RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Almost caught up!

Finally finishing out last week's stuff (...or slightly older stuff).  Except for HIMYM, which I'm holding onto until I can pair it with last night's.

1. NCIS, 6x18, "Knockout"
Oh please, TPTB, tell me more about Vance's backstory!  Take us home with him!  Don't forget to include as many scenes of sweaty men boxing as possible!  Gosh golly, I can't imagine how you could make this episode any better on top of all that! 

My sarcasm muscle needed a short workout.

All right, I admit that Gibbs' presence saved the scenes in Vance's house from being as excruciating as they might have been.  Gibbs' enigmatic smile is so delightful.  (and kind of makes you shiver, if you've got something to hide)  And Vance's family is six times more interesting and entertaining than he is, especially after his wife yelled at him for that godforsaken toothpick-chewing (HEE).  I'd still rather have spent the time watching Ziva throw knives or something.

I also admit that I'm fascinated by the mystery here.  I feel like we got all the clues, but my brain just can't line them up.  What...what ended up being the significance between Vance/his dead friend/the non-existent military records/the blown retina?  Also, TPTB said they were going to call back to something from the pilot in this episode, I think.  I never saw the pilot, or even most of season 1, so I have no prayer of knowing what that was.  Help?

OK, now, as for good things!  ABBY AND GIBBS FOR THE WIN. Oh, feel like I could just watch their interaction in this four or five times in a row and call it an episode.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

* Sneaky Gibbs, all peering over her shoulder and invading her personal space like a curious puppy!
* Abby's adorable "I would certainly hope that you wouldn't try to bribe me," and Gibbs' assurance that he would never do any such thing, while placing a Caff-Pow next to her. 

* Abby's detailed explanation of all the things she couldn't tell him about

* Bicep curl, using real props, to demonstrate what he was weighed down with

* Putting on the noise-blocking headphones (to Gibbs amusement); Gibbs raising his voice as he muses out loud to himself

* "Idle hands" and all that, flowing into the sign language conversation, at the end of which Gibbs strolled off with an actual beaming smile.  :D 

* Oh, man.  Sign language convo!  I rewound this scene 8 times in a row.  Signing is barely half a step below cheek kisses on the list of "things I adore about their unique relationship," and it's so much rarer.

* Abby covering her tracks by saying she's building a coffin

* More sign language later on!  I'm glad they don't subtitle these exchanges.  I'm sure I could find a translation somewhere online, but I like not knowing/guessing.

* "Duck down!"  "Don't throw anything I didn't mean to say anything to Gibbs I'm sorry!  ...oh, heyyy, Gibbs!"  And oh, you meant down from ducks.  :D

*What an adorably glib exchange at the end.
"Nice work."
"Too much work.  Don't ever put me in that position again."
"OK.  I won't." (seriously, he is so CHEEKY right here, I'm not sure it's really Gibbs)  "Oh!  But I will help you with your project here, if you want."  (And then he strides off.  Heh.)
"It's a coffin, not a boat!"

Leftover bits: Some annoyingly heavy-handed "LOL TONY/ZIVA, everyone can see you're in love except the two of you!" that I could have done without, although I guess I appreciated the writers' nod that they haven't forgotten about the two of them.  But I'll forgive that for the joyous sight of Gibbs slapping Tony upside the head.  Especially after the latter's earlier tongue-in-cheek observation, "He hasn't done that in a while."  Especially when we got a 2-for-1 special. 

Also, I win at predictions, as I totally called the gruntwork kid as soon as he said he lost his coat.

Question: Is this show going to be one of the Obama casualties tonight, or is he holding off until 9?
2. Law & Order: SVU, 10x16, "Ballerina"
I tried five different ways to watch this one.  One after another, they all failed.  I started to think the internet might be trying to tell me something, and was on the verge of giving up, but then I tripped over a sixth source that finally worked.  Guess what?  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I love how sometimes my knowledge overlaps.  This weekend, PBS was airing some special with Carol Burnett, whom I somehow recognized as I passed by where Mom was watching it, but didn't know why.  Then I got to this episode and was all *gasp* "Carol Burnett!  I know her from last night!"  Whereupon I realized that I knew her last night because of the promos for this episode, and so on and so forth in a big circle of self-contained recognition.  I'm poring over IMDB, but I really don't believe I've ever seen her on my screen before, even though the name sounds familiar.

