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She acts like summer and walks like rain

Someone stop me - I can't quit listening to "Drops of Jupiter" on loop.  I did not know the extent of my love for that song until it got butchered on Idol last night, but all of a sudden, here it is, practically reborn into my life. I don't even know why I love it so much; it's just a song by a band and nothing special, but I guess I like the poetry in the lyrics?  And it reminds me of summer soccer once upon a time, singing along to the radio on the way to a game.

Since the return from her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June

OK, forcibly wrenching self away.  TV time.

CSI: NY, "No Good Deed"
Dear Show, I love you.  That is all.

But let's start with the bad.  Number 1, I've realized the core reason of why I hate Adam so much - his character's sole function, as was amply highlighted tonight, is to do or say stupid/silly things and then look embarrassed, or at least awkward/chagrined.  I HATE WHEN PEOPLE EMBARRASS THEMSELVES.  I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT.  Ordinarily it just makes me squirm.  When you make a habit of it, it makes me want to kill you.

Number 2, I give up and admit defeat on D/L - I am never going to feel anything but hatred for it ever again.  *throws up hands in despair*  Because, seriously?  On the pregnancy appendix to the Checklist of Cute, the only thing I like more than the stomach touch is when the father starts talking to the unborn baby, preferably at eye level with the mother's stomach.  Danny even threw in a belly kiss for good measure!  And all I could think was "bleh" and "I don't care if we never see you anywhere except work, find someplace other than the middle of work to do that."

Way to ruin my Checklist o' Cute, dude.

Number 3, the hell that's a licensed practice!  You can call it "hands on teaching" until you're blue in the face; it's still nasty and it's still adultery even if your wife signs off on it.  The fault lies in the action, not the intent.  Ugh.  *shudders & grimaces*

But those are my only complaints, for the rest was gold...gold I tell you!  I don't even know where to start.  Flack had SO many great lines my head was spinning by the end of the hour - I laughed out loud more times than I could count, but my particular favorite was when he & Danny got in at least five jokes in the space of a minute at the landlord's expense.  I couldn't even pick my favorite.  Thanks to aries11 for compiling them; I merely repost here for my future personal benefit.

"Let's start with public ugly, and then talk murder."
"Unfortunately for you, there aren't many landlords in this city with horns in the top of their head."
"Destroying your own property. That makes sense from a guy who screws horns into the top of his head."
"You got any weapons on you? Other than what's in your head."
"You got horns in your head, buddy.
We're messed up?"

Also very fond of the beginning - Mac & Stella bonding is one of my favorite things, and even though it was ruined by the really, really gross dropping of an eyeball into her coffee (seeing it in 800 previews did not help), it was almost worth it to hear her cursing in Greek.  ;)
Plus, we got an excellent bantery scene with Flack about it afterwards.  And Mac asking "Stella give you anything but a hard time?"  Not to mention the lovely conversation in his office later on.

But more to the point, Crazy Ella was back!  Yep, I still love the interaction between her and Mac.  I had to go read my review of "Forbidden Fruit" just to fully bask in this feelings all over again.  And yep, still existing in a happy place where she's Mac's daughter and this excessive concern makes sense and is touching rather than worrisome.  Also still ready to change that scenario up immediately, if and when you toss out shippy breadcrumbs.  (I know she's crazy!  I know she's an obsessive stalker!  I know there is no possible scenario in which this could even remotely work!  They'd still be so, so pretty together.)  

Moving on.

Did anyone ever explain why there were vultures hanging about in New York City?  From the previews, I thought maybe someone was backyard-breeding them (rooftop breeding?), or an animal-liberation-type group had set them free, but it just sort of got dropped.  Vultures cannot be native to the New York area.  Their little bald heads would freeze solid! 

*looks stuff up*  AHAH! There, see; assuming these are in fact turkey vultures, they migrate south before the snow falls and don't come back until spring.  By the way, writers, that was pretty much the first hit on Google.  You couldn't have held off on this plot point two more months?  Because it was pretty cool, all things considered, if only it hadn't pinged my credibility radar.

At least nothing will ever be as bad as Miami having a wild grizzly bear roaring about in the Everglades.

Case-wise, totally called the guy not being her brother.  I can't explain it, but he struck me as way too involved in her life.  I got suspicious as soon as I heard about her immigrant/green card status.  GO ME.  True, I was caught up in the usual round of suspects and wasn't sure who'd actually attacked her/killed her husband...but at least I had part of it right. 

P.S. That urban legend spread awfully fast, didn't it?  How long did this case stretch; a week? 
-Survivor, Episode 3
Rats!  I liked Jerry.  Why'd you have to go and get sick, fool?  You were the only thing keeping Tempura from being completely awful and unlikable!  Without you, there's just Wilting Sierra and creepy freak Tyson and Dumb Debbie (am starting to realize how she became a principal) and Erinn-who-could-maybe-be-likable-later, and some unimportant people.

