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The Class: Best New Comedy (People's Choice)

1. HAHAHA TOLD YOU SO!  *sticks out tongue at naysayers*

Be forewarned, I've got a ridiculously long post all about this show.

2. Live Table Read.  I had a class at 1:00, and I was fairly ticked that I had to miss the live webcast of the table read that aired today. SUPER ticked.  It sounded like the most fun thing ever, and I had to go class. Fortunately, as I should have guessed, CBS put it up on their website, so I got to watch it later this afternoon.  :D  It totally made my day.

It's the most fun thing I've seen in ages.  The "hosts" were Jason Ritter (Ethan) and...whoever plays Ritchie, talking to the camera as it followed them in, explaining how the reading worked and making introductions and so forth. It was fantastic, especially since they opened with this hilarious skit about them wearing the same sweater when it's Richie's day to wear it.  "Martin Luther King day, *I* wear the sweater." Jason finaly unzips his, only to reveal that he's wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a "The Class" logo underneath.  "-.- Put it back on."  More on the episode details later, but as far as watching it general went...well, let's just say that I'm glad the days of reading plays (like Shakespeare) aloud in school are over.  It was just so NOVEL to see people reading their lines with, what's the word, oh yes "emotion." With proper inflections and characterization, even facial expressions!  So weird, but so great.

3. Last week's episode.  "Three's a Crowd." was okay.  Of the two main storylines, the apartment standoff with Fern was rather more interesting than the scenes with Palmer, who is rapidly getting on my nerves as much as she is Kat's.  Besides which, I rather like Fern.  Who knew she was the jealous/posessive type?  (although in this case, I wonder if it's more a case of just plain not wanting him to be happy?  Maybe it's a kind of power trip for her, keeping him under her thumb. I wouldn't blame her, if she's working a crappy night janitor job...)

Favorite scene, of course, was the "I could have lost you!" "But you didn't."  You just have to pretend it stops there and doesn't go back and forth for another three rounds before Nicole finally (mercifully) snaps "BUT YOU DIDN'T."

As for the buffers in the other apartment...was mildly entertaining, kept me chuckling, but nothing came CLOSE to how hard I laughed when Kat spends about five minutes playing up Ethan's fantasy of having a threesome, and then grins and saunters out the door. "Okay. get Palmer out of here, and I'm gonna go warm up Kyle."
"Yeah - WHAT?!"
and then, "Ugh, Palmer, you know how I feel about HER.  But Kyle...he's pretty hot, don't you think?"
"NO!  He's got...boy parts!"


4. This week's episode, "The Class Hits It." 
What can I say?  Thank you webcast, or I probably would have forgotten it was on tonight, especially since it's the only show tonight on CBS that's not a rerun.  I'll just pretend it's not because the season finale is airing in March.  :(

The episode is again split into two plots along the twins' storylines. 

Plot 1 is basically all about how Richie and Lina haven't slept together yet.  Because they have a sweet case of puppy love, that's why.  No?  Okay, her legs are still encased in casts and she's wheelchair-bound.  What, that's not a problem either? Oh, okie-dokie.  It's because Richie is afraid that if they do, he'll mess things up and disappoint Lina. Because by all accounts (a phrase here which means "Fern"), he's not very good at it.  At all.

Here I want to pause and say hey, you know what's cool about this comedy? How NOT DIRTY it is.  Which is why I was maybe just the tiniest bit worried about where this plotline was going.  Rest assured.  The not-dirty thing is still holding firm.  In fact, it played out with their typical awkward cuteness, with Lina looking hurt and asking if he doesn't want to be with her, and Richie finally admitting why he's been putting it off.  Encouraged by her repeated insistence that she doesn't care and it doesn't matter (she also looks like she doesn't believe he's as bad as he says he is), he warns her about a hundred times all the ways in which Fern has told him he sucks.  My favorite of which is either that he has "actually been booed," or how Fern would start reading magazines while they were in the middle of it.  HAHAHA!  But Lina's still ready to be "mindblowingly underwhelmed," so he kisses her while hurrying to ditch the tie, scoops her up out of the wheelchair, and we fade out.  Way out.  All the way to Richie walking into work the next day whistling.  "I didn't get booed." 

All up to our imaginations, eh?  Heh.  I can do that.  I'd much rather have to invent images than spend time bleaching my brain to purge unwanted ones.

