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1. BWA-HAH!  I was going through old documents on my computer (the not-dead one, without internet), and I found an old TV survey I'd filled out in 2006.  Apparently I used to despise the idea of Flack/Lindsay.  :D Pretty sure I love it way more than Danny/Lindsay these days, and it's easily among my top five pairings for the show overall.

2. Not having the internet at my fingertips makes me a lot more introspective, I've noticed.  Been journaling (by hand) a lot albeit largely still about TV, as I have no semblance of a real life.  I've also been doing a lot of the aforementioned digging, and I found a small cache of Kate/Sawyer clips from the first two seasons of Lost.  OH MAN, THEY WERE SO GREAT TOGETHER. 

I thought season 2 was my least favorite overall, but clearly I forgot about how it was the golden heyday of Skate.  Remember that time Kate brought him a magazine and he asked her to read it to him?  Or  that time she cut his hair?  Man, I needed a good shot in the arm like that to remember why I ship them.

3. My parents remembered that The Office was on all by themselves last night.  This is a pity, as I was really hoping to shield them from "Baby Shower."  Or at least its cold open.  *shudders and is still scarred* 

4. Could someone explain "Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest" to me?  Like...why it exists?  What it is?  Perhaps when and where it came from?  It's just so...random-looking. 

5. Oh squee!  While apparently they don't have anything older (*misses Inter-Library Loan like WHOA*), our library system does have two Doctor/Donna novels, 3 copies apiece.  I should go place requests. 

6. I want to discuss TV, especially as I probably won't be back until - oh, hell, my brother's got Monday & Tuesday off because of conferences.  That is a damn long time to be without the internet if he doesn't get my computer fixed over the weekend - but I'm afraid ER did its best to destroy me last night.  It succeeded, in the  very least, at breaking my brain and I need time to process it.

7. Probably I could handle Survivor, though.

So, I've decided that I like the red Jalapeno team (its real name is Jalapao, which would be shorter to type, but I prefer Jalapeno) waaaaaay better, as it contains not only Sandy but the adorkable Stephen and fantastic Taj.  Black Tempura Paint, on the other hand, contains nobody likable at all except Jerry, and he's still fourth behind the aforementioned cast.  They also have Coach the Blowhard and Sierra, who bugs me in ways that skinny young blondes should never bug me, except that she just looks like one of those scrawny, super-annoying whiny girls at college. 

Speaking of which, man, it is so NOT COOL that they voted Candace out for being the "cancer of the tribe."  Which, WHAT.  All she did was make the very logical statement that just because Coach is a big broad-shouldered man does not automatically make him omg-so-awesome-at-challenges-we-would-die-without-him, and also he's unpleasant and overbearing.  Which is something that EVERY YEAR, we wish people would realize sooner, but they never do.  Unfortunately, as she is clearly smarter than everyone else on the tribe, they were too dumb to realize what she was staying and somehow percieved her as an evil, strife-inducing threat.  Lame.

And that was after she had to put up with a) cooling down and making peace with Coach and b) letting him kiss her cheek (as opposed to her lips), and getting licked.  Ew.

Didn't like the challenge so much - I mean, I'd rather see them get drowned in water than buried in mud, but the wrestling challenges still gross me out, with all pulling-off-of-swimsuits.  I just have to say that I thought it was hilarious when, during the final match, everyone was literally at a standstill - blacks were just holding reds down (that sounds vaguely racist!), and then Stephen was like "OK, time for you to go" and literally pulled Sierra off his back, dumped her in the water, and proceeded to shoot the winning basket free of encumberment.  XD

Also, eating live grubs?  That will never not be nasty.   Especially now that they don't make you do it in challenges, and it's just a "I haven't had protein in 4 days" choice.

And I wish Taj hadn't told  everybody about her famous husband.  While it made her even cooler in my eyes, and I loved watching all the men fall at her feet in fannish adoration (except for Stephen, who like me had absolutely no idea who the guy was... *hugs*), I don't like the suggestion that it might get her voted out quicker.  :(

8. And NCIS, 6x16, "Bounce"

Oh, that was fun.  So much wonderfully snappy writing in there that I'm sorely tempted to make my review a long series of Tony quotes.  Like the following: 

a) "McGee.  Say words."  (okay, maybe that was more in the tone of hungover!Tony grimacing and not having the energy to explain his remedy tonic to Ziva)
b) "And to think.  I almost made it a whole year without being accused of murder."
c) McGee's complaining about how Boss Tony struts around like a peacock, leading to "McGee!  Stroke my plumeage."
d) "I get it, the guys raises bunnies and grows rainbows and I put him in prison!"

And just, the whole thing, basically.  It was amazing to watch Gibbs hand off his leadership role with nary a ripple and calmly, willingly follow orders.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I kept waiting for him to snap, and he just...kept being senior field agent.  (He even pulled up a chair to the campfire!!  *is knocked over with feather*)  But still with enough presence to keep Tony from having an utter meltdown. 

Also loved his visit to Abby's lab (after getting a throat-clearing reminder from Gibbs that he forgot the Caff-Pow), and her refusal to acknowledge him as anyone other than Gibbs because she was sure that something terrible had happened and didn't want to know.  Unitl Tony reminded her "Rule 38."  Hah!  Also fun: her turning him around and giving him a shove out of the lab. 

And the callbacks to Gibbs' little vacation to Mexico...hiatus...whatever...and Gibbs' second wife being a serious piece of work.  (except, wait, when we say "second wife" now, do we still mean the one who brained him with a golf club, or the one after Shannon?  I assume the former, but I felt the need to ask)

There was just one thing I didn't like about the episode: for real, they need to tone down their soundtrack promotion a bit.  Or a lot.  It was ridiculously obnoxious in Abby's lab this week - not only did it refuse to quit during the dialogue, I think it was actually as loud as their voices.  Sound mixing: do it better. 

9. Off to go watch the rest of Thursday TV and contemplate stuff.  Stuff like "How bored would you be if I posted a list of paragraphs summarizing my shipping views on each of my [current] shows?"

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