Except that I'm...alas...starting to be kind of entertained by Coach's delusional douchebagginess?  It's just SO AMAZINGLY TERRIBLE.  Like, Ace at his most sideache-inducing never came close to this.  It's like Ace infused with the power of (Pirate Master's) Azmyth, with greasy-looking hair.  I'm utterly enthralled by the badness.  And I know I just yelled at people for feeling this way about a certain American Idol contestant, but...this is different.  Pompous asses who are completely unaware of how stupid they look make for good contestants on Survivor.

abd zelda on TWoP articulates my feelings best - "I nearly died laughing when he started proclaiming how he was so awesome, he couldn't stand to exist near anyone who didn't approach the level of his awesomeosity."  See, it's stuff like that which has me doubled over in fits of laughter.  This is why Iove the show!

The good news is that I LOVE pretty much everyone on the red team, although I'm (reluctantly) starting to grow a little weary of Sandy, who is fun but apparently only in small doses, as she grates on me when too much time is spent in her company.  But they've still got Taj, and JT-who-is-kinda-cute, and Sydney-whom-I-could-get-to-like, and although I kind of wish Joe would be shirtless less, as his black chest hair kinda creeps me out...then there's my favorite. 

Other reasons I love the show: its remarkable ability to provide me, almost without fail, one supremely charming gentleman every season.  This season it's Stephen, for whom I cannot seem to help squealing over a little each week.  (My Josh Groban/Noah Wyle comparisons stand)  Every time I think he cannot get more ador(k)able, he does!  Already I think I like him more than Erik, Eric, and maybe even Yul.

I really hope all this early screen time is indicative of Bob-like staying power, and not a sign he gets cut well before the merge.  I do usually have good luck when it comes to my charming gentleman of the semester, but there's a first time for everything. 

Reward Challenge: Aww, I'm so happy my team won blankets and pillows and furniture and all the acoutrements necessary for a warm and cozy night's sleep.  It even made up for the fact that blindfolded/direction-calling challenges bore me to tears.
Immunity Challenge: I cannot lie, I was biting my nails and fretting to beat the band - and SO RELIEVED when my team again scored the win, by the skin of their teeth.  The box stacking was a seriously nerve wracking event all by itself.  Whew!

I'm off to go fangirl Stephen on my own time now.
Didn't watch AI, but I did channel-jump during the commercials and boring bits of Survivor, and my responses to the results are like so:

-)!$&%#*$&*#^$!@$!@#%&^%#!!@#%&! I NEED JESSE TO BE A WILD CARD.  SERIOUSLY.  NOT EFFING KIDDING.  I'm officially throwing Tatiana under the bus in favor of this gal.  Also, Dial Idol cruelly messed with me this week, getting my hopes up by saying that she had at least a 50% shot at being the 3rd place finisher...

-I want to be happy that Allison is in, because she was my second favorite of the night.  But I can't.  Not yet.  Talk to me later; maybe I'll have changed my mind and/or taken the fact that she's 16 to heart.

-I am pretty happy about Kris going through (predictions: I would say I win at them this year, but it's always been easier to pinpoint the best than the worst in any given night), because he's much cuter than I remember.  I'd like to see what he does next.

-Still do not want Adam.  However, when it was a choice between him and Norman, and wound up going to him, I may have dropped to my knees and shouted "SWEET JESUS THANK YOU" in relief.  Which reminds me, one of the bits I did catch was Simon saying he'd prayed for 5 or 6 hours last night, and hoping he and God had a good relationship by this point.  Hee!  Me too, Simon.  Me too.

-I caught just the quickest glimpse of Brooke White before I had to jump back...let's YouTube that now.

Conclusion: =/  No Instant Song Love here.  I could probably convince myself to love it if I force-fed it through my brain a few more times, but I don't feel compelled enough to do that.  I still love Brooke; she's adorable and cute and I was really hoping this would make up for the Jesse thing, but no - it's too slow and bland.

I do really like the outpouring of love Idol gives its past contestants, though.  :)
ER: T-Minus-6
Oh-ho-ho, I see what you did there!  Not only is the title what Sam says when asked how long until her shift ends, it's because as the episode kicks off, there are six to go until The End.  Gosh, you're a clever bunch. (in a related note: Still in state of shock that it's really ending.  Also beginning to debate the likelihood of my resisting "Southland" when it's got Ben McKenzie in a cop uniform, never mind the head of SWAT from "Standoff")

Things I am over: 
-parents with Alzheimer's/similar mental alteration
-Brenner's schizo personality
-Anything involving Brenner, actually
-Claudia the Cop
-Banfield's fertility issues

Things I care about right now:

Mom was right on the dialysis/chemo debate, and I think I am relieved - so we get him a kidney transplant and he'll be okay, right, barring the inevitable rejection or whatever other obstacles they might throw in his way?  Objectively, this seems better than chemo, even though it forced me to go back to a sad, sad season 6 place of remembering the tragically lost-before-her-time Lucy Knight.  Stupid David Krumholtz character!  Stupid random stabbing all those years ago being half responsible for the half-dying Carter on my screen!

