RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I hate it when Tuesday at 8:00 is empty.

I considered watching hour 2 of American Idol out of sheer boredom, because a) JEWEL!  One of my fave singers! was on the panel, and b) I think it was the Minneapolis auditions, and who doesn't cheer when their stomping grounds are highlighted on a national television show? There was like a 1% chance I might recognize a face! 

But then I got all distracted by the teaser of Law & Order: CI, because a) it was a Chris & Julianne week, and b) MY BELOVED DETECTIVES WERE GETTING BEATEN UP BY A TEAM OF BURLY, MEAN-ASS FIREFIGHTERS.

Injury is the fastest way to hook me into any non-Jerry Springer-format show.  So I forgot Idol except during the commercials, and tuned into CI instead.  Extremely gripping episode.  I didn't even need to use the scenario to envision Flack and Angell in the fray instead.   Until the episode was over. It was good all on its own.  And the case was a fascinating investigation that started off as a gay-bashing, turned into a murder of a guy who stopped a gay-bashing, and ended up going back to a tale of Married Guys Who Are Secretly Gay story.  For some reason, those haven't gotten old yet.   To make a long story short, as I usually do with this show, I was riveted the whole hour.  It was the best thing on TV all night, except for select Ziva scenes on NCIS, but I'll get into those in a bit.
P.S. Now I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't watch Idol, because [after reading a couple of recaps,] I'm kind of excited about the fact that I went to high school with Josh Flom.   Who didn't go to Hollywood, but still, he was on the show, and TWoP spent 2+ pages describing his segment.  By the way, he's a really nice guy, very funny.  And he was in various choir and theater productions, not exactly lacking in talent.    
Tags: american idol, law & order: ci
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