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Well crap.

Um, so my computer has possibly keeled over and died.  It was fine one day, then I turned it on and nothing would open, so I restarted it and then suddenly it refused to leave the opening screen, claiming failure and telling me to reboot from the CD, which I don't have.  My brother said he could download something but then he couldn't get it to burn to a CD, and he had to finish homework so he's going to resume researching later today.

I am trying reeeeeal hard not to freak out about this, because the hard drive is from a used computer that I bought over 4 years ago (it runs Windows 2000, if that tells you anything), and it was already miraculously resurrected once when said used computer gave me a sickly yellow light of death and refused to work anymore, necessitating a new case and whatever other magic spare parts make a Frankencomputer work.

It's also got all my documents - schoolwork, random bits of writing, random pictures from Once Upon a Time In Early Fandom, etc - from 2001-2005 on there, plus bits and bobs of more recent stuff written when I was home in  2007 and over the last couple of months. The schoolwork I don't care so much about, because I have most of it in hard copy, but THE RANDOM WRITING DOCUMENTS.  I NEED THEM.  Also it has my Cold Case review, which is some 500 words of writing that I'm going to be very sulky about losing, because I wrote it in 20 minutes and I will never be able to recreate its awesome flow. 

Meanwhile, because I don't want to press my luck with my volatile brother by asking if I can use his computer until he (HOPEFULLY DEAR GOD I NEED IT TO HAPPEN) fixes mine, until that happens I shall only be online between approximately 8 AM and 2 PM Central time whilst he is away at school.  Which sucks a lot.

While I'm here, though, I suppose we could talk about the simple things I did watch last night...

American Idol Nonsense: I thought they were just kidding when they said you needed an advanced degree to understand the semifinal rounds this year.  HAHA.  Actually, what they're doing is 3 groups of 12; each night the top guy, top girl, and 3rd place overall move on.  Everybody else gets cut except for the three who succeed at the Wild Card round, and I...still don't know how that works, since they'll still have like 27 people left, right?  Is Wild Card only made up of the upper half of initial vote getters or what?

Anyway, it strikes me ridiculously subjective and what if, what if they didn't stack it exactly right and they've got multiple good people on one night and weak people on another, but because of quotas (God, I loathe quotas) they have to let them through??  I THINK ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS.  Despite my refusal to actually judge "good" on the merit of "vocally skilled," which is a thing I cannot hear.

Also, pretty sure it confirms my suspicions about "cutting a bigger percentage of my initial favorites than ever before."

Pre-Show Babble: Ooooh, I like Ryan's hair.  A lot.  So much more so than I have in years.  IT'S CUTE AND ALMOST FLOPPY AGAIN.  No spikes!  No triangles!  Wiiiin.  Also win: Simon commenting on this and getting "Silver Fox" in return.  *glees* 

Jackie: Holy crap, does she ever remind me of Sheryl Crow.  I definitely do not like her insistence upon being a Woo! girl.  Or her skintight lycra pants.  But I did have a lot of fun with her song, which had me bouncing in my seat, and in retrospect was one of the best of the night.  It is not, however, good enough for me to vote on when we're saving only the best rather than just pruning the worst.

Rickey: *snores*  Mom: "How can you not like this guy??"  Me: "He's boring and ugly.  Is pretty easy, actually."  Totally agree with Simon's comment about him having no star quality or charisma.

Alexis: Arrrrgh, I said SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER.  Do not want.  Also, super bored of your super-boring bluesy soul jazz.  She's so going to be in the top 12 and I'm going to hate her every step of the way with hatred I didn't even know I had in me.

Brent: Bleh.  So he wants to sing "Hicktown" because that describes who he is?  Yeah, forgetting you now.

Stevie: Awww, I love that she sang a Taylor Swift song (and also, how do I not own a Taylor Swift CD yet,  because every time I hear a new one of her songs I think it sounds great).  And I really want to like her.  But there's something weird about her face and more importantly, she was just terrible.  Boring flat voice.


Anoop: Damn!  He sings "Angel of Mine" (which I love, and especially loved something fierce in 7th grade when I was just getting exposed to the world of music on the radio/that wasn't Disney and/or written before I was born), and then despite the fact that it is so clearly a girl's song, he makes it good!  And sound like his own!  

I would say this staved off the hatred for another week, except that we're not doing weeks yet; we're doing "2/3 of these people get cut in the next two weeks and the rest plague me forever," so I'm afraid I still need him to get out on principle.

Casey: BLAH.  Also, terrible.  Really, really terrible.  Although, since when were The Police sacred and untouchable on this show?  Sometimes, the judges just really need to shut up and find new deities to worship.

Michael: "I Don't Wanna Be"!  Holy crap - he made me forget I hate this song.  Literally forget.  I hate everything Gavin DeGraw has ever done or will do in the future, but I was totally dancing around and loving this performance.  Good show, sir!  Please be the guy that moves on.

