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Special Blend Tuesday/Wednesday

Things-That-Brought-Me-Happiness Meme, Day 4
+ We have pop again!  *clings to Diet Pepsi* That was an unpleasant 3 days without it.  I don't get caffeine headaches or anything, but I do get quietly grouchy without that sparkling cola taste on a daily basis.

+ Meanwhile, my dog got a nice pressed bone, something she hasn't had in several weeks.  One of life's greatest delights is watching her run around showing it off to everyone for a few minutes, just holding it in her mouth, before she settles down to demolish it.

+ I caught up on several weeks' worth of additions to Once Upon a Win: have I ever mentioned how much I love this site?  I don't recognize half the stuff on there, especially when it comes to movies/TV, but almost everything I do recognize is like "HELL YEAH, THAT WAS AMAZING!!"  Some illustrious examples: The Last Unicorn (film), Sticky Hands, Cooties, Whistle Pops, Amelia Bedelia, Schoolhouse Rock, puffy stickers, the Fisher Price Kitchen, Bubble Tape, Koosh balls...

+ I just smashed another of those godforsaken ladybugs/Asian beetles in my room (2009 count: 11) to death.  Now there will be one less flying terror winging around the room at night, bouncing off my light bulbs and posters with that horrifying slapping sound before whirring towards my head.  In a related note, this is currently the #1 usage of my heavy platform sandals.

+ SOMETHING AWESOME on Without a Trace

-7x19, "Heartbeats"
Danny: I've been thinking a lot about that...
Me: Oh, oh, oh!  Yes!  Do it!  Go for broke, show!  You might never get another chance!
Danny: *proposes*


And I got all manner of hospital scenes for daydream fodder applicable to any ship, and Brian's not even dead, AND Jack's all grouchy and jealous which makes me LOL; you toss in some more Danny/Elena moments plus Martin remembering that he and Danny are friends and interacting as such, and LA VITA E BELLA, my friends!

*jumps up and down on a pogo stick*

The case was something involving a Russian matchmaker pulling the old "oh, please rescue my 'brother' from Old Country, darling, I shall be grateful forever, mwah!" which is not a very smart move when your darling has kinda mobbish ties.  It was fun but unimportant in the grand scheme of things, except in so far as it allowed Elena to dreamily talk about her belief in soulmates, to Martin's snarky skepticism (understandable, given that his first date in about 4 years appears to have some sort of shady and criminal side to her).

Of course, the soulmate talk is kind of importtant to the whole proposal thing, and while I am not immune to the fact that their conversation leading up to it was just maybe the tiniest bit cheesy and maybe caused me to wince or something, especially on the whole "I love you so much" stuff [I felt like it was fanfic lines coming off the page?], I CAN'T ARGUE WITH KISSING.  OR:

D: So marry me.
E: What?
D: Marry me.  
E: Are you for real?
D: Look, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow [hee!], I could get abducted by aliens [hee!]'s short.  Make me the happiest man in the world and marry me.
E: ...just the world?
D: The universe.
E: Good!  [and there is kissing, which is also good]
D: That's a yes?
E: Yeah, yes, stop talking!  [and there is another kiss and more hugging, which is even better]
Martin: (is sitting about ten feet away, glaring balefully and sulking about the fact that his romance is all sour and fake)  (okay, no, he's actually just sitting there with a wistful little smile, but I still think it's hilarious that he's observing this at all, and not a little sucker-punching for the poor guy.  Probably heard the whole thing.  Maybe he can mock Danny for some of those sentiments later.)

In case all of the above isn't enough, the video clip of above scene here, for as long as it lasts.

I am the happiest little Trace fan in the world.  Now on to Phase 2 of Operation: Kill RS With Squee Overload

I symbolically bit my nails down to the quick the whole time, terrified that the show would conveniently kill Brian off in the car wreck.  This notion was too horrible to contemplate.  If they killed him, how was I supposed to hope that he would one day usurp Jack's place in Samantha's heart and reclaim his rightful family??  Or, you know, I was just sad about the cruel irony of Fate making sure that Fin never knew his biological father after all.  Because his death seemed increasingly likely after the "critical condition" followed by "heart surgery."  

