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Think of this as my unofficial preview to the happiness meme in which I was tagged

Sometimes, my dad's incessant watching of PBS is a good thing - like when I wandered downstairs last night at the absolutely perfect moment, and heard that the first part of the "Lost in Austen" miniseries, which I didn't even know was airing, was about to start.  Excellent timing, me!  I've always meant to watch this at some point, but hadn't gotten around to it on my own yet.  And once I forced myself to sit still for the first five minutes, I was hooked beyond a doubt.  Mostly because nobody told me that ALEX KINGSTON is Mrs. Bennet!  And it is the greatest thing ever!! 

I mean, pretty much everything's great - Mr. Bennet's dry sarcasm but kind heart, Jane being very very pretty, Charlotte Lucas being adorable, Kitty & Lydia being much more charming than the brats they are in the book, and Amanda Price fitting in better than I could have hoped for - but there's something especially wonderful about Alex Kingston wailing and wringing her hands nonstop. 

And/or getting excessively dark & threatening towards Amanda!  (awesome) Rule #1, don't even look like you're getting between a Bennet girl and a potential husband.  For example, snogging Bingley right outside the dance is probably frowned upon.

Although I'm kind of distressed at how unattractive Mr. Bingley is.  Keira Knightley is the only Elizabeth to ever outshine her elder sister in the pretty department, so let's try and match attractiveness quotients, mmkay?  And there were a few too many moments where I found myself wincing in horrible embarrassment pangs.  But for the most part, it was utterly superb.

Finally, I'd just like to point out that there's a middle ground between wanting a romance straight out of Austen, and rejecting a guy who halfheartedly shows you a ring when he's completely drunk.  Let's respect that, Mrs. Price.

Now I'm torn over whether I want to try and round up the rest of it right now, or wait patiently for PBS to dole it out - the latter is less convenient, but has the added bonus of snipping out anything potentially unsavory along the way (I mean, you'd think I could trust it not to be too vulgar, but I'm afraid I don't trust British TV anymore.  I especially don't trust it after this character randomly pulled down her pants in front of Lydia to try and flush out the camera crew she was convinced was hidden somewhere.  What is that!)  

I also finally caught up on the last three episodes of Law & Order: UK (Louk, I think, is how I can abbreviate this show).  It continues to be fresh and exciting at every turn: not least when Ronnie is "fluent in Illegible" or talks about having cars "forensicated" (Natalie & Matt, in unison: "FORENSICATE ISN'T A WORD").  Or when Matt is deliberately making flirty, suggestive eyebrows at Alesha ("Skin cells, human detritis...stuff you'd find in any mattress."  "Not my mattress"), while Ronnie just looks disgusted with him.  :D Seriously, these three could carry the show all by themselves.

#5, despite its dark subject matter and irritating focus on Steel, enchanted me just for the cool architecture of the place where the boy's body was found.  And #6, despite continuing irritating focus on Steel, at least showcased Alesha at the same time and gave her several opportunities to wear a cute winter cap in the manner of Connie Rubirosa, as well as show her supportive and caring side.  Also, fantastic Middle Eastern incidental music in all the scenes.

(Although, what, WHAT, how were the detectives just allowed to vandalize that sports shop?  Swinging golf clubs and breaking trophies until the manager let them see what they were looking for?  Bad police!  Bad!  I expect to see lots of damages being paid immediately!)

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