Anne-Marie: REALLY pretty - her picture didn't even do her justice - and I love her hair, I love it so so much, but this performance was meh.  Damn, I'm getting frustrated by the knowledge that pretty much everyone is going to get cut immediately...

Steven: He's smiley, but...I didn't feel that great about his performance.

Tatiana: WHOA.  *smirks*  My mom totally had to surrender and admit that she had a phenomenal voice.  Which made me feel all smirky and vindicated, especially given that her song bored me to tears and I only voted for her on principle.

Danny: Thoughts: I don't have them.

And then, well, I got distracted and failed to vote, per usual, so now it's ALL MY FAULT when Alexis and Anoop and possibly Rickey go through and Tatiana and Michael don't.

More importantly -- Doctor Who: 4x10, "Midnight"

You promised me an amazing episode, guys.  *stamps foot*  YOU LIED.  Or not lied, exactly, but...nrrrrgh.  This is just like the time you swore that The Empty Child/Doctor Dances were awesomecakes topped with awesomesauce, and then I got all excited for nothing.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved the scenes with Donna in them.  The first phone conversation was wonderful - not only did they manage to take a legitimate vacation together, now they sound more like a married couple than ever before!  It is crazily awesome!  And the hug at the end was SO DELIGHTFUL, I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS.  Her face!  The fact that for a second it looks like he's just going to passively accept it, and then suddenly grabs her!  And his grim warning of "Don't" when she unthinkingly repeats his saying gave me chills.

The other scenes?  Not so much.

The first, oh, I'd say 7 or 8 minutes of the train ride, for example, were excruciatingly terrible.  The music, the stupid stories, the hypnotized way I couldn't stop staring at Sky's all added up to me doing an excellent imitation of Jethro The Perpetually Annoyed Teenager.  But then I thought, hey, no problem; it's sure to get better once the terror kicks in, right?

Again, not so much.

I mean, YES, it's always scary to watch mob mentality unfold, and yes I see the point, sometimes human nature is scarier than anything paranormal or alien.  And I do admit that despite knowing the Doctor can't die for another half-dozen installments, I began to legitimately fear for his life, and have to admit that I can't think of many things scarier than being trapped in a small space in the middle of nowhere with a group of people who've got murder in their eyes staring at you with threats to advance.  And it maybe broke my heart and/or made me wants to crawl under the covers a bit watching the Doctor trapped in paralyzed repeating mode.

But mostly, what I felt was a very strong sense of "can we move this along already, please?"  I rapidly got very sick of people being dumb, stupid panicky animals and refusing to shut up.  I got sick of most of the individual characters talking at all.  I got reeeeaaaallly sick of listening to Sky on repeat mode (REPETITION: YOU KNOW HOW I HATE IT). 

And I felt decidedly frustrated that we never really got an answer as to what it was.  Plus I was all geared up to have the pants scared off me, but it wasn't really "scary" so much as "stomach-churning," the way one feels while reading "The Lottery" or perhaps that Ray Bradbury story, .  I tell you, it made me miss and appreciate the Vashta Nerada something fierce.

The rest of the time was simply spent envisioning how much cooler it might have been if Donna had been in the mix.  Could we at some point just, I don't know, extend the filming season another couple of weeks so we can stop this "lite" business?  You already give up at 14 episodes to America's 22; make the extra effort to make them 14 good ones.  /grumpy rant.

Oh, and also I squeed a little bit at the Rose references.  That was fun.  Then I got the recycled shot of Rose yelling silently on the screen (TURN LEFT, DAMN YOU), and I resumed the stomach-churning feeling for a new reason  I don't liiiiiiiike that shot.  It makes me nervous and worried and full of trepidation. 

I suppose I shouldn't fault Midnight too harshly, though.  I mean, the previous Lite episodes notoriously clocked in pretty much at "series low" and "series high," respectively, so naturally I had to expect it would fall somewhere in the average range.  Think it's my least favorite of the season so far, though.

P.S. On a brighter note, the recap is fucking AWESOME.
P.P.S. Oh yeah, totally squeed over "Goblin Market," which I recognized from the first line.  I wrote my final paper in Brit Lit (the survey course that came before the novels one) on Christina Rosetti because of that poem.


On a totally unrelated note, Alex Kingston was on Law & Order: SVU playing a smarmy defense lawyer, and I still adored her and hung on her every word.  Oh, River Song, why couldn't we connect??

EDIT: Ooh!  Synopsis for "Blood Drive" up! 
It’s Valentine’s Day at the office. Michael meets a mysterious woman at a Valentine’s blood drive. Dwight and Kevin pair up with single women at the office “Lonely Hearts Party.” Meanwhile, Jim and Pam are banished from the office for being too publicly affectionate, and have an awkward lunch with Phyllis and Bob. 

...have they been watching the same Jim and Pam I have lately?  Take your complaints to season 4.  (in a related note, I now clearly have to get at least one kiss in this episode to spark that complaint, right?  Right??)
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