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ER, Numb3rs, Cold Case/Without a Trace

/ER "Breach of Trust" = MAGNIFICENT.  Kerry Byebye!  WOOHOO!  Does that mean no more lesbian storylines?  Because I’ve had enough of seeing two women make out and/or strip down to their underwear on this show.  It just doesn’t sit well with my stomach.  Okay, let’s split into topics.

Weaver, Kovac
Kerry had one amazingly solid point: she lost her job TO PAY FOR DUBENKO’S STUPID MACHINE.  Bah.  I dislike the surgical team on so many levels.  And naturally, she just happened to be amazingly “on” in this episode, not only being the only one able to tell the panicky spouse what was going on, but also saving a guy’s life and really hammering in how much experience she brings to the job.  From a purely objective standpoint, the hospital would be crazy to lose her.  From a subjective preference, however, I’m delighted.  Weaver’s harsh voice has been grating on me for the last I-can’t-count-how-many seasons.  She’s mellowed out some in recent years, but I never enjoyed seeing stories about her.  I’ll be doing my victory dance over here in the corner.

 No, wait, I’m not quite done.  Dear Weaver: I appreciate that medicine is your life, but honestly, YOU HAVE A WELL-PAYING JOB OFFER waiting for you.  And if you still want to stay in medicine, I’m sure you could find another doctor job almost anywhere you looked, given your experience.  How many other docs have that?  I know there was some big thing with loyalty and how she took a demotion and paycut somewhere in the-season-I-didn’t-watch in order to save Luka, but…it was just such a logical choice for her to leave that I couldn’t believe it took so long to convince her to go.

 Besides, Kerry…Miami!  Warmth!  Sun!  Hurricanes Horatio Caine!

Hahaha.  *hates Pratt* Go to jail, Pratt!  Go to jail!  Karma is kicking in for all those years of you swaggering around being better than everyone else!  (side note, is anyone else disturbed to realize he’s an ATTENDING now?  I remember when he was just a lowly med student…good times…)

Gates, Neela
NEELA!  Sarah (the little girl) didn’t call you a whore.  She did the exact opposite:  (Upon giving her a thoughtful/scrutinizing look) “You don’t look like a whore.”  She is clearly a lot more willing to give Neela a chance than her delusional mother is!  Anyway. 

There was a lot of great stuff in this section of the episode – Sarah shadowing Gates would have been enough to make me happy, but when Meg came in?  Gold!  I can’t help it: I still feel so bad for this poor woman.  She’s desperate not to lose Tony, and when he repeatedly tells her that they’re OVER, it panics her into hysterics.

“You don’t love me anymore!!”

“Not the way you want me to.”    

Which is kind of nice, you know…that it sounds like he still cares about them, and he’s not going to just walk out and never see them again.  But that’s not enough for Meg.  She hisses, rather viciously, that he’ll never see Sarah again.  What impressed me more than anything was how volatile his reaction to that statement was.  After she flips out and starts hitting and cursing at him, he grabs her by the shoulders and pretty much slams her against the wall.  “There is nothing you can do to keep me away from Sarah, do you understand that?”  Taken out of context, he sounds like a creepy pervert, but knowing his character, I’m a wee bit tempted to swoon at the protective father-ly-ness of it. 

Transitioned right into the scene with Sarah sitting out on the curb.  Neela had a very nice moment where she came out and sat next to her, being very understanding without being full of herself or talking down to the child.  Sarah has a simple request (made even more heartfelt by the tearstains on her cheeks): “Find someone else.  He doesn’t love you; he’s just having sex with you.  That’s what he DOES.  But he always comes back to us.”

Now, should Neela listen to the girl?  Yes, but not for the reasons you might think.  As previously mentioned (exhaustively), there is not a lot of health in this little makeshift family. Gates is kind of a dick, Meg’s mildly insane, and Sarah is too young to really understand what’s going on.  She appears to be in middle school, and likely has all the romantic fantasies that come with the age: she loves Tony, he’s a substitute father figure, her mother is happy when he’s around, so it’s okay.  The picture in my head of them as a family makes me smile; I like the thought.  But what they’ve actually had going…not healthy, especially for a child in the middle.  Meg needs to let go.  And because I think Sarah’s analysis of the quasi-relationship Tony has with Neela is closer to truth than anything Tony has said, Neela needs to RUN in the opposite direction so as not to get hurt by falling for a man who has no intention of doing the same.  But, um, not to Ray.  Please don’t run to Ray.  Aw, f***, she’s running to Ray isn’t she?

