RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

And on the 7th Day, the Happiness Meme exploded.

+ Starting with last night: as I was going to bed, my dog sat on the remote control and turned on my TV, and LO AND BEHOLD, there was Jordin Sparks on some talk show singing an acoustic version of "Tattoo."  Ooh!  Man, her voice is pretty.  Just like her.  I'd forgotten how much I adored her.  When that ended, I decided to randomly scroll through all the channels, and kept running across cool stuff.  (I've also clearly forgotten how rerun-happy network TV is late on Saturday night).  And...

Look at that, it's "Lost"!  And not just any episode!  Shannon's last one.  And not just any part of that episode!  I landed right in the last scene, just when she trips in the mud and Sayid catches up to her, so I got to watch that whole lovely "I will never leave you" scene and ohhhh, first ship!  First ship, I adored you; how you broke my heart that night in 2005!  Effing Ana-Lucia bitch...

And then a few minutes after that ended while I was still channel-hopping about to see what other goodies I could find, I got an early episode of Seinfeld I'd never seen, at odds with a CSI: NY episode whose plot I couldn't stand EXCEPT, I got to see Lindsay telling Mac and Stella about how she was going back to Montana, which is a scene I love.  Even my newfound hate for Lindsay can't touch how much I loved her in season 3.  I was afraid it might, but it hasn't.

Finally, just as I was about to give up for the night, I was on my way past Qubo (24 hour children's programming, near as I can tell), when they announced that they were about to read "Make Way for Ducklings" (complete with flute melody scoring!), which is one of the formative books of my childhood, so I even got a bedtime story.  :P 

+ I woke up super-early this morning (6:05!  This is unprecedented!) and fed the dog so my parents could sleep in, took a shower and then took Kym on a walk since I'd neglected her yesterday.  It was totally deserted at 8, so we crossed the normally busy street and strolled along the path past the athletic fields to the high school.  Since nobody was around, I draped the leash over her back and let her trot along at her leisure - without distractions, she's very good about staying within 5-8 feet of me (she'll stop and wait if she doesn't hear me following her), and coming back instantly when I call.  I even let her gambol about off leash in the hockey/soccer rink for a while.  Lovely crisp morning for it!

+ Easter baskets never fail to bring the happy right? The usual assortment of chocolate eggs/other Eastery shapes this year, including a solid milk bunny, plus two pairs of pastel socks and a package of jelly beans.  A very tiny, 2-serving package, but still - Jelly Belly in assorted flavors, joy!!  Like, you know how when you were a kid you wished there was some kind of magic gum or pill that would taste like anything you wanted?  JELLY BELLY DOES THIS.  You are eating a toasted marshmallow.  This is watermelon.  I mean, it's somehow still jelly bean texture, but the taste is ACTUAL MAGIC.

+ We went out for lunch after church, and while I made poor choices in my entree, as I do 80% of the time - it ended up being a tiiiiiny little portion - because it was Baker's Square we also got dessert.  And I made a heavenly choice in pie selection: French Apple Cream Cheese, which is basically a piece of cheesecake with apple pie filling on top, covered in crumb topping and whipped cream.  It is the best of all possible worlds.

+ GOODNESS GRACIOUS, Lost in Austen just gets better and better!  In a way where I need to make a list of all the things I enjoyed about part 3, despite the fact that I am only at the 33-minute mark!

Not necessarily in order:
* First, I'd just like to express my continued love for the theme song, with its lovely string music and the cool stylistic choice of having everyone/everything pop up like paper cut-outs

* Kitty and Lydia continue to be adorable and bouncy and giggly, and I want to be their sister.

* Stables!  Horses!  Hunting dogs!  However brief each of these things, they are still gorgeous.

* Jaaaaaaane!  While I am expressly relieved that Mr. Collins has not yet, ah, "come calling in the night," it is still horrible to watch her cringe, repulsed, every time he oozes his way on up to her.  Also, BINGLEYYYYY!  Cussing Darcy out and drowning his problems in drink and the company of boors!  (Well, one boor in a soldier's coat.  Whom he brings back to society.  But still.) 

I don't remember loving him this much in the book!  However, I think I sort of like this plot strand better than the canon version?  It is very distressing when Bingley thinks she doesn't care for him and so she suffers for months in silent agony; at least this way I get to watch him pine with equal grief.  And they could still annul that marriage for lack of consummation, right??  NEVER SAY THINGS CAN'T BE UNDONE, JANE.