But whatever, turns out she can give a crazy performance to rival Liza Minelli, yet look ten times more awesome doing so.  (even if there is something not-quite-right about her chin)  "I will not have him arguing over money, it's vulgar."  HEE. 

And oh, man.  The twisted levels of crazy just kept rolling out at an exponential rate - by the time we got to the last five minutes, it was completely insane. 

Being a black widow, orchestrating 5 husband deaths!  Calling her adoring accomplice to her hospital bed!  Playing the weak-and-feeble act, then turning in a flash of lightning!  Having him packed off to jail, "30 years with your aunt and you never learned not to cross her?", and smiling creepily as his world shattered around his distraught expression!  WICKED.  In every sense of the word.  And here there was a brief moment where I thought she was going to be the rare guest star who got away with being innocent. 

Let's not even get into the crazy levels of their "soulmate" relationship, their lack of true biological relation technically making it okay, the age difference, or the inherent hilarity in the fact that they somehow have a real, off-and-on sexual relationship despite the fact that he's screaming GAY GAY GAY all over the place and she could not look more like a beard if she tried?  (It's kind of like that wedding from Sex and the City all over again.) 

It kind of made me feel gross to watch Olivia subversively manipulate a confession out of him that Birdie did it, though.  I wasn't exactly fond of Chet, but I certainly got no pleasure out of watching him turn into a pitiful 8-year-old boy, howling and sobbing in apology.

Let's just focus on that awesome time when Munch got a line!  And then endured a crack from Fin about his "Dumbo ears," and decided he was too cool to dignify that with a response.

People who are not cool: the squirrelly little new CSI, whose face is permanently imprinted on me as that of a deranged gunman on "Standoff."  And if not that, then he's what Allison imagined her firstborn son would have looked like as a teenager if she hadn't miscarried on "Medium."  Two strikes, dude.  And this character is not helping matters.  I suddenly have wells of newfound appreciation for their regular CSU tech, now patient and long-suffering, whom I will never take for granted again.  (I should probably look up his name someday)

*sits bolt upright*  OOH!  Incidentally, dude, now that you have to put up with this annoying pest in your current job, WOULD YOU LIKE TO MOVE TO VEGAS AND JOIN THEIR CRIME LAB??  I HEAR THEY HAVE AN OPENING ON THE NIGHT SHIFT.  (Well, they will once I bump Riley off with a shotgun, secure in the knowledge that I have found a suitable replacement for her)  YOU WOULD BE AWESOME AND FIT IN PERFECTLY, AND MAYBE BE NICK'S NEW BEST FRIEND. MAKE THIS MAGIC HAPPEN, TV PEOPLE.

In other news, I love how Alex only had like 3 lines week, and didn't do much more than Kim would have done, but she was still WAY MORE INTERESTING and worth watching.  
Apparently tomorrow's episode got kicked back a week to Make Way For Obama.  Dude.  WE HAVE HAD THIS DISCUSSION LIKE FOUR TIMES ALREADY.  It doesn't matter if I am always looking for ways to reduce my episode load in any given week, it's the principle of the thing.  Crap like this is what leads to people talking about postponing the "Bones" finale until fall.  *angry muttering; creates special new tag*  

3. CSI: NY, 5x18, "Point of No Return"
I think I'm less than impressed with how this show brings back characters just to abusively kick them around.  There's no call for it.  I mean, when Aiden died, I wasn't emotionally invested enough to care - I just thought it was unique and interesting to be that bold.  Even in retrospect, though she was my favorite part of season 1, I find that I still respect that choice and its emotional fallout.