AND THEN HE LIVED, AND MY HEART'S JOY KNEW NO BOUNDS.  Never mind Samantha's tentative "He's probably going to need a lot of help...", which in conjuction with her previous comment about feeling like this was her fault (which, not really, at all, but feel free to keep thinking that!), can only lead to good things.  Even innocently good things are still good from my perspective.  Do you have any idea how amusing I find it when Jack twists himself up inside with little knots of jealous rage, all while stuffing it down and saying nothing?   It is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

That being said, it was fairly nice to have Jack at Samantha's bedside when she wakes up, slighlty out of it and not really grasping what's going on, except to mumble at him to "stay close" before falling back asleep.  That was pretty sweet.  I am in no way absconding with this scenario to apply it to every other ship in my fleet.  *whistles innocently*

Although not as nice as weepy Samantha at unconscious-with-a-breathing-tube Brian's bedside, clasping his hand and tearfully whispering about how Fin loves him and she wants him involved in his life.  (Also, not gonna lie, the fact that Samantha specifies how Fin needs a father instead of his father, in a writing move I'm sure is designed just to stab the eavesdropping Jack in the heart, is delightful)

Oh, oh, and the last bit, where Fin gets brought in for a visit?  He got very cute all of a sudden, and it was really adorable to watch Samantha cuddling her son.  Awww. 

P.S. Dude, Jack.  That's not cool.  Punching people in defense of women only works if at least two of the following are true:
a) you're hot
b) the other guy isn't pathetic and helpless
c) the other guy legitimately meant to cause harm 
None of these things were true about you sauntering into an interrogation room to deck the unsuspecting drunk driver in the face and then stroll out.  In conclusion, you suck.

Phase 3: Among a generous handful of Danny/Elena scenes ("What I want to do is crawl back into bed and start this day over."  "You and me both"), we get my very favorite thing of all, Danny bugging Martin about when they get to meet his lady he met on a case, and Martin saying they'll all go out to dinner or something.  Which, YES.  I LIKE THE VISUAL IMAGE THIS PRODUCES IN MY HEAD.  Although I'm not sure it's legal to pack that much Pretty into one table.  

(well, that and I'm also just highly enthused by Danny and Martin talking about her all, showcasing the increasingly rare friendship between the two, especially Danny trying reassure him that there are plenty of ways for a person to accidentally get a gun with the serial number filed off)

Phase 4: I forgot to mention that there's a convenient flashback of Martin in bed with...Kim, is that woman's name?, among other shots of her previous appearances.  So I've even got the visual of shirtless!Martin as a bonus feature.

In short, I'd like to symbollically propose marriage to this episode. 

+ Something ALMOST AS AWESOME on CSI: NY (details to follow)

-5x20, "Prey"
Oh, my.  Let me count the cliches in this teaser:
-Cups o' coffee bought around the corner (I've always wondered - do people in New York not own coffee pots?)
-Girl clad in guy's shirt and nothing else
-Cell phone interruption

None of these things will matter because ANGELL TEASING FLACK BACK TO BED = HOT, HOT, HOT.  Scorchingly hot.  To the point where I almost get embarrassed watching it the whole way through.  *shivers with joy*  It's, just, I, this ship literally needs to be illegal, so ridiculous is their combined gorgeousness.  I had a hint from somebody that this was coming, but I didn't see the promo, so really I was not prepared at all to be knocked over backwards like I was.

Er, apparently a lot of people think this scene was sweet.  I...kind of don't feel that way.  I merely bask in their hotness and have yet to really believe in the depth of their emotions.  They still seem to be in the hookup stage - exclusive in-a-relationship-hooking-up, but I'm not nearly ready to toss around L-words or anything like that yet.  Or even envision cute & cuddly moments, to be honest.  Give me two more days to invent sufficient daydreams.

