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Tiva, Tiva,, I mean "NCIS"

I feel like it's been ages since I mentioned this show.  Oh right, it has.  I'm sorry, Future Self.  Standoff has been so much more entertaining, for the most part.  And when NCIS *is* really good, then it's SO good that I feel like I'll never find the words to properly describe how much I liked it, and so I put it off and put it off, and then I forget about it.

So: Suspicion (fair warning, this is in only moderately chronological order)

This episode was sort of like a cross between Ravenous and...take your pick of episodes about terrorists.  Mostly Ravenous.  The "boondocks hicks" theme was very much in play again, complete with an evil local sherrif.  (damn it, I spelled that wrong, didn't I?  I NEVER get it right.  That and calender...calendar).  You know, just once I would love the local team to be, like, amazingly awesome at their jobs and show up the regular stars from the big city at every turn.  Ah well.

The first scene after the theme song was golden.  How hilarious that Tony and Ziva come in picking on McGee, but then when the attention turns to Tony, Ziva leaps over to McGee's side, whereupon they form the new heckling team.  Hee.

[Edit: Oops!  Almost forgot about Tony and McGee spontaneously bursting into "Duelin' Banjos."  Hehehehe...funny.  I was shocked that Gibbs didn't headslap them at any point]

I almost wept with laughter when Lily from Grounded For Life showed up as the boondocks' lab tech.  Well, first I wept because McGee, seriously, she's like the age of your sister and BAD LOVE INTEREST WARNING (as if this show has any other kind), and then I wept with laughter because much as I like that actress, she is always going to be Lily to me.  Cool how well she and Abby got along, though.  I had a feeling they'd match up well.

Have I mentioned my love for Mark Harmon lately?  When the Arab guy said that his wife and daughter were killed in an attack, you could see Gibbs falter a tiny bit, reminded of his own family.  It wasn't much, just an uncomfortable swallow, but it was definitely there.

Yes, yes I DO love that Ziva's concern for Tony is becoming so blatantly obvious that even Gibbs feels a need to start commenting on it.  I love how she bulldogged the topic to death and refused to let it go, no matter how many times Gibbs made sarcastic remarks like "aw, you two got married and didn't tell me." I also think that when Ziva DOES find out, she's going to go for some serious revenge.  When she finds out that all her fretting and worrying he was suffering from some serious illness turns out to be nothing more than a girlfriend - oh man.  Heads are going to roll.  Because the nervous fretting, in retrospect, kind of makes Ziva look like a fool, and Ziva DOES NOT like looking the fool.  But...why is Tony keeping this relationship a secret, again?  If it's not Grenouille-related, then there should be no reason for the secrecy...right?  My head suddenly feels like exploding.

The last scene?  Ew.  That's enough frolicking in bed with DiNozzo.  Really, I got enough of that between last episode and 'Under Covers,' and PLEASE STOP NOW.  We're all well acquainted with Tony's chest by this point.   Admittedly, I'm a bit curious about dying to know what those surveillance photos were for, but I sincerely hope they a) make their way into Ziva's hands at some point in the near future and b) bring about the end of the...whatever you call the unholy 'ship.  Basically, I've got two theories - #1, Moussad is spying on Tony for the same reason they were in the season premiere, whatever that was... or #2, which I just came up with but like even better, which is that Jeanne is using Tony instead of the other way around.  I'm suddenly in a much more cheerful mood.  Think how fun it would be if Miss Benoit turned out to be some kind of secret double agent!  I have no basis for this other than a deep-seated desire to see them break up by the end of the season if not sooner.  But I'd much rather that Tony's heart be broken and stomped upon than captured by a woman not named Ziva.

(Fine, I've fallen for Tiva hook-line-and-sinker, forever and ever from now until the end of the series.  Blame Sheep. )

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