Although if they really can't, I may or may not be close to advocating a Bingley/Lydia marriage which eventually involves him taking Jane as a mistress.  Give her a couple years; she'll get desperate enough.  And Lydia can learn the fine and ladylike art of turning a blind eye.  I feel so scandalous.

* This is my new favorite part: "She loves me still!  To what unrelenting misery have I condemned her, on your instruction?  Damn you.  Damn you and damn everyone who won't put a light in his window and stay up all night damning you!" 

* So every time I go to church, which is only twice a year now, I look forward to seeing which ship will be at the forefront of my wandering mind while I daydream my way through the service until it's over*.  Last year at Easter it was Jim and Pam.  Two days ago they would have been all cinched up to command my brain two years in a row - the last ship to do that was Mulder/Scully - but nope, today it was all about the tragic and torturous woe of Jane & Mr. Bingley and ways their tormented love might escape the stifling confines of her horrible marriage.  (I was only halfway through the ep when we left for mass, you see)

(*Look, nobody ever accused me of being religious)

* Wow, Wickham.  Since he has the coolest surname in Austenland (challenged only by Willoughby), I tend to forget what a giant weasel he is.  And even so, after every dastardly thing he does, I never pictured him being quite so...much of a loser?  He's really sort of icky, yet also even more pathetic than imagined.  But I especially didn't picture him as the kind of person who'd be all "Oh, here Amanda Price, let me help you gain re-introduction to proper society!  I shall take you under my evil reptilian wing and lead us both to riches!  As long as it is convenient for me."  It's...I don't know; I guess I at least expected him to be handsome, the way his literary version turns Lydia's head.  WHY ARE NONE OF THE MEN AS DASHING AS I PICTURE THEM BEING.

* Speaking of plot strands I love way better in this version than the book, I'm pretty sure that Wickham + Caroline would serve them both exceptionally right.  This should happen!  This should be canon!  (I don't like Caroline Bingley in the book, and I like her unpleasant little face even less here, especially after realizing she was the main witch in the Shakespeare episode of Doctor Who.)

+ Great Scot, I love Mr. Bennet!  In ridiculous amounts!  Almost as much as Mrs. Bennet!  I just love all the anger he's got towards his wife about his beloved Jane being married off to someone horrible.  And I cannot help laughing hysterically at how Mrs. Bennet throws herself into a tizzy about his HORRIBLY indecent sleeping in the study or wherever he is (incidentally, I don't care how I'm supposed to read it; I believe in their feelings of mutual love, buried way down deep inside!  Always have and always will). 

+ Speaking of how much I love Mrs. Bennet, she is HIDING OUT OF SIGHT IN THE CHAIR TO SPRING OUT IN JOY AND QUASI-INVITE HERSELF TO PEMBERLY AT THE DROP OF A HAT!  Completely ignoring the fact that he was engaged in conversation with Amanda when he extended the invitation.  *howls with laughter*

+ I love Georgiana.  I have a slightly harder time swooning over Mr. Darcy than most people do, but the thing that always, always gets to me is that bond with his little sister.  I may have squealed a little.  Or a lot.  I love her anyway, but you put the two together and it's just a recipe for joy.  Who else could sweetly, oh-so-innocently inquire if "This lady who's coming to stay...are you going to marry her?" and get a smile?

+ "I am not Elizabeth...the entire world will hate me..."
"Were that true, Amanda, I would fight the world.  You are the one I love."
*is squealy and does not care that on paper this looks like Mary Sue land, because on film IT IS GLORIOUS* 

I've been, like, extra-repulsed by him in this series so far, because he is always wearing the ugliest sneer.  Colin Firth's Darcy sneer is the equivalent of a sleepily yawning pussycat compared to this guy.  I can't even tell if he's good looking or not behind that expression.  But then!  This! 

As of this second, I've officially decided that Elizabeth is no longer necessary to the plot in any way.  Let her keep the fancy modern life!  Let Amanda be the understudy and marry Darcy!  I want this to happen!  Besides, her family's so easily forgotten her and embraced Amanda in her place (The Mrs. will too, once she marries off at least two more daughters - I bet Amanda would even know how to make Mary over and introduce her to suitable bachelors), that really...Elizabeth's return would only spoil things.  