But apparently that wasn't enough, as NY decided they needed to follow Miami's lead and give one of their minor characters a secret effed-up life and send them to jail (geez, Marty even looks like Cooper).  Which, this is way beyond even Cooper's attempt to vengefully destroy Calleigh's career, because New York likes to roll it out hardcore.  I love how being a suspect in his wife's murder and dealing drugs turned out to be the simple options.

Because guess what?  Marty is a special kind of drug dealer, because he not only makes his own stuff, he does it with human organs.  HUMAN.  ORGANS.  Which he bloodily purees/otherwise processes in a secret lab with the mess splattered all over the place.  And when he can no longer steal from corpses, well, then he goes out and kills people for them.  Presumably a lot of people.  So many he can't even give you a specific number.  That's right kids, he's a crack dealer and a serial killer!  Never let it be said that he's a one-trick pony.

I wasn't the world's biggest fan of Marty Pino.  To be honest, I didn't even remember him until I looked him up, and while I do remember him now from my season 2 DVDs (and the flashbacks clips they showed in the episode were very charming), I wasn't head-over-heels for him, either.  All things considered, he was by far the best M.E. after Hawkes ditched the morgue, but as a character on his own he wasn't that distinguishable.  And I'm still riled up on principle. 

How is everyone okay with this?  Why are more people not P.O.ed by this shoehorning in of a Deep Dark Backstory I am 100% positive did not exist in the writers' minds when they invented his character?  No, it was not worth it to watch the horrified/apalled/numbing effect it had on everyone, Danny in particular (let's just not even talk about how nothing will ever make me appreciate or say a nice word about Sid, ever, EVER; he's not capable of being anything but aggravating).  It was not worth the shock factor or the emotional resonance of the last scene.  It was merely cheap and stupid and we are retconning it out of existence right now.

The only thing worth remembering from this storyline is Danny trying to wash the blood off his shiny new wedding band (which, ooh.  Somehow he's gotten hotter all of a sudden).  You have to forget the ludicrous part where he forgot his bulletproof vest but still took out a guy with a semiautomatic, sans backup, in order to get to this part, but it's worth it.  I stopped hating Danny for a few seconds there and just felt sorry for his wreck of a mental state.

I also think that the bloody ring is perhaps the most ridiculously good bit of direction ever.  It delights my brain in ways I can't be coherent about yet.  Symbolism?  My brain wants to go there but is paralyzed at its potential.  So I'll settle for the visual feast, the stark ugliness staining something pure.  OH HEY THERE'S THE SYMBOLISM, if you make it a metaphor for Marty Pino getting hit with this storyline.  Possibly.  I'm writing this after midnight and not making the greatest effort to turn on my internal editor.

Greek Smuggling
But in other news, the Stella/Angell B plot was fantastic!

First, because Angell is just sex/perfection on legs, and I just kind of stare in transfixed delight every time she appears on screen.  I'm also sad they've completed their undercover sting operation, unless they find some other reason to have her roleplay a casually icy, smooth-talking underhanded coin dealer, because she's positively scorching in those scenes.

Second, because it was so great to see Stella put girl power into work and, with Angell's help, mastermind a plan to take him down all by themselves.  A plan that worked.  I love that getting around diplomatic immunity was like a 1-foot hurdle for her.  I mean, I know it wasn't a problem for Horatio when he took down Clavo Cruz, but that involved convenient coincidence.  Stella was just tricky.  In ways I'm not entirely sure were legal, so it's fortunate he's being tried in another country.

(Seriously.  Luring him into a SHIPPING CONTAINER.  Thoughtfully stocked with food, a pillow, and seasickness medication.  Oh, Stella.  How so kick-ass?)

Pity Mac's cottoned on to something, though.  I think she still had him fooled until she nervously patted her hair on the way out, and his eyes got all squinty with the air of "must investigate further."  Rookie mistake!  In all fairness, she had a tough couple of days.

