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Happiness Meme, Day 2:
+ I broke out my collection of video clips and watched all my very favorite Jim/Pam scenes of the year - namely from Weight Loss, Business School, Frame Toby and Stress Relief, several times over  - to remind myself why I don't hate everything about this season.  Cheered me up immensely.

+ I finally finished reading last week's Entertainment Weekly, and in the article on Supernatural, the author says "There's also a very creepy subset of romantic fan fiction dedicated to siblings Sam and Dean called 'Wincest' - the less said about it the better."  And at the end of it, she adds "The actor playing the new sibling is a Wincest buff's dream - he looks so much like Padalecki and Ackles he could be their magical gay offspring."  BWA-HA-HA-HA!   [They are soooo getting angry letters to the editor next week, but it was worth it.]

+ Said magazine also has the first photo from "Away We Go."  *snips with all possible haste*

+ I watched most of "The Nanny Diaries" and even though I normally can't stand Scarlett or little kids, it's funny and sweet and charming.

House, 5x20, "Simple Explanation"
Was that really Meat Loaf?  That...doesn't look very much like the guy I thought I knew as him.  Also, I love how he got completely overshadowed and rendered insignificant because

WAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH WHAT I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY DID IT.  Spoilers for the win - Ausiello did warn us that a major character on one of his most-talked-about shows was going to commit suicide, and absolutely nobody would see it coming - and some people even predicted Kutner (among many other guesses, various shows), but all those spoilers fled my brain until we saw the body in the bedroom.  At which point my jaw fell open and a series of incomprehensible shrieks made their way out of my mouth.

One annoying new duckling down, two to go.

No, gosh, I don't know, I don't even know how to feel about things!  They told me tonight would be a "House's Head" or "Three Stories" plane of jaw-dropping and I did not believe them, but that is exactly what they delivered.  My head's still spinning.  THIS IS BOLD.  SO BOLD.  SO COOL. 

It's not even so much the fact that they got rid of Kutner (you know who we should hire to replace him, is Cole The Black Mormon) - even though I'm sure I've uttered a death wish for him at some point - as that I'm just thrilled to bits by their audacity.  It's not even sweeps and it's a major character.  And no warning!  The no warning kills me!  (HAH BAD PUN!)

(This does not stop me from wondering, if I had the energy to comb back through old episodes, would I find the warnings with hindsight?  What was that one episode where Taub was defensive and growly about suicide?  I can't remember how Kutner reacted!  Curse my sieve-like memory -- OH MY GOD, DEATH CAT!!!  We all played it for laughs!  Do we feel ashamed of ourselves now?  Because I have a kind of sour taste in my mouth all of a sudden)

Damn, I have so much respect for TPTB.  And I haven't even mentioned the part where I liked how they put their Season 1 filter back on and filmed the whole hour in dark and gritty tones of muted color, casting a symbolic pall over everything.

Who let House in the room with the grieving parents, by the way?  Stop believing House can be capable of emotion except in the rarest and most extreme circumstances which involve Wilson and maybe Cuddy or Stacey!  You had to know he was just there to solve the puzzle, right?  Haven't we established several dozen times over how obsessive he is about knowing WHY?  Suicide without forewarning or, apparently, a note, is like a great big extra-deluxe birthday package of whys. 

An incomplete survey of things that were amazing:

+ Wilson! (that should cover it)

+ Cuddy!  Being sympathetic, without being naive and romanticizing House's emotional pain!  ("I'm sorry for your loss."  "Not my loss."  "Then I'm sorry you don't think it is.")

+ I like that Taub is the only one who insists on throwing himself 100% into the case of the week

+ I even liked it when Foreman finally took Hadley's hand at the gravesite (YOU KNOW ME AND MY SAD SHIPPY SCENES) 

-One thing I didn't like, during the brief moments I paid attention to or cared about the case: WOW, UNETHICAL DOCTORING MUCH?  "You should agree to undergo a probably-lethal surgery.  Don't think of it as 'voluntarily dying' so much as 'saving your wife's life.'  I mean, you love your wife, don't you?  PROVE IT BY DYING FOR HER." 

And never mind the ethics; I love how, per usual, life takes precedence over everything and no one asks the wife whether she'd actually like to live without her husband.  Personally, I'd find it highly convenient if my husband and I were dying at the same time, especially if we got to share a hospital room at the end and didn't have to be apart.

This is where Taub comes in and is actively awesome, rather than passively good like Cameron.

+ The online memorial is fantastic.  I love the notes written by Wilson et. al. 

-I can't seem to stop playing Hodges' "My Side of the Story," which I'm doing right now while typing, and of course I can't help but thinking, they should clearly have played this instead of the horrible, dull, never-ending song they used for the actual funeral/ending montage.  So what if it was just used on Criminal Minds?  I mean, just for starters:

Why is life making me hollow,
Why is happiness casting me in the shadows?

