totally be together, because people who have sex once are automatically soulmates if they happen to make a baby in the process.  (but apparently, not until several months in) 

Their suspicions are confirmed when OMG, that whore, she hugs another man!  In broad daylight, for all to see, without shame!
(speaking of which, that scene was just kind of gross.  Personal space violation much?  You don't get to deliberately make Amy cry and then try to hug it better!  God, normally I'm all for comforting hugs, but this is one case where my instinct would have been "get off me")

Ben succumbed to the stupid pills too, despite brief moments of lucidity.  "I don't think Amy loves me.  I think she wants to love me" - oh, oh, oh!  Someone is finally starting to say plausible things that could make sense - "but she still might have feelings for Ricky."  Aaaaaand, we lost it.  Damn it, Ben.  So close to getting out from under that wool.  How about the possibility that Amy might not have actual feelings of love for anybody as she hasn't been dating that long and perhaps she might have more pressing things (LIKE BEING PREGNANT) taking up her attention?  *2 minutes later*

Yes, Ben.  I think she *did* have to have been somewhat attracted to him to have sex with him, on account of how he was in band (undeniably sexy) and relatively (objectively) attractive and she for some reason thought nobody else would ever want to have sex with her and was bothered by that fact.  THEN SHE MET YOU.  Reasons to be attracted to Ricky at this point in the game...I'm not seeing them.

"Maybe now that she knows him, she's not attracted to him at all.  Maybe she was just trying to do the right thing by talking to him and trying to e friends with him."  Again, with the wool being lifted!  Or not, as Ben then sighs and says he doesn't know anything anymore.  *headdesk*

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