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[*glares at misbehaving LJ* FINE. I will post in your ridiculous HTML window but I am ANGRY AND BITTER about it.]

So I've decided that the theme song for this week's episode of Lost - as far as the love quadrangle is concerned - should be Clay Aiken's "I Survived You." It's applicable in so many ways!

Lost, 5x11, "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Of course Ben lived. -.- You know what, Sayid's a badass assassin. Surely he could have aimed for the head and made his shot. People are always surviving from chest wounds; doesn't anybody pay attention to television? Head shots, though, even if you don't kill them outright, seem much more likely to cause permanent comas or at least severe brain damage. Come on, man. I thought you were a professional.

In other news, I reject this return to traditional flashbacks, reject it HARD CORE! Kate flashbacks have always sucked, and I'm not sure they were worth it even to wrap up one of Sawyer's extenuating storylines. Fact: Cassidy is a friggin' BITCH. I think I liked her once upon a time, and thought she and Kate would get along pretty well, but then she went and called Sawyer a coward for jumping out of the plane, and that was my cue to have a Mean Girls-style vision of pouncing on her and tearing her apart.

Clementine grew up really pretty, though (how could she not, being related to Sawyer?). And it's nice to know that Aaron is back with his proper grandmother, at least even though I still think my theory that Kate would smother him to keep him 'safe' held merit. It's also quite the relief to know that Kate's impetus for coming back to the island had nothing to do with Sawyer, even as a bittersweet door slams shut in my heart.

(although, I thought we had all pretty much agreed that Claire was in Island Ghost form now? If that holds true, Kate's going to be going "D'oh!" just a little bit)

Speaking of the love quadrangle...God, I'm so confused.

You know, despite the fact that I proved in my opening statement how I don't care so much about Young Ben's well-being, it somehow didn't preclude me from yelling "You lousy son of a bitch!" at Jack several times over the course of the evening. Now, I like Season 5 Jack; his decision to stop "fixing" everything is refreshing and part of me feels for him when he says things like "You didn't like the old me, Kate," and wants to think about his mix of emotions and motivations. But it's a lot easier to just be mad at his selfishness. Juliet needed you, sir! When Juliet needs anything, you drop everything and come running! That's just the rule!

I'm *so* happy that she confronted him about it, with a wonderful blend of anger and disappointment. And because an episode isn't complete without Juliet breaking my heart in some way, she so got to me with her "We didn't need saving!" speech. Ah, so many memories, so much old emotion stirred up. I think someone needs to write me introspective Juliet fic right here, about all the things she and Jack aren't and never will be, but might have been. Or at least all the things that Jack used to represent for her.

None of this stopped from having powerful Jacket-shipping urges right here. They were just so damn pretty together, and Jack is currently a tad more physically attractive than Sawyer?

And then, oh, Kate & Sawyer's Ben-rescuing partnership. Terrifyingly rife with possibilities for things to go horribly, horribly wrong, and I didn't even know how to define the word - was it worse if the sparks flew, or if they didn't? I did not know how I felt just yet. Besides, you just know that as soon as I come to accept something and rationalize it to myself, they're going to screw it up and go in the opposite direction.

Too late, I know how I feel. Because of this: "[Juliet] said no matter what he's gonna grow up to be, it's wrong to let a kid die." WIN. "That's why I'm doing this. I'm doing it for her." *squeals and forgets the hell about Skate*

But just to make sure I don't go back on my promise, there's an extended conversation in the woods, in which Sawyer takes the necessary sledgehammer to the last vestiges of my Skate-shippin' heart. "You and me woulda never worked out. I wasn't any more fit to be your boyfriend than I was to be that little girl's father." Which is not entirely untrue, but those are just words, and I might have written them off as self-deluding lies if not for the way he delivers them.

The fact that he can say this to Kate with no underlying UST pretty much finishes it for me. There's a twinge of pain after she divulges Cassidy's theory about why he jumped, but it's not - I can't explain this very well, but it's not like it brings up a rush of emotion to contradict her. There's acknowledgement of past sentiments, but it's like the way you'd admit to a crush you had in middle school, twenty years later. There we go.

So I think...I need to put them on a shelf. :( I don't like the shelf. I hate putting ships on shelves and admitting they're over. But this one? This one is over and belongs to the past. Unless Darlton does something crazy with the unpredictable time-traveling variable, which they might very well do, in which case I could still pull it out of storage at a moment's notice.

