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Let's give 'em something to talk about

I. I didn't watch the Oscars, because I couldn't figure out when the hell they started, and I don't care nearly as much about Hugh Jackman as everyone else apparently does.  Besides, per usual, I thought all the big-name movies looked to be annoying, deathly boring, or both, so I didn't really care who won anything (although I cheered for Benjamin Button in most things it was nominated for, because that and The Changeling...and possibly Rachel Getting Married...were the only movies that looked like something normal I wouldn't mind seeing.  Plus I threw my hats in the ring for Heath Ledger, Kate Winslet, and Amy Adams because I like them).

But!  I do love looking at pictures of all the dresses.  And I have to say, Miley Cyrus?  I thought she had the best of the night, divided though public opinion may be.  One person snarked "Perhaps she wanted to look like a snowy Christmas tree."  Which...come to think of it, she kind of does, and it's fantastic  Especially with the lovely fitted bodice and actual wide shoulder straps, as opposed to the strapless, halter, or asymmetrical look most women sport.  I am so in love with this dress it's not even funny.

Frieda Pinto's blue was lovely, but would have been better if both sleeves were done in that sheer, lacy style.  I despise asymmetry, in case you haven't noticed.  I kinda liked the pattern on Beyonce's, and I'll even overlook the straplessness, but I cannot deny that it was way too tight with a ridiculous fan-out at the bottom.  But Reese Witherspoon's even-more-debated blue and black dress?  Um, gorgeous, although the straps were slightly distracting and this is one instance where she'd have looked better without them.  Kate Winslet's was rather pretty too.
II. See this list? I violently disagree with everything on it except #10 and possibly #5.  And I'm more ambivalent about #4, but that's only because I tend to ignore the news in every capacity.  If I didn't, they would be a perfectly valid source.

I just...there are certain attitudes I hate, and one of them is the constant insistence from the likes of people who frequent TV Squad that traditional network TV is dead.  Because, no, it isn't.  I don't have cable or a DVR, and I only have an HDTV because it was a present because it was on super-sale and the TV I brought to school didn't work.  I prefer network shows to cable ones.  I like watching TV online, but I also like watching it on TV so that I can pretend to be productive during commercial breaks, and sometimes watch stuff I otherwise wouldn't bother to look up of my own volition.  Quantity is important, and I don't want a year-round schedule - I want a long vacation in the summer to explore other interests without knowing I'm missing something.  *pants*  There, did I combat everything?

(oh, and as for #6?  I'd kill you if that happened.  I love being able to push a button and catch a good movie I don't own or have to go out and order, and I ESPECIALLY love the fact that the Morality Police both cut the worst bits out of R-rated movies for me and automatically mute all the swear words I most hate)
III. I never got around to seeing most of ER's season 12, but I caught a random rerun on TV the other night, one where Neela apparently sees for the first time a tape Michael made for her in the event of his death.  It produced a massive spike in my hatred of Neela/Simon.  And the hypothetical Neela/Ray.  Basically my gut reaction was "God, I miss when her storylines were awesome and didn't suck all the time."

IV. House: 5x16, "The Softer Side"
Opening Scene: I want to assure you that your child can live a perfectly normal life...
Me: *throws up hands*  OMGWTF I DO NOT BELIEVE I AM DEALING WITH THIS AGAIN.  *smashes head into desk*  Was there some ripped-from-the-headlines story all the medical shows decided to pursue at the same time?  And unlike on Private Practice, it's pretty much the only storyline, so I can't ignore it. 

Or can I?  Yeah, I totally can.  Not least because I saw every bad decision Thirteen made from a mile away, and I could have lost my voice screaming at her in frustration.

In other news, I continue to shockingly not care about Foreteen, or whether or not they're dating, although must admit that watching Kutner and Taub screw with them was pretty fun.  I really don't like either one of them, especially as once upon a  time Foreman and Thirteen represented the NON-annoying half of the New Ducklings, but I've sort of been forced into a corner of enjoying the comedic relief they bring. Rats.

Finally, in storylines I actually care about, I'm still not over the shock of House being genuinely pleasant and happy - methadone high or no, the fact that he managed to behave that way for an entire episode was incredible to watch.  More importantly squeeeeee for the House/Cuddy scene at the end!  All dark and angsty and a little bit raw.  *loves*
Oh, and on a shallow note, I really loved Thirteen's necklace at the beginning.  Seemed a tad inappropriate to have a long dangly necklace getting in the way every time you leaned over, as doctors do quite a bit, but was still pretty.

V.  This week and last week are pretty much the only times I've watched an episode of 24 straight through.  From a relatively objective perspective, with no information beyond what I've seen in the last two weeks, I have to say I find it spectacularly easy to trust Dubaku.  Despite his clear evilness, he's very attractive, and as soon as he started sweet-talking that girl again, I found myself falling hypnotically under his spell. I mean, if I were her, I'd totally believe he cared about me!  The FBI makes up lies!  African politics/war are so screwed up anyway, it's hard to keep track of who's right!  And even if the agents were telling the truth, well, evil terrorists can fall in love too!