Guest Stars
Oh, and then apparently some people named Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson guest-starred somewhere in the A plot.  The promos were so subtle about their involvement, I almost forgot to look for them.  Anyway, they were irrelevant, except that Ashlee was kind of amusing in the teaser, and I enjoyed that (though thought perhaps it would be prudent to wear gloves at all times when housekeeping, not just when picking up trash, because you never know what might  be lurking on dirty sheets). 

I also am relieved, in retrospect, that for all the trashed rooms I encountered over the summer, we never found one with used waxing strips all over the floor.  Seriously, how hard is it to reach a garbage can?  I guess that would have interrupted all the apparent masochistic/homoerotic fun the half-naked girls were having at their bikini-waxing party in the motel.  (Seriously, that was...weird.  Also, I took issue with the logistics.  I thought you had to go a certain number of days before you could effectively wax your legs.  I'm pretty sure that in the close-ups we saw, those women didn't even have stubble.)

Even I thought it was cute that Lindsay was so bored she was tempted to set up a crime scene around a dead beaver she encountered on her parents' property.  Win me back, show!  Drop cute tidbits and remind me why I'm so fond of Li'l Miss Montana!

Plus, the return of your weekly piss-off from Kristine Huntley:
Danny starts scrubbing [his wedding ring], but the blood doesn't come out before his phone rings with a call from his new bride. Danny's response is to remove the bloody ring before picking up the phone and telling Lindsay that everything is "same old, same old." Coming just one episode after their wedding, the scene reveals all the weaknesses in the pairing: Danny and Lindsay have never been able to communicate honestly with each other. Knowing Lindsay won't approve of his actions, Danny simply decides not to tell her about them. Is this really a promising start to their union? More than ever, it seems that the only thing they can talk openly and warmly about is their child.

...yes.  ALL THE WEAKNESSES.  Look, I can hate the sight of them and still think this woman's irrational hatred is annoying, and feel a desire to combat everything she says.  Maybe, I dunno, Danny wasn't up to getting into a long discussion of how their former friend/coworker is a murder suspect just yet?  Maybe he didn't want to dump all that on his pregnant wife right at the beginning of what is presumably supposed to be her rest and relaxation time?  Maybe he thought all this could wait a bit until he figured out exactly what to say?  Because he's looking kind of shaky over having killed a guy so recently that he hasn't even had time to wash his hands, and presumably wants to pull himself together before he talks to anyone.  Spin, Ms. Huntley.  It goes both directions.

There was more complaining after that, but I couldn't stand to finish reading it.

4. Private Practice, 2x18, "Finishing"
Let me sum up the first 2/3 of the episode, at least as far as I understood it while listening to it through headphones until I fell asleep: Violet is mightily resisting the demands for a paternity test.  Sam and Naomi are still being freaks about their "LOL NO IT'S TOTALLY ANCIENT HISTORY" post-marriage friendship (there is absolutely no law that friends have to share details from their sex life, people), and Addison's having some sort of awkward, chemistry-free flirting with a Hey, It's That Guy (best known to me as a smarmy D.A. on Cold Case).

The patients consist of one whiny-voiced assault victim having a spaz because she can't remember enough details to testify, a somewhat neurotic pregnant woman terrified of a second miscarriage, and a lively little 12-year-old girl who knows that medical laws are stupid and overzealous, and that quality of life is better than quantity.  I am only vaguely aware of how most of these turned out, because I was busy either tuning out or skipping through every other scene.

And now for the interesting stuff:

1. Pregnancy clearly agrees with Violet, as all of a sudden she's just looking amazing and put together, with the pretty hair and earrings and, well, mainly that gorgeous silk print dress she was wearing today.  Those are some fantastic maternity clothes.  Speaking of which, when did she spontaneously develop a huge baby bump?  Because I know I pay as little attention as possible and skip half the episodes sometimes, but I do not remember a gradual transition at all.

2. Awww, that's cute.  I kind of hope Violet has a daughter and continues to call her "Bug" as an affectionate nickname/term of endearment. 

