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House: Words and Deeds

Shut up, Tritter.  You know, Horatio had an idiot addict of a brother who disappointed him and lied on numerous occasions, and somehow he refrains from being a twat to everyone who doesn’t do exactly as he wants.  He manages to remain a good cop.  LEARN FROM HIM.

But let’s get the case out of the way first.  The electro-shock therapy was the worst idea I have ever SEEN on this show.  It was completely unnecessary, and I don’t mean just because it wasn’t Amy causing the heart attacks. Didn’t the attacks only happen when Amy was in the room with him?  Cameron said something about “imagine what it will do to him if we say he can’t ever see her again,” but if that WERE true, then shouldn’t he have had a reaction when she said “we’re going to wipe out all your memories including Amy”? He didn’t.  So basically, it would seem like a surefire cure would be for him to move away somewhere where he wouldn’t see her on a daily basis.  Boom, problem solved, no?? 

Though frankly, I would think it would have been par for the course to mention to Amy how the poor guy felt about her.  It’s just the kind of thing that should come up before you decide to fry a guy’s brain, don’t you think?  I mean, what if Amy and her fiancé had been fighting recently, and she was on the verge of breaking up with him?  There’s a chance.  Or, in a perhaps even more sane measure, he could admit his feelings to Amy and his brother, and  they could all try to work through them.  Anyway, because they didn’t mention this, they failed to find out that the whole Amy-and-his-brother-are-an-item was all in the guy’s head, meaning he had something else wrong with him, and so THEY JUST WIPED OUT A LIFETIME OF MEMORIES FOR NO REASON.

Frankly, I’d rather take the risk and die than live without my memories, but I’m weird that way.  I have no problem with dying young, if fate so decrees it.  I stopped paying attention to the case at that point, because I was too irritated to care.

As for House’s case, I’ve been half-backing Tritter up to this point, but that ended this week.  Frankly, a face-to-face humble apology followed by House checking himself into rehab should have been enough to appease Tritter.  I mean, even if the apology was forced, you have to appreciate how much effort it takes a proud man like House to bow his head and say stuff like that.  It’s almost a form of torture, really.  Same for rehab.  But no, Tritter just wants him to rot in jail.  Bastard.   

The scenes in rehab were cool, with Cameron & team popping in to talk to him all the time.  But nothing got even halfway to as wonderful as the scenes with House & Wilson.  I never tire of Wilson’s piercingly accurate analyses of House, this week’s winner being “You’re a coward, House.  You find fault in everyone because you’re afraid to look at yourself.”  Although I did get a chuckled out of the fact that I was sure House was going to say something about platitudes – and then he did.  He follows the words by blowing a defiant puff of cigarette smoke in Wilson’s direction, while Wilson makes the patented wounded puppy dog face he does so well, staring sadly before shaking his head and turning away.  Awwww!  Must hug!  In fact, he could probably use a whole pack of fangirls to hug him.

The apology towards the end was wonderful.  House was sincere and everything. I could have listened to him for a considerably longer time, stupid cutaway.  Wilson always ultimately forgives, with or without an apology, but this time it was nice to see House make such an effort.  Oh, and somewhere in there was a hug thrown in for the Cameron/House shippers…mostly it consisted of her being fangirly over the fact that he had apologized to Wilson – okay, not fangirly per se, but she still decided that meant he’d gone soft enough to deserve a long hug – and it consisted of him standing there and looking annoyed and waiting for her to let go.  But on the plus side, it looked more like he was trying to look annoyed, when really he secretly didn’t mind it.  He wasn’t going to encourage it, but didn’t put up a huge protest either.

Cuddy on the stand?  I honestly believed her.  Even though I still think Cuddy looks like a man in drag – too much eye makeup, methinks, on a face that looks masculine to me – I also respect that she is wicked smart, so I really thought she was telling the truth.  Guess I’m gullible.  But I was NOT expecting that House was secretly getting Vicodin the whole time. My face looked just like Wilson’s.  But fortunately, there came a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when Wilson looks confused and points out that House didn’t really need to apologize, then.  House just gives him a cryptic little smile.  “Believe what you want.”  The scene ends with an exchange of “good night, House,” “Good night, Wilson,” sound bites which the slash shippers will treasure, and the episode ends.

See you in 3 weeks (well, 2 weeks now), when Idol finally decides it’s had enough fun flaunting its success and lets all the regular shows come back to their timeslots.

P.S. I got to watch this episode at home with my family - House is the only show that both my parents and I all agree is totally awesome.  (they sucked me into it in the first place) My dad apparently LOVES the song that played over the ending credits of this ep – “Season of the Witch.”  He recognized it from the first strains of guitar, and afterwards went on for about 10 minutes about how this was an amazing song and the guy that sang it (Donovan) is SO underappreciated… 

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