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LA cops, island murders, and lab rats. There's actually kind of a theme going here!

It appears I was slightly mistaken last week - apparently, Southland is holding its own in the ratings and getting fairly decent critical acclaim to boot.  I still don't know how I feel about that.  I've sort of conditioned myself to the idea that it is doomed to die after a miniature spring life and live on in our memories as a Brilliant But Canceled series, so now I'm just afraid that it's going to take down Medium.  *protectively guards poor little under-promoted workhorse*  [can you tell that I live in mortal terror of this year's upfronts?] 

Brief thoughts on "Mozambique": I am trying to have at least one show I don't feel the need to talk about incessantly!

* Pretty Blonde Lady's name really is Chickie?  That...that doesn't seem right.  But I can find no evidence to contradict this fact, so...I guess it stays.

* this show has a theme song now? It is eerily dark and solemn, but still quite pretty.  Added to the sepia/black-and-white crime pictures, it's kinda epic.  And now the tune is going to be stuck in my head all day.

* the theme song did not replace the annoying narrator at the beginning.  Shame.  I really hoped that might be confined to the pilot. 

* I DO know Tom Everett Scott, which has been driving me nuts - I thought he was the guy on the promos for "Rescue Me," but then that turned out to be someone else - and eventually I realized I had merely confused "Rescue Me" with "Saved."  (hey, is understandable mistake!  I never watched either)

* Dewey The One Terrible And Gross Officer Whose Scenes I Have To Mute is retiring?  As in not going to be part of this show after all?  Please please please...

* I love Janilla,  but it's just making me really, really uncomfortable that her brain doesn't seem to have connected the whole physical-fitness demand of being a police officer.  At least when you start. 

* Oh well...this storyline is, at least, making me extremely fond of the auburn-haired detective, whose name I haven't learned.  Even though I he reminds me of Morris on ER.  I like him!  I feel sorry that he's married to that horrible witch, but the ex-police dog is super cute (Shepherd mix?).  *adores* 

* Can we please never see the adulterous reporter again?  Because I LOATHE that actress.

* Ben making a fool of himself still hurts, but less so whenever I get to see the Dream Team of him, Chickie and Cooper.  It's like, I appreciate all the officers and detectives when they turn up on screen, but then we go back to these three and it's like settling on a major chord.

* Overall, still delighted by how real it all is.  I feel like I can't even discuss individual characters right; they're just...people, despite the fact that you recognize most of them from other shows/films.  Geeze, even Survivor players don't feel this real.  But it's wonderful.  *hearts this show*
Harper's Island, episode 2
Show continues to delight and amaze me, with more delightfully gruesome murders.  I don't even know how to handle how great it is, although it also continues to have two major drawbacks:

1) THAT IS ENOUGH, WITH THE SEX.  Trish and Henry are starting to make me feel like I'm watching softcore pornography.  Why do I know enough about the world to say things like that.  Never mind the bit with Kelly and what's-his-name.  Seriously, CBS, CBS!!!  I should not feel like I have to put my hand out to block the screen in fear of how far they might take it!

2) I grow weary of their incessant need to show us speed-flashing pictures of things still to come, not necessarily from this episode.  Unless the killer's identity is visible there in a frame if you play it real slow, KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF.  It's ruining some of the otherwise masterful suspense and making me want to watch this show only through nefarious channels, where I can prevent that.

But beyond that, no complaints.

* Poor sweet little mentally-messed-up-Goth-Kelly; I think I like her.  I want her and Abby to be roommates in L.A.!  I love them!  I want stories of their newfound bestfriendship!  You know, that's the mark of a good show.  Falling in love with characters instantly, especially characters who are little more than prop dolls for a story, and wanting to know more about their lives and make them have good things.

So, yeah, way to GUT ME and not even let her live past her introductory episode.  *rolls eyes*  I do not think I'm prepared to watch a horror film miniseries.  I get way too attached to people.  This is like an animal lover thinking they could work in a research lab. 

* Jimmy being called "Sir Weeps-A-Lot" almost made me like him, but then I remembered I have no interest at all in the island folk and still can't stand him.  Abby/Henry forever!

* I no longer like the blonde groomsman (Sully) because I'm so terribly fond of wimpy little Cal and his bubble-headed Chloe.  So glad he got to live for one more episode and did not get his head chopped off while conveniently dangling upside down in the dark woods for hours!  Come on, the upside down kiss was a little bit sweet.  Especially after my heart had just stopped in terror.