Hey, I have hope, I have optimism!  I firmly believe they can get there!  But right now I feel like I did about Danny and Lindsay in the early part of s.3, cute and compatible but not necessarily destined to last forever (the irony still burns).  And it is a very rare thing when I can keep perspective on my ships like that, so I'm enjoying it while I can.  (Dear season finale, if you give me a horrible reason to suddenly believe in the depth of their emotions, as I suddenly fear you might, I will kill you in revenge.  Kill you until you are dead.)

Not, of course, that I am in any way disparaging this scene.  Because, you know, Flack in a pullover and jeans.  Angell launching sneak-hugs from behind/standing on tippy-toe to kiss him.  Flack handcuffed to a headboard.  These are not things I argue with.  And besides, this is muuuuch better context for casual!Flack than that vapid blonde bubblehead [2011 edit: super pretty lady!] he was messing around with way back when.  Um, and if it helps, I'm just going to back and be delighted by the way his eyes are glued on her the whole time he's distracted by the phone/e-mail.

*shakes self off*  Other stuff happened in this episode.  Yes.  I distinctly remember it being more than 3 minutes long.

I really liked the ethereal setup of the girl's suicide, white nightdress flapping in the wind, and would have enjoyed it more if they hadn't subseuqently replayed he fall about four times over the course of the investigation (STOP TAKING CUES FROM MIAMI).  I also liked the in-jokey connection to Providence; at least I choose to assume it was a tongue-in-cheek sort of in-joke.  Loved all the random evidence connection, and Stella's brief meeting with what I assume is a former professor, and oh yes, the CONTINUITY EXPLOSION.

That was madness, madness I say!  Stella referencing three old cases from across the seasons?  It's like they're trying to make up for Louie or Stella's childhood or something by distracting us with shiny continuity...well, it worked.  I even recognized all the cases before the flashbacks.  Weird.  I guess I've been paying more attention to this show than I thought.  And then just for the hell of it, they threw in Hawkes' ex-girlfriend and had Flack reference his sister to empathize with the grieving brother.  I think the writers might have been cranked out on meth at this point, unable to stop feverishly scribbling anything they could think of to call back past events.

And THEN, because this episode needed more reasons to be profound, I completely forgot this was Katharine McPhee's turn in the spotlight.  Woo!  I can't say whether they made good use of her or not, as I am biased and head-over-heels for her beauty and enchanting voice.  Which is an odd contrast to the fact that I only know of two of her songs that I like and generally don't keep track of what she's doing at all, but still, every time I see her it's a knee-jerk reaction of "OMG, KAT, I ADORE YOU."  So, that was nice.  Also nice that they sort of sympathized with her at the end, poor traumatized stalking victim, and made a point of telling her how difficult it would be to convict her without a confession.

Final Thoughts
-...I find myself helplessly captivated by every conspicuous shot of the wedding band on Danny's finger.  Why does that make men hotter? 

-Bike polo?  Why would you do a thing like that?  Horses are the only thing that make polo appealing at all.

-Why was the class roster not in any order whatsoever?  I just...don't even understand how a roster exists without being in alphabetical order.  This kind of thing bugs me.

-I liked Stella's involvement and the flashbacks to her teaching - she really is good at it - but I wished she would have been slightly less melodramatic about it being her fault and teaching people how to cover up murder and all that nonsense.  Come on.  Be reasonable. 

Leftover Reviews

NCIS, 6x21, "Toxic"
Abby episodes are always, unequivocally, the best stuff this show has to offer.  Not just because they nearly always involve her at least marginally being in danger (or at least people thinking she is), but because there's extra focus on how fun and bouncy and quirky she is.  Like when she names her teeth, boasting of how no Sciuto has had a cavity in forever, or we get to see her exit the dentist's office bound for her adorable little car. 