3. *giggles with delight as Pete tucks a strand of hair behind Violet's ear*  "You're alone in this, Violet.  But you don't have to be."  You know what would be fun right about now?  If Pete decided to mark his territory, drive out the rival male and just claim Violet and the unborn as his like Sheldon never existed.  I have a feeling I'd be fine with that.

4. Ignored most of C/C's interaction, per usual - but then as I was bouncing past the last one, I noticed she was yelling at him so I paused to hear it in full.  "It makes me sick!  You loving me.  It makes me literally sick to my stomach."

Cool, Charlotte King's decided to go all Voice of the Viewing Audience on him!  This is fun!  "I screwed Archer's brains out, and you forgive me?  Who does that?!"  And so the conversation continues:

Voice of the Viewing Audience: Damn it, stop loving me.  Stop loving me! 
Voice of Shonda Rhimes: No.  No, I will not stop loving you.  No.
Voice of the Viewing Audience:  *weeps*

5. And then my Pete/Violet resolve is dramatically undermined by how freaking adorable Violet and Cooper are sitting on the couch, with her request for him to "talk to the bug" and him using a stupid voice against her belly and damn it, her touching his hair.  *indeterminate growling noises*  Why do you taunt me like this, show?
5. Private Practice, 2x19, "What Women Want"
To quote TWoP: "Oh, yes, the crazy is intact this week, but somehow this episode is pretty good anyway."

How I know it was a good episode?  I hardly skipped anything at all.  Just a couple of conversations here and there because - get this - they were boring.  Not gross, horrible, embarrassing, or anything - just BORING!  Even the nasty C/C bedroom scene, I sat through because Violet was busy talking through the door, adorably and woefully bemoaning her inability to tie her shoes.  This is the most exciting thing to ever happen to this show.  Does that make it the best episode of the season?  I don't know.  Maybe technically.  I mean, I still have ISSUES with stuff, I just...let us break it down by character.

Naomi: Just FYI, feel free to stop sowing your wild oats any time you like.  It's creepin' me out a little.  I don't think there's a way you can do it without coming off looking like a cougar. 

Sam: Aw, it's so cute that you're still in love with your wife.  Just like she was not too many episodes ago.  Why can't you two get over your midlife crises at the same time and just admit defeat, you're stuck on and with each other until death do you part? 

Crazy Pregnant Lady: I've always been intrigued by the grief aspect of pregnancies lost in utero, when you're far enough along to be looking at ultrasounds, and it doesn't even end with a regular miscarriage.  I've been waiting for PP to do this story for ages, but then I had to put up with a crazy woman who refused to believe the proof STARING HER IN THE FACE, along with the sworn testimonies of half a dozen doctors, that her baby was dead.  Which took away a lot of the good grief aspect, especially when I didn't even have a devastated husband to balance it out.  It gave Violet a chance to shine, and Dell too, but the emotional resolution fell flat.  =/      

Addison: She is honestly just the cutest thing; I'm starting to love her chats with Pete as friends ("He could be the best you've ever had.  Because you never had me.").  But sometimes, even though she's ostensibly THE star of the show, I feel like the writers don't know what to do with her.  She's fantastic with patients and shines in her role as an OB/GYN/surgeon, but of course they can't just talk about work all the time.  So outside the office, she just sort of bobs along in the background, doing nothing but making lukewarm overtures toward relationships and poking her head in every so often to find out what's going on in everyone else's vastly more interesting ones.

On bright side, have adjusted to her sassy new bob, and remain entranced by her chunky, oversized necklaces. 

Noah: So apparently the guy having awkward, chemistry-free flirting with Addison in the previous episode is named Noah, and he is married.  And his wife is the neurotic pregnant lady worried about miscarriage (this gives you an idea of how much I skip in any given episode).  I'm feeling much more favorable towards her all of a sudden, by the way.  Now I would like to know WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE.

Why, why, why are people like Pete encouraging her to give it a shot, or at least suggesting she think about it?  No!  He's married!  And he's not just married, his wife IS HAVING A BABY.  She is having a baby after having suffered a miscarriage.  Presumably this is sort of important to her.  It's even not like they have two kids but they're preteens and the parents have grown tired and drifted apart, where you could maybe understand his fading interest.  This is a point in their marriage in which THEY SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON EACH OTHER.  A LOT.   