* ...except for Elizabeth wouldn't ask Darcy to turn himself into a dripping wet, transparent-shirted beach fantasy in the reflecting pool.  So, maybe there are some benefits to the proper way of things.  -.-

----SECTION BREAK!  Now that I've written all of the above, time to finish watching:----

* Wow!  I was happy enough with Bingley bumbling about in maudlin drunkenness, but then he punches Darcy!  IT IS AWESOME.  I kind of want to read the book again now and just remember how much I love their weirdly balanced imbalance of a friendship.  I don't even know whether I want to laugh or cry at this scene.

*What, what, what, OKAY, the closet!lesbian Caroline is an impertinent interpretation of literary canon that I will not stand for.  If you're going to simper after Darcy and screw it up for Amanda it had damn well better for good and lustful romantic reasons!

* Incidentally, I also reject your "Georgiana is a shameless hussy and Wickham, He's Seriously An Honorable Dude at Heart" nonsense.

* Actually, what freaks me out the most right now is the fact that about a year ago, I fashioned a romance for one of my random characters, whose name happens to be Amanda, with a lovely and literary English man on whom I bestowed the surname Wickham (because it was just going to waste in Austen's world).  Ahahaha, coincidences!

* How stupid do you have to be to chuck the book into the water where any one of the characters could come along and see it?  *is annoyed* How did the last third of this episode get so bloody awful, so fast?
Numb3rs, "Animal Rites"
Oh God, I'm gonna get angry. I can feel it.  I probably shouldn't even let myself watch this one.

[CENSORED: About 700 words of anti-research ranting. In its place, let me show you a picture of some utterly adorable rattykins.]

IN CONCLUSION: IF IT IS CUTE, IT IS NOT OKAY TO HARM IT IN ANY FASHION FOR ANY REASON. ("Cute" is here defined as "any vertebrate." Hey, you have a line; I have a line.)

Fortunately!  The episode quickly moved away from sadface animal abuse and into that much more black-and-white-world of LEGITIMATELY FUCKING CRAZY criminal terrorists. Because, come on. Torturing/killing people for testing on animals is not an appropriate response. Neither is destructive vandalism, not even something comparatively innocent like graffiti (I loathe graffiti. Make your own property ugly). Liberating animals...doesn't really bother me the same way, but:

There are conditions to this, the first being that you need to make sure they're actually being made sick and/or put in pain, rather than more innocuous research, and the second being that you don't "liberate" them by just opening cages and letting them RUN RANDOM AND WILD. *headdesk* They're not wild! Not even at heart! They are not really equipped to find their own food and battle the elements. They are equipped to get killed in a probably-painful manner with all possible haste, which doesn't make you that much better than the researchers.

Besides, people who think pets are slaves count in the "LEGITIMATELY FUCKING CRAZY" department and are why I finally shied away from labeling myself a believer in "animal rights" versus "animal welfare." Because I am 150% sure that my dog is just as happy, if not happier, being fed twice a day with occasional treats & chews, sleeping on my bed/the sofa, and being petted as she would be with scrounging for food and sleeping outside in winter just so she can be "free." Having pets isn't any more like slavery than raising kids is.

OK. I think it's all out of my system (though I reserve the right to pipe up now and again). So...let's see, what's left?

Sane thoughts on actual episode:
1. Ooh! You know what those idiotic eco/animal terrorists and their explodey bombs are good for, is sending Amita into a state of agitation, and then blowing out a window that causes everyone in the vicinity (namely, math profs) to shriek and duck for cover, all of which encourages Charlie to do a lot of putting his arm around Amita and pulling her close.

...God, these caps get dark when they shrink.

2. Incidentally, that was the most asinine flash mob I have ever seen. Jumping around and hooting in imitation of chimpanzees? Yeah, my love of animals doesn't blind me to when people are ACTING LIKE FOOLS.

3. What was the occasion for in the opening scene? Alan made a pizza (a comically tiny one under the circumstances, I might add), Don and Charlie were just getting back from a beer run, and Nikki, Liz, Larry and Amita were sitting around playing poker. Aside from the fact that Robin would have been more fun than Nikki, this is pretty much the greatest night of entertainment at Charlie's house I have ever seen. I'm going to pretend it didn't get interrupted until everybody was getting ready to leave anyway, because that was just way too much fun to ruin prematurely with murder and mayhem.

