RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

*repeatedly headslaps self*

Dear SELF:
If you're breaking up with Office, you need to break up with it ALL THE WAY.  If you're not going to watch it in any capacity, you need to stop sneaking in during CSI commercials, and most of all STOP READING OTHER PEOPLE'S REACTION POSTS, even if you swear "It was only 3, and I skimmed!"  Stop it with the spoiling and ruining it for Future Self who might maybe feel inclined to catch up with the season properly over the summer!

This is my way of saying I know some stuff and I'm desperately curious but I didn't watch the last two episodes and I can't watch anything until I go through those two properly (hell, even kind of the last three properly) because I am EXTREMELY OBSESSIVE about proper order.

The only bits I actually saw during commercials - because I was being good last night! - were a brief glimpse of Dwight apparently turning on his secret Michael alliance, whatever that was...okay...and then I caught the tag.  In which the Michael Scott Paper Company members were apparently having a contest to see how could stuff the most cheese puffs into their mouth, and it was disgusting, and my fiery reserves of FULL-ON PAM HATRED!!! exploded in a gasoline-fueled fireball over how stupid she looked.

Then after batting next to 0 on a few posts, just enough to be vaguely piqued about whether the Jim/Andy subplot would be worth suffering Andy for the Jim, finally I realized this was futile quest for information and if I wanted a true measure of this episode I should sneak over to the MTT forums.  Whereupon I heard something about wedding planning?  Or "planning" in quotes, which I take to mean involved no specific details at all, but it still gives me hope.  Except... 

Why did I have to see that stupid tag, why!  Jim/Pam being in the same room would totally have been enough to overcome my bitterness, but NOT AFTER THAT.  If this sounds unreasonable, I think you underestimate my hatred of people I like looking stupid.

Besides, I'd temporarily forgotten about the new receptionist.  Is she still there?  Because after checking in with internet reactions last week, I am 99.9% sure that my initial sentiments of "OUT, BITCH.  OUT," were correct. 

Tags: the office

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