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SVU doubleshot

Episode 1, last week
Wow, that one had everything, didn’t it?  Guest star best known as ER’s Cleo Finch, Elliot and Olivia tension, Elliot and Olivia resolution, and Kathy!  It was one of the best I'd seen in a long time.

Incidentally, Kathy voiced a lot of valid thoughts, like how she used to worry he would fall for his partner.  Heh, and don't think anybody missed the bitterness in her voice when she referred to Dani as "the stunner."  Okay, number 1, Kathy instigated the divorce process.  Number 2, Olivia's prettier than Dani, even though in this particular scene there's a marked difference between how round and full Olivia's face is compared to Kathy's long and narrow one.
Number 3, Liv made a very valid point: "Kathy, why do you care?  You're getting divorced."
Which Kath nicely countered, pointing out that divorce doesn't mean she stops caring about his life altogether. 

Either way, I really liked that scene between the two women.  I've always wanted to see something like that play out, but could never figure out a believeable scenario. They just have a very interesting dynamic, with Elliot being the common unifying factor.  Almost like an old/new wife dynamic, except that Olivia's not involved with him romantically.  Yet.

Anyway, for all the reasons Olivia mentioned, a lot of people think the show would be ruined if the partnership ever became something more.  I sympathize with them.  They make valid points, and sometimes even I think that such a ship ought to remain in fanfic land.  I would hate to be one of those people* who can't accept that a man and a woman can be friends without there ever having to be something more.   That's the kind of logic the slash shippers use.

*Except that's totally the kind of person I am.  Mostly due to my history of having at least a small crush on pretty much every guy I've ever been friends with.  (And once again I incriminate myself, making it a bad idea to ever willingly share this with people I know.)


Quote of the Week: Elliot (on he and Olivia being partners for 8 years), "I'm the longest relationship with a man you've ever had!" Spoken in anger in the heat of the moment, but that had to sting.  I would say it was low, but Liv HAD already hit below the belt when she snapped that he was only sympathizing with the ex-husband because his own marriage was dying.

The end scene: oh, that was sweet.  Sweet in a friendship kind of way.  I love scenes like that.

I am easily fooled. So yeah, I believed the dad's side of the story.  Who wouldn't, after that teaser showcasing a loving father who just misses his kid?  Especially since Cleo Finch always looks like she's just detected some unpleasant odor?

I felt horrible for the girl.  I wouldn't have even hesitated to tell my father where we lived.  I mean, what a bitch of a social worker, cutting visits short for no reason at all.  And Mom came across as fairly bitchy too.  So I was all on Dad's side, and even when it came down to Elliot vs. Olivia, I sided with Dad.  I do think that Liv sometimes has a tendency to personalize abuse cases (especially abusive alcoholics) a bit much, so I was all for Elliot being the voice of reason. Up to a point.

I was just as easily swayed back after "loving dad" SET HIS EX-WIFE ON FIRE.  Because, whoa.  If you're crazy enough to LIGHT A HUMAN BEING ON FIRE, plain old raping them seems like par for the course. 

Until you get to the end, and realize she was just setting him up in some kind of revenge scheme. EVIL BITCH.  Do you think he would have killed her if his crazy vindictive ex-wife wasn't so hell-bent on framing him for rape?  Because I don't think he would have.  I think crazy dad was teetering on the edge between reason and insanity, though probably getting better the longer he abstained from drugs and booze, but the arrest quickly flipped him over the edge, leading to the gasoline and the fire.

That was some make-up job on her, huh?  Burns all over her body, leaving raw flesh open so that I couldn't bear to look at it, fake or not.  And then when the pain kicked in and she started screaming like that...I wanted to run out of the room. I settled for the mute button, but still...that was one powerful ep.

And also, Elliot has now signed the divorce papers.  Which I've been telling him to do for weeks now, but is it wrong if I still feel like weeping a little?  I know, I'll go hug him and cry on his shoulder.  Wait here, I'll be right back.

Episode 2, last night
I'm good now.

This week it was all about Finn.  Which a was a nice change from the Elliot-and-Olivia heavy stuff we've had lately, but I am beginning to go into severe withdrawal from lack of good 1-liners from Munch.  Why is he getting shafted lately?  Hell, why has the team stopped working cases AS A TEAM?  I am not sure I like this split, and I hope it doesn't lead into what CI is doing this year, alternating partnerships.  Because while that format totally works for CI, it would make me less happy on SVU.

So, case.  It was good, even though I've seen this plotline before too.  Haven't you?  The one where the guy with a total lack of self esteem goes out raping women and demanding that they praise and/or thank him for doing so, and generally pretend to be enjoying it.  I mean, it's nice that the show isn't afraid to be like the real world and retread motives, as opposed to say Miami which feels a need to go out chasing Iranian terrorists rather than solve the case of another dead hooker, but...

One major detractor from this episode - the rapist was Random Indian Dude from Grey's Anatomy, the one Meredith picked up for a 1-night stand and who came in later with a severe case of priapism.  So naturally, every time I see this poor actor, I think of either that, or just he and Meredith having sex.  Either way, I think "gross" and feel sick to my stomach.

Tying back to my whole "I want to see the team work it," though, I wasn't pleased with the decision to bring in the detective from Brooklyn.  He served his purpose, I guess, but I was disappointed that neither he nor Finn noticed how GLARINGLY OBVIOUS it was when the random janitor - who fit the racial profile as well as the "need to be praised" detail - took such an interest in the case.  It took them way too long to figure that out.  Also, I am severely disappointed that the stupid woman would HELP HER SON ESCAPE after he's made it clear that he takes pride in raping women.  I"m not saying she needs to disown him (though, really), but there's a difference between "still loving your son" and "letting him go free to continue hurting people."
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