By the way, Miles and Hurley's argument about time travel logic(istics) MADE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF. God. Why do you have to make things complicated like that? The Doctor just waves it all off as "a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff" and you stop caring.

And finally, uh-oh. Ben looks sufficiently terrified by the sight of Locke. Anything that terrifies Ben cannot possibly be good for the rest of us.

Law & Order: SVU, 10x17, "Hell"
Stabler tossed out "Ryan Seacrest" as another name for the Devil in this episode. Really? Seacrest? There's not a mean, sarcastic British judge on the show who might fit the bill better? All righty then. (Although, hee on Munch taking Cragen's orders with "I hear and obey, O Lord of Darkness.")

Otherwise...yeah, wow, I'm pretty sure I had snarky comments to make in the first half, but then the episode just completely blew me away and left me speechless. So that's that.

I'd just like to point out the thrill of them discussing the International Criminal Court - topic of my group research paper in Miserable Class of Death - and how I vaguely recognized what they were talking about and was abnormally excited as a result.

Finally, in honor of the finale tonight - and the fact that whatever the 1-hour retrospective is, I'll be watching Survivor instead - I decided to my own version of nostalgic meandering. I've been meaning to post this for a while, and I was going to do pictures and everything, but then I decided I didn't want to tangle with that many picture links (never mind finding them). If it's truly imperative, the main cast list on Wikipedia should help.

My Top 10 ER Doctors

1. Abby Lockhart
I can't even explain my love; it's just there. All her ups and downs and 180-degree spins, for so long she's represented the heart of the show. There's something familiar and comforting about her, despite her instability.

2. John Carter
He grew up on the show (even if I didn't see the early part of it). He's always pretty much going to be my epicenter. It doesn't hurt that he's terribly swoon-worthy. (This is a legitimate reason for listing a doc in my favorites, as you will soon see)

3. Luka Kovac
Rowr. More so in the later years, after he matured - I still remember how shocked I was to go back to, say, season 6 after watching him in season 13 and see how emotional and volatile he could be - but either way, that accent! And he had storylines that stuck with me - his original family and work in Africa, to name two.

4. Susan Lewis
She always seemed like one of the most normal, down-to-earth, average doctors. And so good natured - more than anyone else, I think she's the doctor I would like to have treat me in real life.

5. Neela Rasgotra
I liked Neela better before she got all detached and confident and surgical and...whoreish, but med school Neela was love.

6. Elizabeth Corday
I literally cannot put into words all the ways I love Elizabeth. I just do. My Alex Kingston love started here for a reason.

7. Tony Gates
Genuinely amusing, never mind easy on the eyes. I've more or less been in love with his easygoing personality since day 1.

8. Mark Greene
Not much to look at, but a great demeanor with patients. Probably the way I would have felt about Doug Ross if he wasn't George Clooney, Movie Star in my head.

9. Lucien Dubenko
Because aw. He's always been a hard one to figure out - there's something slightly off about him - but he's brilliant, and who among us doesn't love how endearingly awkward he can be when it comes to expressing emotions?

10. Jing Mei Chen
I always liked her sharp tongue and snappy wit.

11. Robert Romano
I literally couldn't choose between the last two on my short list. I just got *such* a kick out of his surly crankiness, without fail. He hated everybody except Corday, his dog, and possibly Lucy Knight. Good company in my book.

Five Doctors I Couldn't Stand

1. Kerry Weaver
Shrill, grating, harsh, abhorrent, unpleasant; there are not enough words in the universe to accurately describe my loathing for Kerry Weaver, and the endless story arcs of her lesbian awakening and the custody battles over Henry didn't endear her to me either. Nobody else was ever one-tenth as annoying as her.

2. Kevin Moretti
Smug, arrogant ass.

3. Victor Clemente
Think the annoyance factor of Morris, except mentally unbalanced and even more annoying - and mercifully, also much briefer.

4. Greg Pratt
I love Mekhi Pfeiffer, but there was pretty much never anything at all that I found likable or interesting about Pratt, and the dude just WOULD NOT LEAVE.

5. Crenshaw
Balding! Bug eyes! The most obnoxious personality ever to work on the surgical floor of the ER! Sweet holy lord, he didn't even appear that often and I still wanted to kill him at every turn.

5. Simon Brenner
I feel like this is pretty obvious, right? Pretty...obvious. Basically he made my skin crawl and/or lip twitch.
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