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Scrubs Musical...

I sincerely hope there are a lot of enthusiastic "Scrubs" fans on YouTube tomorrow.

Having seen the hilarious "Guy Love" song four times now, I BADLY want to see the whole episode.  Stupid FOX, why won't you play O.C. online?!  (not that it matters, because the FOX player crashes my browser every time I open it, but still)

I have always enjoyed watching this show whenever I see it in reruns - I especially love marathons on Comedy Central - but I would never watch it new, because...well, because reruns are available, and considering it airs in the Gladiator timeslot, there's no chance I'd ever catch it in an off week.  I would always rather have Grey's, O.C., or CSI stored on my tape, and at least one of those will pretty much always be new.  Basically, as far as Scrubs goes, I know the characters well enough (though it took me a lot of research to understand where Jordan fit in), but chronology?  I'm all kinds of messed up.

*watching video YET AGAIN* I think I need this as an MP3 file.  It's not quite as good without an accompanying video, but it's still fantastic.  I adore the harmonizing on the chorus, but this is my favorite line (just for Turk's voice):

J: It's like I've married my best friend
T: But in a totally manly way!

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