RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


The Office just did what no previous amount of Michael, Kevin, and/or Andy has ever been able to do: drive me out of the room in the middle of a live airing.

You know what their secret weapon was?  Showing me the details of a blood drive

I lasted seven valiant minutes (Jim & Pam are being extra cute the rest of the time!), at least three of them spent hunched over in a ball, quivering, with my hands clamped over my ears to block out the horribleness of things* and needles and possibly blood, and then I finally had to flee the scene.  Will finish watching it later, when I can skip APPROXIMATELY EVERYTHING.

* = Someone is going to ask, someone always asks, so even though it ruins my post flow I need to cut you off at the knees and re-explain that "things" are "e v i s n" rearranged; I CANNOT BEAR TO SEE THEM OR HEAR THE WORD SPOKEN/WRITTEN OUT]

Tags: the office
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