It doesn't help that every time I see Jack Bauer, I feel an incessant need to punch him the face, with a nail gun, at all times.  I thought he was supposed to be the hero of this show?  Why is my gut feeling about him one of hatred and loathing, then?  (on a related note, when that women started slapping him and asking him if he ever felt anything - my question exactly!) 

I've also come to the conclusion that the women on this show seem to be preternaturally silly and/or gullible.  Even the President seems sort of wibbly and useless right about now, with nothing to do except cry over her husband (it's totally her fault he got shot, isn't it?) and fight with her daughter.  Am I supposed to feel that way about all the women? 

Except for Chloe.  Chloe's always seemed pretty cool. 

VI. NCIS: 6x17, "South By Southwest"
Hello, God?  It's me, Stephanie.  I'm just calling for a location check, because I seem to have died and gone to heaven.

I'm literally just gaping at my screen in shock right now.  GIBBS/ABBY.  HORSES.  HORSES WITH GIBBS.  (though unfortunately not Abby)  Woohoohoohoo!

1) First, let me register my delight whenever Abby appears at crime scenes.  I love how she always looks so conspicious and/or like a lady off her rocker, freaking out the local law enforcement a tad when Gibbs waves her over.  I think my favorite thing about it is the parisol she always has clutched in her hands.  People don't give enough credit to parisols anymore. 

Furthermore, Abby appearing at crime scenes usually means she has some kind of personal connection, which I love because of all the options for a personal episodes, Abby's tend to be the best.  In sum, she's amazing.  And I also like the fact that this wasn't completely "her" episode either; she just had a significant stake in the beginning and then it relaxed into a regular case (albeit one where I thought Ziva got pushed into the background more than the others, as did Ducky).

SQUEE moment: See, this is all I ever ask for - Abby agitated and fretting, and Gibbs putting an arm around her shoulders in comfort.  *slips into bliss coma*

(Ooh, and I almost forgot about the "Give yourself an attagirl" comment later on, which she does with great enthusiasm, though it's rendered redundant since he goes ahead and says it anyway)

I need to register a complaint, though - what do you mean, Gibbs forgot Abby's birthday last year?!  We had an entire subplot about this!  Gibbs never forgets!  Abby got testy and hurt and passive-aggressive for a full day, only to find that he'd slipped a present in without her noticing, and the point was that Gibbs would never forget her birthday!  Fail on continuity, writers.

And finally, I must say that I thought the painting was really intriguing, and I kind of wish I had a copy to hang on my wall.  Even in poster form.  I tend not to say that about art, but I am a sucker for scenic pictures, and if they happen to include a little girl reading a book, well...

2) Hey, show, remember that thing I said about toning down your soundtrack pimpage?  While an overhead shot of driving through the desert IS a slightly more appropriate type of scene, I still should not be able to tell when you're highlighting the soundtrack.

3) Is it too much to ask that we have a little less Tony/McGee bonding and a little more snappy Tiva banter?  While it was funny to see them stuck bunking on the ship overnight and then fake-painting (especially squabbling over technique vs. lack of!), I feel like I've been missing the latter lately.  Then again, maybe it was worth  it to hear McGee yelling "Screw your Uncle Clive!" and the response of "McCranky!  You need to chillax!" 

4) On the other hand, I approve of a Gibbs/Tony bonding.  Particularly when there are horses.  Oh God, where do I start...Ziva's cheerful little goodbye wave as Tony gets sent off on a trip to Arizona!  TONY'S COWBOY BOOTS.  Or...

Remember that time Gibbs held a baby, and it was the hottest thing ever?  Or that time he somehow made a sweatshirt look good while hitting baseballs with Mann?  Yeah, you can forget both of those now, because Gibbs out in the western desert, tacking up a horse (complete with bedding roll behind the saddle!) and occasionally making low, soothing noises to calm it down when it started skittering?  Yeah.  Guh.  And that's *before* he starts out as the leader of this ragtag little band, and suddenly the episode turns into The Best Western Ever Filmed.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  You know how I normally only have time for one gruff, gray-haired man on this show?  The sheriff is the exception to that rule.  I loved that guy!  And I loved him and Gibbs just instantly clicking with unspoken words and shared looks while Tony struggled and flailed most cartoonishly.  (points for trying, though, Tony.  *pats*  *hides muffled laughter*)  Also, the camping out in the semi-open, with horses tied nearby?  Best guys-night-out ever.  (get your minds out of the slashtastic gutter)

Then they finally find the reclusive artist...and it's Rousseau!  (who still knows how to wield a rifle)  OMG!  BEST DAY EVER.  And then, thennnnn, they convince her that she's got to get off the mountain, and what does she have?  A pack burro.  Do you know how much I love pack burros?  I don't think you do.  Not nearly enough people own them.  Man, it's like this episode just time-warped several decades back.  At least until the Helicopter of Death shows up, and I suddenly have the oddest series of X-Files flashbacks.

