RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Well now it's just vaguely depressing.

Go.  Go Barney.  Go.  Go.  Woo.

I'm actually excited for Barney to win now - and he'd damn well better take the whole thing - but I'm having a little trouble mustering up visible enthusiasm because I just had to vote for Spike, and now my soul feels gross. Better him than Dean Winchester (about whom I have been remarkably restrained so far re: insulting; TOMORROW IT'LL BE NO HOLDS BARRED) - but still. Ick.

In further depressing news, OMG WHAT NO WHAT WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Do not talk to me about possible out-of-the-blue cancellation for Without a Trace AND/OR Cold Case!

That is not on.  Trace is finally turning itself around this year, balancing good cases with proper character development and CC has never done anything to anyone - it valiantly weathers Sunday night despite constant sports pre-empting and churns out quality tale after quality tale, in its own unique style.  And they've been on for 7 and 6 years, respectively - how is there enough turnaround time in here for them to properly conclude that much history?

I've never honestly had to worry about any of my procedurals being canceled (well, Standoff, but that doesn't count); anybody who got a full season was always automatically renewed year after year.  I know the golden heyday of crime drama has to come to an end sometime, and I may have occasionally bemoaned how many shows I watched and privately imagined axes to help me pare down what I couldn't on my own, but I AM NOT READY TO LET GO RIGHT NOW.  Seriously, CBS, fix this. Fix it now!
Tags: cold case, march madness, without a trace

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