P.S. I am admirably biting my tongue and not talking about how lame it is to quit a hit TV show, where you inexplicably have tons of fans of your character, to go work for the White House.  Nope.  Not even a little bit. 

. Medium, "All in the Family"

1. I almost always love it when extended family members get in on the action.  Joe's sister Sarah was no exception.  Even though I can't get over how much she looks like that blonde woman on "My Name is Earl."  His dad is also welcome to show up and chat with Allison whenever he likes; I love him.

2. The little hamster in my brain was spinning its wheels wildly, but completely failed to put together the obvious clues of this week's mystery.  I figured the ex-fiancee hadn't really skipped town, but there was just no way I was going to guess that she had helped him cover up the murder of his sister, gotten into a car accident, been mistaken for his sister, required extensive facial reconstruction until she looked exactly like she used to look with only a barely-visible scar (seriously, I didn't even know what Allison was looking at until she explained it), and then some years later helped dispose of his mother's body as well when she started asking questions, hiding behind her new identity to let all the DNA evidence show it was the missing fiancee.  Yeah.  No.

3. In a related note, I love how Devalos has all these friends constantly afflicted with murders and/or disappearances.  It's like his entire caseload these days.

4. Relieving proof that I am not yet parent material: I see nothing wrong with allowing April to go on an overnight ski trip with her friend's family, regardless of whether or not said friend has a slightly older brother (slightly as in "two years older, still in high school") who might be bringing some of his friends.  I mean, the parents are going to be there, right?  Is the brother just supposed to stay home?  What horrible illicit activities are they really going to get up to there?  It's like a school trip, really.

5. That teaser was creepy.  I'd rather not have nightmares about a 5-year-old being coaxed to shoot her parents, thank you.

6.  To be continued!  What!  How dare you! 

And finally...I was going to wait until later in the week, but the premiere of "Southland" has been online for a few days now, and since Thursdays are already overstuffed, I decided I should watch anything early that I can.  So:

Despite NBC's best attempt to kill my interest with over promotion - to the point where after just four hours of NBC in the past week, I felt like I could probably walk you through the pilot word for word, sight unseen - the show was able to shake that off and stand on its own two feet.  And what feet!!  Oh, I like this.  I like it a lot.

Bad points first:  I think that narrator at the beginning could get real annoying real fast, as could all the bleeping.  I realize it would be almost insultingly unrealistic to follow FCC rules to the letter, and a bleep is better than hearing the actual language (YAY NETWORK TV!), but at the same time...there's a reason I don't watch "Cops."

I also find myself wincing, cringing, and having to mute it whenever Ben makes mistakes or says something wrong that's too embarassing for me to sit through.  I'm hoping he grows out of this awkward newbie stage before too long.

That's all I can think of in the bad column, because I freaking LOVED everything else; I was glued to the screen and couldn't take my eyes off it.  My favorites are, obviously, Ben and the cool blonde (don't leave me for SWAT, pretty blonde lady!  I need you there to keep Ben sane and avoid channeling his Ryan Atwood Fists of Rage!). 

I might go so far as to say they're the only ones I actively like so far, but I don't hate anyone yet either; everyone's pretty neutral right now (but I expect that to change rapidly - the black woman has potential, whereas I've got a measured dislike for the guy who got shot and unfortunately didn't die). 

Besides, I was really entertained by the fast pace of the stories and how they jumped from one to another without any real transition, and how I think we were supposed to feel almost as disoriented as Ben, jumping in feet-first with little to no introduction, and somewhat detached from it all.  I feel like there's a really huge cast; am I wrong?  I gave up on trying to learn names almost immediately; I'll just wait until they sink into my permaconscious. 

(...on second thought, you don't want to know how long that took on CSI.  We were halfway through season 3 and I was always like, "The black guy, what's the black guy's name...Warrick!  Warrick who?  Wait, who's the grumpy detective again?  Does the coroner even have a name?")

And yeah, overall it's just...really cool.  I'm a little bit afraid it's going to end up as nothing more than West Coast NYPD Blue, which I quickly determined was WAY too vulgar and coarse and gritty for me, but right now...I love it.  I love it to the point where I almost don't want to analyze it in detail on a weekly basis, because I just want to soak it up and relax and soak it up.  Maybe LOUK and Southland can just be the shows I pair up & watch at my leisure, because they kinda have the same tone.

*attempts to explain one last time*  It's comparison, almost all my other crime shows are light fare; they move along and it's all fairly blah and I'm impatient to get rid of the case discussion so we can move on to the more interesting character interaction.  But this, I felt like I had to pay attention every second; every detail was important.  That's pretty cool.

P.S. Ben is fantastic.  I feel like I should say that one more time. 

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