Best Western Ever: Lots of galloping!  Bullets flying!  (but nobody shot the horses, for which I was desperately grateful)  Gibbs sitting tall on the saddle, authoritatively calling out orders and making my little heart explode.  And then (somewhat unrealistically) facing down a line of bullets - in a related note, that is one bombproof horse; where'd you find him?  He's a keeper - and putting his time-tested sniper skills to work by taking out the helicopter pilot with one shot to the head.  Helicopter go crash-explodey.  I'd care more if I wasn't so worried that they'd shot the sheriff - luckily he appeared to be all right.

5) If there was one thing I didn't like so much in this episode, it was the mysterious soliciter in London - Tony so obviously wasn't going to inherit the big bucks that it felt like a waste of time to keep referring to it.  At best, I figured he'd gotten maybe a thousand pounds.  Admittedly, was not expecting that he OWED 10k + interest...

6) I'm going to go replay the wondrous scenes of Gibbs on horseback now. 


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Feb. 25th, 2009 09:43 pm (UTC)
I violently disagree with everything on it except #10 and possibly #5.

Hee. See, I agree with most of them. Especially the Nielsen ratings being outdated. It may have made sense when there were 3 channels and that was all anybody could get but now it's just silly to put so much stock in what a handful of viewers watch. Especially since I watch half of my tv online.

And Saturday morning cartoons just depress me now. They suck. They're all terrible. Although perhaps I just desperately miss the oldies.

Local news is only good for one thing and that's local news. They should stay away from any national headlines because you can find that information on a bajillion cable news channels and dozens of websites that are more quickly updated than the 6:00 and 11:00 news.

Who is Rousseau?
Feb. 25th, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
-Well, okay, to be honest I sort of agree about Nielsen ratings...but I've always had a problem with Nielsen ratings. Extrapolation and I don't get along. But since they already exist, I'm just inclined to think there should be more Nielsen families. Or possibly have something built into TVs.

-I haven't watched Saturday morning cartoons in a very long time...I wasn't even sure they still existed. But it's tradition! Think of the children! They don't know today's cartoons are terrible; you can't just have a whole generation growing up without knowledge of Saturday morning cartoons at ALL.

-Danielle Rousseau, from Lost, or rather killed off from last year. I can never remember the actress's name, but she's fantastic. Hence why I was so delighted to see her as Dina.
Feb. 25th, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
Ah. I thought maybe Rousseau was a character that had been on NCIS before and I forgot about.
Feb. 25th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
The Oscars started at 8:30; I thought they started at 8 and was really annoyed that they would choose to start the show later than usual, when it was already likely that they were going to go to 12 as it was. You made the right decision not watching, lol.

Changeling was good. You'd probably like it. Of course, you could probably just watch this, as it's pretty much the same thing. ;-)

Rachel Getting Married was really good, but I don't know how you would react to it. Anne Hathaway's character has done some pretty crappy things, and it easily could make you really, really hate the character.

You might like Frost/Nixon though. It wasn't boring at all, bizarrely enough, cause it kind of seems like it would be. And you wouldn't be offended by the politics at all. It was actually a really interesting (and sad) look at President Nixon. You might like Doubt as well. Definitely wasn't boring, the three main characters really made it fascinating to watch. But... there are definitely some scenes that will make you want to punch things (like the one where the mother of a potentially molested boy says she's okay with him being molested if it means someone has been nice to her son).
Feb. 26th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've been trying to gauge my reaction to Rachel Getting Married, since I really haven't heard much about it. I'm wary of the R rating, but on the other hand, I tend to be all "woohoo!" about drug addiction/rehab stories, particularly involving young women. Plus it has Rose-Marie DeWitt. I don't know that it would be a favorite film of mine, but it has potential.

Actually, Doubt did look okay, aside from how tired I am of the priests-molest-children cliche, but it suffers from Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I won't go within a hundred yards of anything he's in.

My mom wants to see Frost/Nixon, so I really might end up watching it at some point.
Feb. 26th, 2009 05:19 am (UTC)
Rosemarie DeWitt is great in Rachel Getting Married. The R rating is for, as I recall, one sex scene that lasts maybe... 30? seconds. I don't remember anyone being naked, although admittedly my corneas have been a little burnt since seeing Winslet naked for a good hour straight. But I have a feeling that the rating has a lot more to do with the seriousness of the whole thing.

Doubt doesn't really fall into any cliches. If anything, I think it succeeds BECAUSE you immediately think of the cliches - not just of child molesting priests but of bitchy nuns and what not. "Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty" are some of the first words of the film. It's not SVU with better actors, lol, by any means. PSH isn't my favorite person, that's for sure, but he does a really good job, as do Meryl and Amy. Honestly, it's a million times more complex and fascinating than the previews would have you believe. :o)
Feb. 26th, 2009 05:20 am (UTC)
Um, that's me... all logged out for some reason. o_O
Feb. 25th, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
I saw most of the Oscars. I think Kate Winslet's dress was my favorite. I was glad she won. :)

I'm starting to agree with you on the NCIS soundtrack pimpage. It's getting to be a bit of overkill. We get it, it's out!
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