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1. Last time I was at the library, I passed over one book but made a mental note to maybe try it out later, and yesterday was that time.  "Out of This World" is about someone who inherits a B&B in Alaska, which sounded fantastic, especially given the conversational writing style on the back cover.  I figured there was some crazy adventure with a recent high school graduate getting launched on an unexpected career path.  Regardless, I checked it out.  Though I did always have the mental note that this looked more like an adult novel than a YA one, I chalked it up to it just being a really AWESOME YA book - every so often you get one about a college student or something.

Today I settled down to read it, and the first thing I notice is that the protagonist is 27 years old.  Well, that's...different.  I frown in confusion, wondering how this ever got shelved in YA.  I glance at the inside covers without seeing any particularly distinctive keywords or advertisements, but do note that the other books by this author *also* look like adult novels. 

I check the binding on the side.  "RFIC."  What is R Fic?  What could that possibly stand for?  I remain confused for a full minute longer before my eyes stray up to the to the top of the spine: Brava Romance.

R Fiction.  Romance.  Misplaced romance novel.  @$&^@%$@!

*headdesk*  I already went through one of those this year!  I can't do it again!  And yet removed of any preconceived notions, I thought it looked good enough to check out, so I probably will.  (Apparently this is the kind of adult fiction reader I turn out to be.  Straight chick lit/romance.  *sigh*  Come on, those types of stories only make up like HALF of my YA reading...)

2. On another note, the Extremely Helpful DVD section of the library threw "Casanova" at me - David Tennant version - and I figured I really had no business resisting something so conveniently offered so I checked it out.  I am debating how wise it would be for me to actually watch it, though.  I'm quite sure I struck it off my list a long time ago on the grounds that it shows every sign of scarring my brain beyond the help of bleach.  This like looking at a jalapeno pepper and wondering if it would taste good even though I usually abhor hot/spicy things.  THE ANSWER IS NO.  And yet I feel compelled to touch the shiny hot stove anyway...

3. And to conclude things, let's have a survey!

-Would you rather have hot tea or hot coffee?
Coffee, with lots of sweet things available to pour into it until it no longer resembles coffee at all.  :P
Have you ever been told you were a good writer?
Frequently.  Sometimes I believe them - in the case of certain creative writing things, or when I love reading my blog entries - and sometimes I just think they're touched in the head (98% of anything I have ever written for school, application essays, letters, about half of my creative writing, etc).

What name do you think is pretty for a girl?

If you had to name your daughter after a Disney princess, which one?

When did you last draw something for fun?
Oh, gosh.  Sometime when I was still in school, doodling in class, I'm sure.

What is your opinion on poetry?
I love the pretty, eloquent stuff.  I hate it when people try to be edgy and/or weird and dull about it, E.E. CUMMINGS and WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS.

Did you play with Barbies as a kid?
Some...I had a fair number, but they weren't as cool as my toy horses and other animals.

What, if any, TV shows do you have on DVD?
Various seasons of CSI: Miami & NY, The Office, The O.C.

Would you rather go in a hot air balloon or go sky diving?
Hot air balloon sounds much less terrifying

Homework--would you rather do it on a Friday or Sunday?
*chortles at the idea of homework before 5 10 PM on a Sunday*

Do you remember every birthday wish you've ever made?
I don't remember any of them.

At what age do you want to start working/What age did you start?
Working regularly with a paycheck?  18, after I went to college.  It's been interrupted a couple of times since.

What is your opinion on Twilight?
Ultra-condensed into a sentence: although I've only read excerpts, the writing itself is full of unintentional mirth, but I think I'm cool with the storyline/sentiments in general.
What cartoon character did you have a crush on as a kid?
I...don't think I had one.  Until I was 13/14, in which case it was Matt Ishida from Digimon.  And maybe a slight little thing for James of Team Rocket on Pokemon?  Man, I always forget that technically, Rocketshipping was my introduction to internet fandom.

Did you ever play pretend?
Pretend what?  I mean, doesn't playing with toy animals and Barbies count as pretend?  Also we played at House and Doctor/Vet.

How did Team Rocket ALWAYS know where Ash was?
They were very good at what they did.  Except for their failure to kill Pikachu, who was usually the one foiling their plans worse than Ash.

Would you say you have a stable, good internet connection?
It's good and stable and sufficiently speedy, except for the times it randomly stops working for a few hours.  It hasn't done that much lately, though.  *crosses fingers*

At what time of the day do you like to take showers?
Right now, since I can...mid-morning after my dad and brother have left for work/school but it's still fairly early in the day.

Were you ever a tree-climber?
Nah.  I always wanted to be, because it looked cool, but I either got scared that I wouldn't be able to get down, or was terrified of bugs crawling on me.  (I still remember how horrified I was when I discovered that black ants climb trees.  They do not mention this in books and movies!)

What video games have you beaten?
I don't really play video games...certainly not enough to have beaten them.

Have you ever been on a farm?
My friend had the equivalent of a hobby farm, and my grandparents lived on a real one (albeit one devoid of animals by the time I was born).

Do you like writing essays?
Not boring academic ones for school - those are were the bane of my existence.  The creative-style kind that people publish in magazines, though, I enjoy a lot.

Would you ever study abroad?
Hell no

Have you ever known someone who smoked? Did they stop?
Yes, and no

Do you think weed should be legalized? Cigarettes illegalized?
1- definitely not
2 - I wouldn't fight it, but it's not high on my list of priorities for when I become Supreme Dictator of the Earth

Would you rather run or ride your bike?
Bike - running is horrible and exhausting.

Where do you buy your make up?
I don't

What is the last fruit you've eaten? When?
An orange two days ago.  I, um...I've had juice?

What is the last junk food you've eaten? When?
I just had a piece of warm cake.  It was delicious.

Would you call yourself an enviromentalist?
Nah.  I cared a lot when I was younger, but then people became obsessive and pushy about greening everything up, so I rebelled out of spite at their obnoxious campaigns to raise awareness.  I recycle and try to keep lights off out of habit, but I don't make a particular effort to reduce my carbon footprint or anything.

What is more practical: Glue sticks or white, regular glue?
You know, I can never decide.  I put all these things in my scrapbook, but I just don't know which works better, in the long run.  I alternate between both and it's very distressing that I can never remember which one has better long-term sticky power.

Do you like the purple glue sticks just because they're purple?
This is another part of my dilemma!!  Is purple better than white, or not?  Because I have both.

If you could make your lips bigger, would you?
Nope, they're good.

Do you think plastic surgery is no big deal?
Absolutely not.  All you ever hear about are the horror stories, and people only ever mention how you can tell that someone's had it, and once I start reading about what's actually involved, it's like "why in God's name would anyone ever consent to any of these procedures, ever, unless they were horribly disfigured by scars or burns or something?"

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