Or when she's whisked off an adventure with the Feds, and she does in fact turn it into an adventure. Who among us can resist the bright & chirpy way with which she answers Gibbs' phone call?  I love that she's completely non-plussed by his agitation, insisting that she's perfectly safe, in fact safer than at NCIS.  "They have bigger dogs."  I also love the first time he gets a video conference with the Secret Lab O' Mystery director, and he's generally threatening and demanding until Abby pops up on the screen and informs him wild horses couldn't drag her away.  "Oh hi, Abbs."

But the very best thing of all, and one which falls under my catalogue of "TV Show Props I Totally Want," is the wonderfully decorative cover art on "Abby's Lab for Dummies."  Just one of the many amazing things she does with the spare time you'd never know she had.  So much fun to watch Tony and McGee stumbling through lab work (because God knows, there are no other trained technicians anywhere in the vicinity, at least until Monday.  I couldn't help wondering if having untrained people processing evidence wouldn't harm their case in court just a tad?  Does McGee's Biomedical Engineering Degree from Johns-Hopkins really cover it?)

I lied; that's the second best.  The best thing is how Abby's eyes gleam at the prospect of launching a rescue mission for the poor lab bunnies.  Quite right, too.  There was a brown-and-white Dutch in there!  These are not your standard albino experimentations, dude!  Not that it's okay to experiment on albinos either, it's just...they look less abjectly like pets.

I also really liked Sgt. Robert King, which is why I spent the whol hour stubbornly trying not to believe he was as suspicious as my years-of-crime-drama-training-which-occasionally-actually-help said he must be.  I love the friendship they struck up!  I was as devastated as Abby when she found the empty room.  Boo, ending, boo.

Other things of win:
* Upset!Abby pacing around, raving about "Rule #1, DON'T LIE TO ABBY" and "Hi, I'm Abby Sciuto, international bioweapons dealer." 

* Ziva babbling about how annoying Tony's incessant babbling is

* Abby sending a fake e-mail from "Gibbs" to trick Ton & McGee into coming down the lab, whereupon she remote-control locks the door behind them until they join Palmer in clean-up duty.  The fact that Jimmy is grinning happily at them as he cleans up is just the icing on the cake.

In short, this episode was love.

Law & Order: SVU, 10x18, "Baggage"

First, let's take a moment to contemplate how I am surprisingly not okay with this show being renewed for next season (I had already fully prepared myself for its demise!  More distressingly, its renewal only puts Medium, another 9 PM procedural, in further jeopardy), but how I am surprisingly okay with Hargitay and Meloni not coming back. 

I mean, I like them, but I've also grown weary of them.  I'd be perfectly happy if they stayed, just because I hate change, but at the same time I would not exactly COLLAPSE IN DISTRAUGHT WEEPING like the rest of the internet if they left.  It's probably just my biased preference for Fin and Munch coming out, but I don't think Olivia and Elliot are that desperately integral to the show.  It could easily survive without them, same as the other sections of this franchise.

I don't really have much to say about the episode, if only because, just like last week, it was too good.  but for different reasons.  This week I was too busy curling in myself and being very, very squicked by the horrific positioning of the naked/hogtied bodies (did the redhead really have to have her eyes open and staring?  Right into the camera?  A lot?).  So, so, creepy.  I may have nightmares.  Though at least they were definitely living up to their series title.

Also, whatever the grouchy solo detective's name is - Moran!  That's right!  I'm surprised nobody made Moron jokes at any point behind his back - I find him highly appealing and would happily accept him as a replacement for Elliot and/or Olivia.  Really liked the scenes with his daughter, too, which could easily have been dull or melodramatic but instead were just really humanizing.  

And as sorry as I am that Mariska had the collapsed lung and all...I have to say that whenever she's out of commission, Fin always gets to step up to the plate, and MAGIC HAPPENS.  I'm also pretty sure Munch got more scenes in this episode than he's had in a really long time.  He got to go outside and everything!  I don't think that's happened since he played the crazy bum!  *adores episode* 


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