4. Eeeeh, goggies!! I loved them sending in the Bloodhound as a diffusing mechanism - admit it, there was something adorable about Crazy Boy immediately lowering his gun to coo at it and reach his hand out - but I really loved the adorable little mutt he rescued (WHO TESTS ON DOGS, SERIOUSLY. THAT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF SICKNESS). It's a very rare thing when I see a small dog that is as adorable as a big one, but this puppy fit the bill.

(How do puppies like this end up living in cages instead of having proper owners?!)

4. This screencap is just here to point out how adorable he is when he smiles at Amita, particularly when she's not paying attention. And also because it was the only good part of the ending.

5. I'm...sorry, but what, why? What? What was the point of all the girls going to play tennis? That is literally the most random thing I have ever seen this show do. More random than recruiting a pair of Lakers to play basketball for Cal Sci.

And while I'm here, kicking around The Post That Won't End Because I Couldn't Get Online Last Night And Then I Started The Meme This Morning And One Thing Led To Another, I want to add a few more specific things about Law & Order: UK 1x07, "Alesha," just because I can't stop hop-skip-jumping through it:

Stream-of-consciousness style!

1. That was DARK. So dark. Dark as in "I am still trying to scrub the sound of that video out of my head." But incredible. Alesha, victim once of assault and then of rape, and breaking my heart all over the place with her brave little misguided crusade. Matt, ready to throttle everyone with his bare hands in her defense (squee!)

2. Although I sort of felt like I'd deck him if he mentioned "This is Alesha!" one more time.

3. Hah! Natalie cracks me up. "As a woman, I'd like to cut off his dick with a rusty chainsaw and ram it down his throat!" (Ronnie: *quickly busies himself with paperwork, making a mental note never to cross her*)

4. Apparently the internet is all up in ranty feminist arms about how this was TERRIBLE and PATRONIZING and wrong and bad in all kinds of ways and I'm just like...the hell? I happen to like the fact Alesha's got this whole protective herd of men around her, awkward and not quite sure how to handle her but determined to do something about it anyway. And yes, I'm taking special glee in Matt's reaction to all this, just because I can.

5. For example, I love that he won't even look at the video, all arms crossed and head down on the other side of the room.

6. And! Snarly sarcasm: "Did you know she was going to do this?" "Oh, yeah. Yeah, I said, 'Hey Alesha, don't give up now, next time you might get lucky!'"

7. The internet is also up in arms about character assassination and how she wouldn't be stupid enough to try and do this on her own, knowing all the ways it would be attacked in court, which...yeah, I worried about credibility problems immediately too (sending away the nurse looks bad; the camera looks even more like entrapment), but it's very easy to be swayed by how passionately she gets involved in things; she's impulsive and emotional and there was the whole added layer with trying to help a friend who wouldn't help herself. So yes, I absolutely could believe she'd do all this.

8. Surely you know me by this point; rape is one of those scenarios I am always throwing out there in my mental playground to test out what kind of scarring it would leave on various characters. When they find a way to write it into canon, I'm delighted. It works much better when the victim's not already involved in a relationship. And even so, I'm highly impressed with their boldness and taking it up a notch beyond the teaser.

9. Speaking of which, way to RAMP UP MY FEAR OF GYNECOLOGISTS EVEN MORE.

10. Awww, and she's all forlorn and tiny, red-eyed and hunched over on the couch, swallowed up by the pillows. She stays rattled and on edge throughout the whole episode, but she never looks so completely helpless and vulnerable as she does right here. Her temper flares up magnificently for a second when she spits "Someone had to stop him," but then she sags again and all the fight goes out of her voice.  That's it; I need pictures.

11. I can't help but notice that a muscle keeps twitching in Matt's set jaw while she describes what happened. I am fond of this detail.

12. This scene.  I can't decide which I like looking at more, the pretty people or their lovely scarves.

13. There are probably more things I want to cover, but the short version is that there was nothing I didn't like about this. Nothing.

14. That was all sort of babbly and detached still, wasn't it? I apparently still can't form coherent thoughts because I'm still gobsmacked by how intense and powerful it all was.  *is happy and content*


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