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Abusing the strikethrough button? Who, me?

1. >:(  I have been looking forward to "I Love You, Man" for weeks (in the sense of I learned about it weeks ago, and ever since have made plans to rent it from the library at some point in the future).  Jason Segel!  Paul Rudd!  Rashida Jones in a role that might help me get over my irrational dislike!  EXCELLENT PLOT IDEA.  ...and then I found out it was rated R, and my interest just keeled over stone-cold-dead. 

You see, you see; this is why I don't watch movies anymore!  The few that don't look boring always end up turning me off with their rating.  Or are "Confessions of a Shopaholic," where I publicly mistook Isla Fisher for Amy Adams and thereafter went from "omg must see in theaters!!" to literally being unable to feel anything except cringing, burning, shameful embarrassment [over making a mistake] that will prevent me from ever watching it; I don't even vaguely want to see it anymore.

"Bride Wars" still looks fun, though.  Nothing I read can dissuade me from my certainty that I'll enjoy it. 

2. I forgot to mention, I...actually kind of liked 30 Rock again last week.  Maybe a lot.  In a way where I laughed at up to half of it and somehow stopped caring that the characters were 1-dimensional caricatures?  (say that 3 times fast) (honestly, though, sometimes I see reviews talking about how this or that was "out of character" and it's just, they do not have enough depth for that; how ridiculous are you?  They don't even remotely resemble real people.)   Frick.  Also, someone needs to surgically remove my faint emotional investment in Jack/Elisa right now, because Salma Hayek's beauty is and always has been dangerously hypnotizing but clearly there is nowhere positive for this to go. 

3. I buckled down and watched the premiere of Law & Order: UK today, partly to see how different the whole process would be in another country, and partly because Freema Agyeman was in it.  Turns out it's really pretty fun - I don't know if I'm going to make a reviewing habit of it, or even if I'll keep up with it religiously, but right off the bat it was quite the entertaining hour not entirely due to the fact that I just like observing London & British accents

In sum, I got wholly absorbed in it -- at least until the part where they got to the courtroom, I saw lawyers (or is that barristers?) in white wigs, and promptly discovered the true meaning of ROFLMAO.  Then I had to take a long break so as to wipe the tears from my eyes and demand of Google how this could possibly reflect reality.  I know they wouldn't film it that way if it didn't, but...*wild snort-giggle*

Um, I'm a mature adult, really.  *snort*  To that end, I really did just love everything about the atmosphere, and also that a surprising amount of similarity outweighed the things that were different.  Although, under the "things that are different AND AWESOME" category, our low-grade-housing sector was reflected in French rather than Spanish speaking minorities, and it was gleeful, gleeful I tell you, to hear.  I may have done a little happy dance about being able to understand it.

Character-wise, I'm having a devil of a time exchanging the actor names for the character ones, so I'd better bold them here & beat them into my head.  Ronnie Brooks is awesome, much more than the dull, gruff old man I stereotyped him to be from the pictures.  Not that I'm not delighted with his partner Matt Devlin, who is pleasant to look at & fairly charming, but there's something about the dry humor & solid values of the former that enchant and captivate me.  Plus I keep thinking I've seen him somewhere before, but IMDB disabused me of that notion - until I went on Wikipedia, which cited a description of him as "A real East End copper's cop," which, OH.  That was the feeling I kept was remniscient of East Enders!

Erm, anyway, starting with the "You speak French?" conversation, I'm equally enchanted and captivated by their partnership dynamic. I also like their boss, Natalie Chandler.  Haven't seen as much of her, but I like her easy snark & attitude without being too severe - excellent job recapturing the style of, uh...I don't actually know the character name of S. Epatha Merkerson.  Van Buren, that's it.  I will not remember that.

Over on the law side of, yeah, I'm not so big on that.  The men bore me too much to bother attaching names to their faces yet, and I had a really tough time getting through the rest of the courtroom scenes; too transfixed by the poodle-skin toupees.  Apparently even the women have to wear them, so thank God Freema's character doesn't, because otherwise I think I would just give up at the halfway mark every week.  Speaking of which, how much do I love Alesha Phillips?  Even more than I was hoping I would.

She might make the second half of the episodes worthwhile all on her own steam. She's lovely and pretty and engaging like Connie Rubirosa - I do have a history of liking the female attorneys, but Connie is in her own league and Alesha's there with her.  Yes, mostly because of my love for the actresses who play them.  So pretty!  So clever and hard-working and fresh-faced!  So amusing with the videocamera (please 2 have more bantering with Devlin, thnx).  I'm still trying to decide how I feel about her wardrobe...I can't quite put my finger on it, but it makes her look really young.  Not sure if I mean that in a good or bad way; further study required.  Does not detract from the pretty, though, and I positively love her in curls.  

And finally - world's most excellent theme music?  IT'S A CONTENDER.  Loving the strings..  

Overall, I'd say right now this show falls somewhere between SVU and TOS in comparison to the American flavors, or second-best of four.  Could just be the novelty, but considering it's focused on straight procedural, it's much more interesting than the original series' straight focus on procedural.  If I don't watch it regularly, it's only because I'm burned out on procedurals or court drives me too insane.  On the other hand, the shorter season is a blessing in disguise: less commitment, so why not? 

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