Sam & Family
What’s his name, Ben?  The new babyface nurse with eyes for Sam?  I don’t really mind their little romance, per se, because Sam’s continued singleton status has been a mild sore spot ever since she and Luka broke up, but…I have a problem with Ben: I keep thinking he’s McCreamy.  I know he’s not, but I can’t seem to shake the perception in my head, so it grosses me out every time I see him.  I think the spoilers for the creepy doc and Ben were released at the same time, so…they kind of got melded together in my head.  It’s very disquieting.  Anyway.

Sam’s grandma is HILARIOUS!  I love her. 

But her kid is becoming increasingly disturbed.  Scary-disturbed.  I told you we haven’t yet experienced the full fall-out from him watching his mom shoot his dad.  Today he’s stealing credit cards, tomorrow he’s burning apartments down…


Numb3rs: Nine Wives

Okay, here is what the spoilers promised me: Charlie and Amita are a on a road trip to a math conference, “with Charlie happily learning more about the non-work side of her all the way.” 

Except for they only got halfway there.  And the only relationship stuff involved Charlie whining about her choice of music.  Okay, in jest, but really more like “If you play that, I’ll have to kill you.  Oh, of course I’m just kidding, sweetheart!  *kiss* SERIOUSLY.  DON’T PLAY IT.” *irked* And I wanted them to go to a math conference instead of being all sidetracked by the shiny FBI story.  I want them to be about math, and stuff like this is supposed to come along and remind these two about their actual job as professors.  There are occasional days where I get annoyed at how incapable Don is of solving cases without Charlie’s help, especially because there are NO OTHER PEOPLE WITH CHARLIE’S SKILLZ anywhere else on earth.  (yeah, yeah, I know we can assume there are cases in between episodes, and that they ask Charlie because he’s convenient and they’ve worked with him for a while, but still)

 So.  Moderate grump on that respect.  Cheered up a little bit when Millie turned up at home.  I’m sure Charlie’s stomach turned over a few times at the thought of why Alan might have had Millie over, unannounced, when the house was supposed to be empty…heh.  I love the actress, and I even like the character, but I don’t like this weird relationship with Alan.  Is a little bit squicky.  The only nice thing about the scene at home was Amita hugging Charlie from behind, head on shoulder.  See?  Cute couple-y things like that have been dancing through my head for over a year.  Finally, the show has removed the stiff awkwardness and let them act like a normal couple, able to have contact without making a major deal over it.  Happy.

 Now, actual episode: REFRESHING.  My mom had a sarcastic comment about “Oh yeah, that’s the threat facing America.  Forget the terrorists, it’s white supremacists we have to worry about.”  To which I admirably restrained myself from yelling “shut up” and instead merely squawked with indignation, “Excuse me!  I am SICK of the terrorist plotlines!  They are boring; they happen in the real world!  I want to see new and different when it comes to TV!”  Anyway, it turned out it wasn’t really white supremacy, but a religious cult.  Filled with brainwashed and/or insane people, as cult demographics require.  Bonus point, led by Everglades Hick from CSI Miami (last seen in Standoff).

 I really don’t understand how people let themselves be so brainwashed into religions that call for martyrdom and seclusion from the Outside World of Evil, and require children to enter into arranged marriages.  No sympathy; I’ve got no sympathy.  I’m glad the daughter at least realized that her mother was crazy.  I actually worried for a bit that she might have gone the way of that one SVU episode, and had her boyfriend help her kill her mother…but no, no, it really was the crazy Cult Leader who kidnapped her.  

 And the poor girl’s boyfriend?  He was really cute.  Looked a bit like Ephraim on Everwood (otherwise known as “extremely attractive”). And he had to be the sweetest and most supportive boyfriend I have ever seen.  Always with the arm around her shoulders, holding her hand, kissing her hair.  I wanted to write stories about them and I don’t even know their names.

[Edit: But now I do!  His name was Lee Brady, as played by John Patrick Amedori.  After scanning his list of roles trying to figure out why I knew him, I lit upon “The Butterfly Effect.”  Ah yes!  He played a really sweet and supportive kid-with-a-crush in that movie too (Evan at 13).  Damn, I like this guy.  He’s got a bit of a Josh Groban look going for him too, which really doesn’t hurt.] know, I’m really too distracted by the teenage guest stars to remember anything else about this episode.  It was a good one, I’ll give you that; even worth watching again, except that I sort of erased the episode in order to catch Without a Trace – ONLY because I had to try and help my brother with his math homework. (*eyeroll* Hint: no math in two years = I don’t remember how parabolas and the quadratic equation work.  You leaving math book at school = I have no clue how to help you with your worksheet.  Sure, scream at me, that will fix things).


