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HELLO EVERYBODY.  Per Ausiello's alert about "season finale spoilers" in the descriptions of CBS's finales, here are the ones I need to react to in VARIOUS FLAILY WAYS (and/or finally bust out a fantastic icon I found on ihasatardis) :

CSI: Miami
Horatio fights to save Yelina while Delko goes against Calleigh's pleas and helps his dangerous father with life threatening consequences.
*barrels right past Eric/Calleigh, except to briefly make a mental note that it will maybe be Hug Tiem later* WAIT YELINA WHAAAAAAT?!  I know, I know, even on the off chance Yelina is in danger, Horatio will just shoot thirteen bad guys with one clip and then languidly inform her she's safe and there will be no emotional gold at all, but I can't help being sort of perked up and excited!

Two and a Half Men
Charlie starts to question his relationship with Chelsea when he hears that Mia is back in town.
OK, I know I don't follow this show anymore, but Mia = EMMANUELLE VAUGIER.  Remember how I always said there were four women on this show who made it watchable? MIA IS THE BEST ONE.

When Amita is abducted, Don and the team's frantic search leads to a charismatic sociopath (James Callis), but it is up to a distraught Charlie to discover what's behind the suspect's bizarre plans for her. The situation causes Charlie to reassess his relationship and future with Amita.

OOH, OOH, ENGAGEMENT RING NOW PLZ?!  I realize I jumped to this type of conclusion last year on The Office and got buuuuuuuurned (temporarily), but I don't care!  My optimism hat rides again!  They've already dropped a few hints and since he's surely not going to break up with her in some lame attempt to keep her safe (RIGHT?  Shut up I don't care if Lupin did it), there is nowhere for his relationship to go except up.

Also, hahaha, I love how Amita's life is in danger more often than any of the FBI agents.  There's something fantastically cracky about that.  Not, you understand, that I am protesting, as Amita in danger is maybe my favorite motif in the history of television and it never gets old, never!
Without a Trace
Meanwhile, Danny and Elena take their relationship to another level. Martin Landau reprises his role as Frank Malone, Jack's father. Adam Kauffman, Poppy Montgomery's real-life boyfriend, reprises his role as Brian Donovan, the father of Samantha's son, Finn.
1) Wait, again?  They already got en -- DUDE, are we getting a wedding all in the same year?!  Is this another symptom of that no-holds-barred, we-might-get-canceled-so-we're-BRINGING-IT syndrome?  Because if so I LOVE IT.
2) Yay for Brian!  BOO FOR JACK'S DAD.  Why is it all the rage this year to bring back characters who've already been killed off? 

A member of the team is murdered after a deadly group of kidnappers snatch Robert Dunbrook's son while he is being transferred from prison to court. And, if that loss isn't enough, the life of another CSI is threatened. 
Oh, craptastic, DUNBROOK is the reason I lose a character?  Seriously? Because last I checked, popular rumor was that Angell was on her way out (my feelings about that involve so much swearing that I can't even put them on this blog), and if it is I'm just going to be very, very angry if it doesn't at least somehow tie in to the Greek thing.  Also, what do you mean another life is threatened?  You're totally going to try and woo me back to D/L by giving Lindsay labor complications, aren't you?  You dirty devil.

(Alternatively, perhaps Mac's life will be in danger for the fourth or fifth finale in a row.  It is tradition.)

...I've already posted twice today and neither was the one I meant to write.  Huh.


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Apr. 21st, 2009 06:23 pm (UTC)
I'd heard that same rumor about someone getting killed off, too. I personally am a little worried it might be Sid. He isn't featured in the pics of everyone in the baby room with Danny and Lindsay. I'd like to think it wouldn't be him, as they only just added Robert Joy to the main credits this year. That would just be cruel if they then killed him off.
Apr. 21st, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
Ooh, what pictures of people in the baby room?? I haven't even heard of those...

Sid's an interesting choice, and one that hasn't occurred to me at all...I have to admit, I don't think he's a big enough presence to be bandied about as a major character death, but I guess you never know.
Apr. 22nd, 2009 02:44 pm (UTC)
You mean you haven't seen them yet??? OMG they were all over my friends page yesterday, AND someone sent me the link on Facebook. Go here.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I would think in order for there to be a death involved, it would happen in the field, and Sid's never in the field. In addition, you're right in that he's not quite the same category of character as the main six.
Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, CUTE! *is suddenly excited*
Apr. 21st, 2009 07:01 pm (UTC)
Eep. I hadn't heard the CSI: Miami spoiler before now, but ever since they've been randomly bringing Sofia Milos back for episodes, I've been worried that they were going to kill her. D: Now I'm more convinced than ever that they're going to do that. D:
Apr. 21st, 2009 11:04 pm (UTC)
Appropriate icon is appropriate.
WHAT HEY NO DOOM-PREDICTING. I refuse to admit this as a possibility! We all need to believe that Miami is notorious for lying finale summaries, like that time Horatio was going to be injured in a plane crash! (and hey, show, you're only allowed to kill one of my Horatio ships. Active or inactive, one is the limit.)
Apr. 21st, 2009 11:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Appropriate icon is appropriate.
I don't want to doom predict, but I am terrified of it happening nonetheless. I mean consider Miami's track record of a). randomly writing Yelina off, b). regularly dicking around with Horatio's personal life to make him Horat-emo (Horatiemo? I don't know -- combine Horatio and emo in the portmanteau that you think is best), and c). consistently screwing up these last couple seasons.

But you're right. There was the plane crash spoiler, and that didn't turn to anything. So maybe things will be all right.
Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
"Horatiemo!" I love it. I'm also going to keep my fingers crossed that they're not going to lop off their highly useful "bring back Yelina twice a season as convenience dictates" plot point.

Then again, for all we know she picked up some death-defying tricks from her husband, so there's no way of knowing that a hypothetical death is permanent...
Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)
Hmm, well, if they do lop off their BBY tactics, I suppose it will mean I don't have to tune in anymore. ;-)

Characters faking their own deaths... I don't know. I mean sometimes it works, but in this case, I think it would make me hate Yelina. I can't imagine her doing that when she had it done to her. *sigh*
Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:47 am (UTC)
I know how you feel about Dunbrook. I wanted to shoot things when I read that. If Angell dies because of that POS I'm done. I'm hands down done. Oh, and the baby's being born before the finale, so no labor complications. ::pout:: Would have been an interesting twist.
Apr. 22nd, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)

Oh, and the baby's being born before the finale, so no labor complications.
Nrrrgh, the one time I want to be right about a speculation...darn.
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