And, what really blows my mind, is that Noah is more touched in the head than the legitimately crazy woman, because apparently, he's in love with Addison. These are his words.  IN LOVE.  He met her like 2 days ago!  I'm pretty sure I can count the number of conversations they've had on one hand!  But hey, that's okay.  The chemistry between them is so mind-blowing (hah) that it was true love at first sight.  DID I MENTION HIS WIFE IS PREGNANT?  BECAUSE THAT IS A FACT WE SEEM TO BE HAVING TROUBLE REMEMBERING..

Finally he agrees to drop it, apologizes, and even goes so far as to admit that he was wrong about what he thought he was picking up from her.  And does Addison let the matter drop there, as well she should?  No!  She encourages this behavior!  "You weren't wrong."  Well for God's sakes don't tell him that.  Why is everyone suddenly specializing in stupidity this week?  Did I miss some crucial information last week where his wife is a horrible bitch with a history of cheating and how he's not even sure this is his baby, and also she put his dog to sleep?  Because if not, then there is absolutely no explanation for this BS.


Dell: Although I still haven't forgiven him for being a former drug addict who ruined Betsy's mom's life, I do not approve of her version of payback, and I will not be stopped from curling up in a ball and crying over the fact that he just lost Betsy.

I don't understand why people take promotions that require them to move out of state, anyway.  Promotions: they cannot possibly be that excellent unless you're getting at least double the salary and tons of new benefits.  Moving sucks.  And yeah, I get her desire for a better neighborhood, and Missouri > California hands down, but stability/childhood home > change, too.  And any way you look at it, it's a dick move to take your kid that far away from her father, especially when her father is that involved with her life.  You don't get to turn your life around at the expense of others.  How about you just compromise and take an improved life near Betsy's dad versus The Best It Could Possibly Be?

And the empty house was a really low blow.  Way to not let your daughter say goodbye in person, bitch.  That's it; I demand BITTER CUSTODY BATTLES right now.  More bitter than ever before!  I am not afraid to advocate the old "badmouth the other parent in front of the child" tactic if I have to!

Subliminal Gardasil Pimp: I'm sort of...baffled that the girl didn't tell him about the HPV just because she didn't think it could hurt him.  Really?  It didn't even cross your mind as a possibility?  Just like it didn't occur to you that oral sex counts as sex?  (good rule of thumb: if it involves bodily fluids and/or nudity below the waist, it counts as sex)  TV, you are making it very difficult for me to convince people that health classes are unnecessarily detailed.  *still scarred from 11th grade STD slideshow*
Also - shut up, Sam.  He does too need his girlfriend.  You and your insistence on everyone LIVING, no matter the cost... *shakes head*  Everybody should listen to Cooper more.  He sucks at making relationship choices, but he's much better at ones that involve patience.  Patients.  This is why we proofread.

Pete: I'm going to ignore his manwhore tendencies for the time being, and figure he's got a lot in common with Barney Stinson at the moment.  *channels Barney's unnecessary explanations*  You know, how he sleeps around and enjoys it but also has secret feelings for one woman in particular.  I like how Sheldon was nowhere in sight this week.  That better not mean he's the daddy.  It probably does.  Nothing is too obvious for Shondaland.

Violet: Still v.v. shiny and pretty.  Have never seen characters with fictional pregnancies appear to glow, but she's managing it.  I have no specifics; I just loved all of her scenes tonight. 

The Bug: NOOOOOOO!  *is crushed*  I can't believe she's having a boy.  Did I not very specifically state, with good reasons, my wish for her to have a girl?  You can't call a boy "Bug" and have it sound cute.  Why is everyone having boys lately??  I'm now more convinced than ever that the only one I actually want to have a boy, Lindsay on CSI: NY, is going to wind up with a girl.  Just to spite me. 