* Duuuuude!  You can't go around decapitating the kindly old priest!  The five minutes of him I saw, he was like the quintessential storybook small-town priest!  (However, its willingness to be all hardcore like that sort of made me love the show even more)

* WAAAAUGH IMMOLATION IS OFFICIALLY A NEW LEVEL OF TERRIFYINGLY GRUESOME.  Here I was thinking, "surely they can't outpace the first week," but yes, they can!  Also, poor dog-custodian bridesmaid.  RIP.  :'( 

* I love how the murderer has killed 5 people so far and there's still no suspicion whatsoever.  Sweet.

* Creepy John Wakefield gravesite in the woods!  *hearts more things about this show*

* As much as these things would terrify me in real life, I am highly impressed with the deer head in the bathroom/dead deer with its throat torn out left on Jackass's truck hood.  I'm all for blood when it's nicely suited to network TV standards.

* Actually, the true measure of how creepy this is: late on Friday night, my parents were gone and I took the dog outside - you know, about 15 feet from the house to tie her up to the tree - and for a moment I was gripped with actual fear that someone might come out of the darkness and kill me.  Do you know how long it's been since anything besides a tornado siren instilled that special kind of terror in my heart?  Hint: when I was having irrational fears about my empty apartment building after watching "Moonlight."

CSI, 9x20, "A Space Oddity"
"Astro Quest."  Wow.  Not so much in a good way.

Obviously, not being a particular fan of space-age sci fi or any sort of stereotypically geeky thing that one might go to conventions that involve costumes for (my Doctor Who cred is null and void since my interest revolves solely around David Tennant and shipping), most of the in-joke humor in this was doomed to go over my head.  And over it did.  It was like, I could recognize why people enjoyed this ep and appreciate the quality on its own merit, but it was not my cup of tea.

Also not my cup of tea?  Hodges having an endless series of creepy Astro Quest fantasies involving Wendy.  "Sorry, I'll be over here.  Vomiting quietly into my bucket."  I still can't remember when the show decided to implement Hodges/Wendy.  I distinctly recall them pushing a flirting dyanmic with MANDY a while back, but Wendy...not so much. 

Which is why I take violent offense to the suggestion that they've been dancing around each other for years and everybody around them can see it.  What?!  They bloody well have not!  Years??  CSI, don't you dare go all Eric/Calleigh on me with your lies of self-delusion.  You're better than your spinoffs.

Incidentally, I would totally buy into your crap if it got Hodges to shift to days and off my show.  But since he failed to do so...

Other Things I Noticed
* So...fading away before completing your goodbye, is that like a sci-fi trope nowadays?  *has bitter Doomsday flashbacks*

* Poor long-suffering Nicky, forced to deal with the overexcited lab rats at the crime scene.  Probably he was the only one who could handle them.  That's what you get for having the patience of a saint.  Greg, for example, is just hilariously disdainful of the whole business.

* Hah!  Brass doesn't even recognize Hodges' voice/name

* "I gotta start watching this show."  After listening to that 1,000 times in the preview, I figured out a new thing I don't like about Riley: her propensity for sounding stoned.

* LOVED Hodges hypothetical questioning Catherine about whether he would hypothetically have to report a hypothetical relationship between coworkers. Mostly because I just like Catherine's calm and professional response.  Once again, I find myself adoring her in ways I never thought possible.

(Seriously, why doesn't Hodges switch shifts?  He likes Ecklie and Grissom's no longer here.  Does he have that big of a mancrush on Langston why do I even need to ask this.)

* Poor SuperDave being assaulted.  By his own coworker!  In his own safe little workspace!  "That hurt!"  "Good."  That will teach you not to be an annoying sidekick.

* I can't help but feel a little sorry for the actress playing Wendy, and wonder if/hope it took some sweet talking to get her into a skin-revealing leotard, among other things.  That was definitely not in the original character description of "lab technician."

* I do like the lab rat episodes in general, though.  I don't mind the show's newish tradition of giving the main cast a sort of spring break to focus on the techs.  Especially when they include Archie.

* Ooh, Paris from "Gilmore Girls!" (took me way too long to realize that)

* And Everybody's Favorite Crime Show Boy, Michael Welch!

* And finally...I heard the name "Derrida" dropped at the end, and my immediate reaction is to choke a bitch.  *twitches*  Literary theory...(blinded by rage)

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