Cold Case...
Case of the Week:
Ridiculously smart and over-involved-in-school-activities high school kid decides to join a secret underground fight club.  So he can feel ALIVE!  I believe that was where I tuned out.  That kid could have gotten into a lot of decent schools and gotten plenty of scholarships with all those accomplishments under his belt. I don’t know why these poor kids are always DEAD SET on Ivy League schools, like they’ll wither and die if they have to go anywhere else.  Ill-timed simile there?  Anyway, unsatisfying case.  But it did end on the song "How to Save a Life." 

Personal Storyline of the Week: Vera’s got a crush on his pretty neighbor.  Hm.  Not sure how I feel about this.  Oh wait, I got one.  Scotty was teasing him about it, and he was pointing out that she was a single mom complete with [an annoying] kid. 

“Sounds like me,” Kat pipes up sweetly from the other desk.  Hehehe.  He stutters and backtracks, all “no offense.”  She gets in an even better line:

“None taken.  What makes you think I want a overweight, underpaid white guy?  *deadpan* No offense.”  GO KAT.  Overall, can’t say I’m rooting for him to be lover-boy.  Nice guy?  Yes.  Nice neighbor?  Sure.  Kind of guy you have any interest in kissing?  Nah, not really.


Without a Trace; I miss Anne.  My love/hate relationship with this character has been about the craziest in TV character history, but I miss her. I was reluctant to come back to the show at all this week.  I just wanted to stay wrapped up in last December forever.  You know how sometimes you’re reading a story, and there’s such a rich chapter that you don’t really want to turn the page, lest what you find doesn’t match the same standard?  Definitely feeling that with this show.

Side note - due to the tons of episodes I've missed in the last couple years, I was completely unaware that Elena had a kid.  Good to know.

Air traffic controllers are not interesting.  A dull missing person is the first sign that an ep’s going to be bad.   I pretty much ignored the entire episode while it aired; after giving up on the math homework, I went back to my room and just surfed the internet while WaT played in the background.  I looked up whenever I heard Jack seem about to reference events from last episode, but that was it.

I was left with a major “WTF” feeling.  Given the total lack of explanation at the end of the episode before, I expected to hear some in this one.  I mean, I can infer things, but I still want to see YOUR rationale for why you made her leave.  All I got were Jack’s terse non-explanations as he avoided Sam’s questioning looks until he was ready to sit down and let her in on why Anne suddenly disappeared.  Sam summed it up perfectly:

“I don’t care what you do with your personal life anymore, Jack.”  My first reaction was, “ME NEITHER!  So why do we have to keep watching it?” Then I remembered that I recently HAD become rather interested in Jack’s personal life, but…nah, not really.  I liked Anne and the baby.  I still don’t care about Jack.  And you know what I especially don’t care about?  Whatever creepy feelings Jack might still have for Sam, or vice versa.  I’ve been researching, and I wonder if the significance of the J/S ship is being blown out of proportion by its rabid fans.  Maybe it wasn’t quite that bad on the show, but I can’t take that chance.  It’s just too inherently gross.  And…oh.  That’s the line.  That’s the line they’ll jump on:

"If there was anyone I was gonna confide in…it would be you."  *eyeroll* It’s not like they’ve been friends for the last 20 years.  They met just within the last few years, on the job, didn’t they?  (or was it in bed?)
And what a dumb ending.  Jack’s terse, “Anne lost the baby.”  *walks away* *credits roll*  Did kind of enjoy Sam’s foot-in-mouth look, though. 

Previews for Next Week: Promo guy says (in his dramatic promo voice), "there’s nothing hotter than an office affair."  Really?  I can think of lots of hotter things.  Also, it’s funny you should say that about this show, like it’s this big shocker, as if they have not already used this exact tactic TWICE.  Three times if you count Jack-and-Anne.  You’d think the show was set in a hospital. 

I mean, honestly.  Aren't there FBI policies against this sort of thing?  Why are the partners on this team always sleeping with each other?  The only thing that shocks me is that Sam isn't involved in this particular affair.  Neither is Jack.  Guess it was time to throw the Hispanic actors a bone. 

But, strangely, I think this might end up not being too bad.  Now that I know she's got a kid, I am more horrified than ever about that UC strip club assignment like her more than I did before.  And while I was doing some extremely quick research on the show, I hit a couple of message boards that were talking about her daughter, and people hinting with the evil little eyebrows that her father was Danny.  Which amuses me, and makes me so much more open to Danny being smitten with her.  No really, even though I think that's a stupid idea, wouldn't they make a cute litte family?  Yes, yes they would. 


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