Charlotte: Still nasty.  Hated her with less violent loathing this week, which I suppose counts as an improvement, but I still can't stand the requisite bonding moment that always eventually happens between two rival females.  I promise you, I am capable of hating Charlotte King until the end of time, on principle if nothing else.  Put me in there!  I'll show them how it's done!

Cooper: I am hilariously amused by his inability to handle two women at once and desire to just be out with guys, doing guy things for a while.  Heh.  And the sight of him coming home to two women on the couch was just priceless.  WHY ISN'T VIOLET THE ONE HE'S IN LOVE WITH AND HOLDING ON TO WITH A DEATH GRIP, WHY, WHY, WHY.

I think maybe I'm just going to...I don't know...pretend that Violet is Barney Stinson's version of a dream wife, who has found him another girl to have sex with until such time as she's ready to hop back in the sack with him.  Yep.  Violet/Cooper forever; Charlotte is merely an interim concubine.  One who serves double duty as a friend/consultant and possibly helper around the house.  On second thought, polygamy is apparently the answer to all my canon vs. shipping dilemmas lately (see Lost for further explanation).

And the tip of the iceberg for this week:

6. Cold Case, 6x18, "Mind Games"
I know we can't have "Officer Down" every week, but dear God that was dull.  Before the halfway point I had cued up the internet and was browsing blogs, paying more attention to them than the video.  I blame the exclusive use of Lennon music.  The man was attractive, but his music is not.  Five Four other things of note:

1. Can we please fire the LaPaglia lawyer?  I still can't stand his stupid mannerisms.

2. HEE on the creation of the gift basket for Jeffries at the beginning, and how at the end we had Vera munching away on the chocolate, followed by Kat's look of annoyance and finally reaching for the bottle of Scotch...just as Jeffries returns and disapprovingly swipes it from her. Heh.

3. Loved the schizophrenic perspective making him see Scotty and Lily in 60's (70's? I'm terrible at this) outfits.  Lily looked hot with big hair!

4. The blonde woman they interviewed looked so familiar, it mesmerized me.  She looks kind of like Kyra Sedgwick or Holly Hunter.  According to IMDB, I maybe recognized her from Moonlight or a recent episode of CSI...but nope, I'm pretty sure the reason she stands out so much is thanks to Cleopatra 2525.  Man, that was a zany old show.  *lost in fond memories*
In case none of the above interest you:
If you were previously unaware of this fact, I'm head-over-heels in love with my dog, who is not perfect but is perfect for me, and often wonder how I will ever find another one as lovely and intelligent as her*.  I will, because I refuse to be one of those lame people who can't bear the thought of getting another pet after their beloved dies, but while I think almost all dogs are cute, when I browse through shelter pictures or galleries on Flickr and try to imagine owning any of them, I feel more like "meh, not as pretty as Kym." 

But then every so often, I'll be someplace like The Daily Puppy, and see a dog like this, and my heart will just explode with OMG YES WANT GIVE!  (park_ave_pirate 's puppy also fits this category.  Check Zeppelin out.)   Usually I am partial to Shepherd mixes - not intentionally, they just jump out at me the most - but this dog is soooo pretty, with her thick red ruff and curling-up Kym tail of foxtail texture, dark-tipped ears/muzzle and dashing splash of white, that I almost don't know what to do with myself.  Guh.  This is why I save pet pictures the way other people save celebrities. 

(* Not that I expect this to happen any time soon, as Kym is under strict orders to live at least five more years, eight if she knows what's good for her.  I just love discovering dogs who have the same capacity to take my breath away.  No bad pun intended.)
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  • Heyy, it's some NCIS: LA talk!

    I give up on trying to ever catch up on my official reviewing of this show, so surprise! Here are some thoughts on the first episode(s) I have ,…

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    I am halfway through season 2 now, and while I still don't really understand why Greg and Katie suddenly had chemistry at the end of season 1 --…

  • Criminal Minding

    Me on my nightly Criminal Minds bedtime routine: Let's try season 7. I haven't hung out there much for some reason. Me, seeing Reid's…