I also spent half his time being completely unable to look at the screen, because ew gross ew ew ew could you make his treatment any nastier?  With the ... things, in the arms, and the bleeding in a very bad place and *twitches violently* 

Other than that, it continued to be somewhat sad and depressing to watch Carter constantly get corrected on medicines and procedures that have changed in the five stupid years he was gone.  I'm happy he and Gates finally landed on the same page, though.  It was uncomfortable to watch my former favorite have stare-offs with my current favorite.  Glad he won respect by making the right call on the maybe-paralyzed patient, but I wish he hadn't had to do it at the expense of shooting down Neela's call.  Honestly, I don't have that many favorite characters!  Why must they always be odds with each other?

...I could stop there, and I really wanted to make a statement by leaving my "things I'm over" list as nothing more than that, but I feel compelled to talk about some of it anyway.  Like how admittedly amusing I found it when Banfield's husband punched the guy making snide comments.  Or how I was practically clawing the drapes by the end, desperate for Sam and her mother to quit singing already.  Or...well, mostly I have to talk about Simon Brenner.

I wish they'd written him as this caring, thoughtful, romantic guy from the beginning.  I really do.  Because on paper he looks very nice, but I can't get over the jarring transition from the smug, arrogant jerk they introduced to this, and I don't want to.  I especially don't want to when Neela says things like "Why do all our conversations have to end in sex?"  GOOD QUESTION; I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW.

At the very least, I wish they'd stuck with the guy I actually could connect with - the broken little boy, still emotionally scarred from his own abuse and hypersensitive to any hint of it in other children as a result, especially now that he's got enough authority to do something about it.  That side of him isn't exactly pleasant to witness, and makes me squirm, but at least I get the raw emotion out of it. 

I do not get the same emotion when he shows up drunk and horny, quickly turning surly, at Neela's door.  It completely undoes whatever sympathy I had previously worked up, and more or less makes me sick to my stomach.  Then again, maybe it does have a purpose.  For example, I'm suddenly very amenable to the idea of her curling up on the couch with Ray in the near future, because for all the things I dislike about Ray, I certainly can't accuse him of not caring about her thoughts and feelings.

While I'm on the topic of Neela...noooo, don't withdraw your application to County!  At least not until you do so to be with Ray.  You can't just go breaking Dubenko's carefully reserved heart like that!  And, wow, I meant that in a platonic context, but I am so not afraid to take it to shippy places!  Show, I am maybe never going to forgive you for wasting Neela's time with Brenner when you could have had her passing the interim weeks with a certain head of surgery instead.
Office Rewatch: "Crime Aid" rerun tonight.  Cringed in nonstop pain throughout the whole first act.  Continued apologizing to parents for relative suckiness of all reruns to date.  Quietly remembered seething hatred I nursed for NY Pam back in the dark old days.  On bright side, still enjoyed Roy.  And reading my old review beforehand to orient myself.


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Feb. 27th, 2009 10:37 am (UTC)
*averts eyes from CSI:NY review as haven't watched yet*

I love Train! 'Drops Of Jupiter' is really catchy but they have some other great songs/albums as well. I still can't get over the 'deep fried chicken .... soy latte' verse though ...
Feb. 27th, 2009 10:57 am (UTC)
Oh, we just ignore the "deep fried chicken" part/hide it behind all the pretty galaxy metaphors. Song can be forgiven small transgressions like that.

Honestly, "Meet Virginia" is the only other songs of theirs I've heard...but I like that one too. *has even more radio nostalgia*
Feb. 27th, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
I think I may watch the last episode of ER but not even Carter can entice me to watch right now. Sad. I love Carter but the only thing that could get me to come back is if Abby is back at the same time and they talk (no, I've never been able to let go of Carby).
Feb. 27th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
Well, part of what you said about CSI: NY was what I already said. Honestly, though, the reasons you don't like Adam are why most people - myself included - do! I give him credit for not caring what other people think and just doing what comes naturally to him. At first I thought he was annoying, but now he's really grown on me. Besides, the show needs some comic relief every now and then.
Feb. 28th, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)
I wanted Jesse too!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for Wildcard! You know that I love Adam (so much) so I was happy to see your "I like him better than Norman" comparision. :)
Mar. 1st, 2009 01:39 am (UTC)
Oh good! If even one person agrees with me on something, it means I have maybe not chosen the longest odds possible, as is my wont!

Admittedly, I have only seen Adam once, but...I don't get him at all. They keep saying he's big on musical theater but he looks like he walked straight out of Green Day. I'm just confused at this point.
Mar. 4th, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
Neela spending her last weeks at county with Dubenko > anything involving Brenner (Also I really don't think introducing such a serious storyline for him with so few episodes to go was really a smart move, only glad it's going to push a wedge between him and Neela so they can break up)

And why couldn't Carter be back and kicking ass rather than being sick and sad and making me :(
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