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Numb3rs: "Finders Keepers"
So!  I attempted to pay attention to the show this week, but I found it supremely uninteresting and spent most of the time surfing the internet.  The CBS player is going again in the background right now, but am I watching the second time around?  Nope, I'm sitting here writing episode reviews.  Something about a sunken racing yacht or, I don't know/don't care... Liz was back.  Frick, I hate Liz.  There's just no way around it. Although I was amused when she was stalling on talking about them continuing a relationship, citing "this is the FBI," I got a chuckle out of Don's, "Ah, come on.  Tons of agents are together."  Especially the ones on crime shows.  Especially in the NY field office.  :)

Am getting tired of Millie (a/k/a The Experienced Expert of Everything) being Alan's love interest, especially when she gets to share in the family scene at the end.  That's Amita's spot.  I've decided it's only a matter of time until she and Charlie get married and have lovely-haired mini-geniuses overrunning the house.  I am not being facetious!  I spend ordinate amounts of time during boring classes avidly visualizing this.  Anyway.

Really, the only good part of this episode was the frustration between Don and Charlie when the latter had to lie to his brother's face about putting off his assignment for something else.  Charlie's very bad at lying.  It's clearly very distressing for him.   Stupid NSA.
ER: "A House Divided": Well, that was dull.

It was a filler hour, redeemed by the lack of Hope OR Archie, but otherwise serving mostly as a filler episode to set up 500 or so high-stakes plotlines for February sweeps (or at least the first one or two of them).  Now, I'm looking forward to those sweeps like mad, but this episode didn't do much for me.   A list of notable things (if it's not mentioned, I probably didn't care):

1) TV Squad blabbed about Eddie being Abby's dad after...I think his first appearance, so that was no shocker, and also why I wasn't feeling the anger or the tension between Luka and Abby no matter how much they griped at each other. That, plus I knew the direction the Curtis Ames storyline is going, and so I knew that any issues between them would be solved in short order.  Hostage situations have a way of putting things in perspective.

2) I forgot how long and drawn out goodbyes can be on this show.  I don't care if Laura Innes was the most seasoned cast member, I wasn't interested in a SECOND goodbye episode.

3) Wow.  That Alex is one bright kid.  "Hey, if I light a match inside an alcohol-filled glass, I can literally hold fire! . . .   OW!  Fire-filled glass is HOT?!"  *sarcastic clap*

4) Sarah! She was the best part of the night.  I loved how Gates was able to cheer her up with his variety of stupid faces, making her giggle against her will.  "Stop it!  I'm mad at you!" I loved the plethora of hugs.  I felt really bad for Meg, though, the way she turned away during that last one. She'll never be able to hug him like that again, and it clearly cuts to the quick. It's not that she's jealous of her daughter, per se, but...well, kind of.

Is it wrong if my angsty self kind of wants to see Meg commit suicide and Sarah go live with Gates?  And don't ruin my fantasies by pointing out how custody works and/or that they're not blood relatives.

5) Next week Two weeks from now: I cannot WAIT to see this all play out.
Dear Grey's Anatomy (a show which still makes me very very angry):

Rant 1: Stop torturing me and get Alex and Addison together already so they can get away from each other.  Those distasteful images have been in my head for weeks upon weeks now, and apparently they haven't even kissed yet.   ARGH.  So gross.  He looks like a little kid next to her.  He looks like he could be her son, and it's icky.  Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are cute compared to this.  Actually, now that Ashton and Demi have been together so long, they're turning into a fairytale romance for me, but no need to admit that.

Now, I was fine with the way Addison kept intercepting Mark and shielding Alex.  I don't know what transpired between Addie and Mark to piss the latter off so much, and frankly I don't care.  I just liked seeing Addison show him up and come to her student's rescue.  As a mentor.  At most, a friend.  NOT as a potential relationship that resembles all those news stories about high school boys and their teachers.

Rant 2: Meredith's family.  I like them even less than Meredith does.  I like them even less than Meredith herself.  Thatcher is all gross and bug-eyed, Meredith's half-sister sweet and big-eyed to be related to her, and too dopey and naive for me to like, and that stupid baby that's pretty much been in surgery since it was born? I have no sympathy for babies.  None.  Zero. They are gross. Sick babies are even grosser.  Meredith wondered if she was a horrible person for wanting the baby to just get well and go away.  Christina informed her that no, she wasn't.  Horrible would be if she didn't want the baby to get well.  I'm a step lower than horrible person, because all I could think about was how this baby's surgery costs must be skyrocketing, and how much money she was wasting for being, like, one week old, and how if this were a puppy or a colt, even if its parents were champions and beloved pets to boot, you'd do it a service and put it out of its misery already.

Rant 3: George's family.  I like them marginally more than Meredith's family, but I still hate that them and want all the hick piggies to run away and never return.  Oh, but remember the brothers' expressions at the end, when Callie and George were whooping/cheering/dancing?  Their eyebrows were near their hairlines, and the expressions read what the hell is wrong with them?  That was my expression.  Perfectly mirrored.

Rant 4: George and Callie.  NO!  No I tell you!  I hate Callie, I hate Callie, I hate Callie the Giant!  Not that bug-eyed George deserves any better, but still.

Rant 5: Izzie.  Since I'm already a step below a horrible person, I don't feel a need to apologize for the fact that I want to hold Izzie down by her hair and slap her across the face about twenty times.  With a fly swatter.  Am I supposed to feel sorry for her?  Because I'm not. I'm just disgusted.  She did not have a good reason to leave that check sticking on the refrigerator for weeks at a time.  Trust me, writing staff, it would have been more effective if she'd deposited the check on time (I'd even have let you keep her fretting about whether it was the right thing to do) and then weeks LATER had a patient needing expensive surgery touch her heart.  I would probably have still made the connection.  I just wouldn't have an anvil-shaped mark on my face.

(Semi) Rant 6: McDreamy...Meredith...yawn...I dont' really have an opinion on the fact that Meredith snores.  I find I don't really care whether Derek spends all night in her bed or not. Though I don't see the problem with watching someone sleep, as - unless they sleep with their mouth wide open and drool on their pillow - people tend to look particularly relaxed and/or vulnerable while asleep.  Also, it's very satisfying to just gaze at the pretty face of someone you love, but this is hard to accomplish while they're awake.  ANYWAY. I am amused that she complained about his morning breath, though.  Because while usually I don't like when realism intrudes on bedroom scenes, in the case of this couple there is no romanticized version to intrude upon.  Basically, this is how I always picture their sex life.  Though I try not to picture it often.  

Good Things
1. The scoliosis patient.  She's awesomely bitchy.  Reminds me of Kelly Osbourne, don't you think?  Anyway, I was pretty proud of her for talking back to the doctors.
2. Burke-and-Cristina.  They didn't really do anything in this episode other give each other stubborn looks, but I have infinite amounts of patience for this couple since they are still officially together and obviously still love each other.  Christina was camped out on the couch in Burke's room for the night, after all.  Is it hypocritical of me to yell at Seth and Summer for doing the exact same thing?  Probably.  I don't know, this one is just understandable.  Christina is a proud person.  A very proud and independent person.  She does not want to admit that she needs Burke more than he needs her.  Because obviously, even though they're both suffering equally,
whoever apologizes first will appear to be the needier one.  And that's unbearable.  It's an ego thing.

That is all.
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