Plot 2 is with Kat stalking a hot dude that lives near her.  There are many amusing quotes to be made as Lina warns her she's going to jail, no matter how much Kat retorts that she is an ARTIST and he is her SUBJECT.  Ethan: "Does he know he's your subject?"  Kat: ""  So now we've established this guy, which is good because I was very confused about who "Violin Dude" was in today's webcast.  Anyway, spectacularly lucky coincidence, just the other day he brought his kid in to see Dr. Haas.  Which leads to Ethan setting them up, despite Kat's protests that this is a HORRIBLE idea because the real guy can never be as good as how she's imagined him from afar.  She has a very valid point.  Makes for an amusing plot point, though, as Kat has a great first date, and then spends the next 24 hours spazzing because he doesn't call her back.

Finally, she leaves the phone with Ethan and orders him to wait by the phone, as she's sick of doing so.  Ethan has become rather invested in this relationship, as he promptly "turns into a girl," becoming equally fretful over the lack of contact.
Oh, and Kyle makes another appearance in this side of the plotline, because he and Ethan are buddies now, which I find highly amusing.  Didn't have any tape space for this episode, so no quotes (sigh), but there were many good parts.

5. Turns out Lucy Punch - who plays the ever-so-fun-to-say "Holly Ellenboegen" - is no longer part of the show as of episode 12.  Citing creative differences, or something, she's out.  Does this mean Perry's out too?  Because he's really annoying.  Anyway, I have to admit that out of the 8 main cast members, she's my least favorite, so I'm not really terribly sad that annoying Holly is out.  I wonder if they'll introduce another member of the 3rd grade class to replace her - I mean, they do have that whole class photo to work with - or if they'll decide that it's easier to keep track of just 7 main characters.  I'm fine either way.

6. Today's webcast - FULL SPOILERS AHOY.  Stop now if you don't want to know.

As previously mentioned, it was a ton of fun to watch everybody read their parts.  The main plot points for this episode concern inter-class relationships.  As in literally, potential relationships between members of the third grade class.  In this delightful ep, which is supposed to air in approximately 1 month, Ethan and Palmer finally break up. Ethan is realizing they don't really have a great deal in common other than great sex, and he's wondering if that's enough.  Eventually he decides it's good enough for now.  Um.  But not before he tells Kyle he's going to break up with her "tonight," and then Palmer and Kyle run into each other in the grocery store, and Kyle accidentally lets it spill that Ethan was planning to break up with her.  So while Ethan tries to get out of it (and there is a HILARIOUS over-the-phone conversation between Ethan and Kyle just  after the grocery store meeting), Palmer thinks it through and decides that breaking up is the right way to go.  Just one thing - is it because of Kat?

Me: *grins hugely*

Ethan is taken aback for a minute 10 seconds, and then looks rather intrigued, wondering if Kat said something, or if she hinted at it, or...seriously, where is this coming from and does he really have a chance with her? *stretches and flexes* Yeah, I'm ready to address their pending coupledom now.  Course, Kat's still giddy about Violin Guy, but that can be waited out.

The other issue that comes to a head is the Yonk-Duncan-Nicole storyline.  The construction in Nicole's house is finally finished.  Done.  Totally finished, everything's done, he won't be coming back.  Naturally, this kind of upsets Nicole.  Don't know why...I thought they had agreed to be friends, so they should still be able to see each other...but anyway.  It's more upsetting than usual today because Yonk had a photo shoot for the newspaper (guess which twin was taking the photos?), and the whole time he was posing, he kept slipping up and calling Nicole by the name of his second wife, Eileen - so much so that it gets printed in the paper that way.  Yonk doesn't see this as a big deal at all, whereas Nicole is realizing that she really doesn't have anything going for her marriage anymore.  The last straw is when he chuckles and says hey, don't worry - he'll be sure to call his next wife Nicole!

Later that night, Nicole loosens a pipe, floods her house, and calls Duncan in for an emergency repair.  When he figures out what she's done, he refuses to help.  He'll call someone else to fix it; he can't do this anymore.  This half-and-half crap where they pretend to be friends when really he's still in love with her.  "It's gotta be all or nothing."  He turns to leave, and Nicole stops him.  "What if it's all?"


And as a footnote, Richie and Lina still appear to be all cute and cuddly in this ep, though Lina only gets in about three lines. [A/n: Her role increased considerably between table read and live rehearsal 2 days later...]
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