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"How dare you?" "How dare YOU?" "All right, let's just get the fight going."

Yes. I'm quoting from "The King of Queens." That does not undermine my credibility for what I am about to say next. Er, next as in "after this SUDDEN!

I implicitly promised that I was going to open up a can of whoop-ass worms on Dean Winchester if he got to the final round, and he has - taking out Sawyer, Ned, and The Doctor in the process, ALL OF WHICH ARE EQUALLY UNFORGIVABLE - so I am. Because you may not have been around either of the first two times I unleashed my anti-Supernatural diatribes.

They weren't so much diatribes as brief paragraphs, I suppose, but since my current flist is blissfully free of hardcore Winchester fangirls (only scattered mentions here and there), since then I've been content to call a truce and ignore the show in kind. I take solace in the fact that it's stuck on a crappy little network completely out of my sight, and soundly gets its ass kicked in the ratings, regardless of the fact that it does relatively well with adjusted standards.

But now it - or rather its representative - is taking over Fandom March Madness.  Obliterating worthier competitors left and right.  THIS MEANS WAR.

First, there's the fandom and its rampant slashers - which, WE ARE NOT GETTING INTO THAT DEBATE (I will delete your comment without reply and possibly slap you with a temporary ban), you are just taking note that those fans and their Wincest stories skeeve me out and trigger an automatic handicap on the likelihood of my being able to enjoy the show even if I wanted to.

Second, there's my annoyance that a show with such tiny Nielsen numbers can have such a giant and rabid cult fandom. I only root for underdogs when it's convenient - the rest of the time they remind me of those sneaky short soccer players, the kind who dribbled circles around me with their diminutive forms and caused me to see red during every other game. Um, not important, move on.

Third, and this is the real core of my problems, Dean is played by Jensen Ackles. I DO NOT FIND JENSEN ACKLES ATTRACTIVE IN THE SLIGHTEST. (which is why I can no longer read the comments on March Madness; they are full of huge pictures of the guy, in supposedly sexy shots, and it's nauseating me).

His eyes are too wide-open.  His ears are too prominent.  He has spiked hair (the Doctor only gets away with that because he's freaking awesome in so many other ways, and it's still my least favorite thing about him).  But mostly, there's the problem of how I always picture Jensen with a smirk on his face. I don't know if that's how Dean is; I've never actually seen an episode of Supernatural, on account of how it looks stupid (I hate by default anything that deals with sci-fi or includes the demonic paranormal unless I choose to make specific exceptions).

I suspect that may be a carry-over from when he was Alec on "Dark Angel" - specific exceptions, I told you!! Anyway, I don't even remember his character that well, but the remembered feeling of hatred burns very clear. *pause* OH! LOOK, LOOK, it is right there on Wikipedia: Alec was named for his "smart alec" attitude. Bingo.

In sum, my problem with Dean Winchester is a) that he's popular and b) that I find him unattractive. Yep. This is a perfectly valid rationale. There are so very many, much more attractive men to choose from on television, that I find it nothing short of galling how this one's got all the fangirl love.

In conclusion, you know what to do next:


. . . I promise that by tomorrow this will all be over and I will have accessed my un-crazy side.
P.S. All right, Idol, I'm glad we already broke up because the power the judges/TPTB have is just getting ridiculous. First it was the "Top 36" rather than 24, no doubt designed to cull as many mediocre performances as possible right out of the gate before America could get too attached. Then it was the Wild Card round, where they not only picked the competitors, but the ones who would ultimately stay from that group.

Then it was the "Top 12 WHOOPS KIDDING, 13!" And now they apparently get a 1-time veto power to overrule America's choice and save their favorite from America's decision to eliminate them*? Why are they even still bothering to let America vote at all? We clearly should just save everybody some time and headache, eliminate the results show, and have the judges choose the weakest link at the end of every performance night.

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