RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Crackrabbits! Sorry, crack *and* rabbits.

I. So.  Casanova!  How 'bout that CRACK, huh?  I had to watch it with my finger on the fast-forward button at all times, frequently squinting through a tiny slit to focus on a corner of the screen to gauge when it might be safe to view again (and still managed to get scarred a few times - THANKS, UNEXPECTED JUMP CUTS), but a lot of it was completely absurd in ways I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at.  It also had "WRITTEN BY RUSSELL T. DAVIES" all over it, which is maybe a redundant way of saying that; I don't know.

But, you know, that's okay.  It was also an epic love story at the core, which really is the whole reason I hopefully checked it out in the first place, since it was David Tennant + the lady blacksmith from "A Knight's Tale," or as I like to call it, WIN.  And I was actually pleasantly surprised by the fact that for the title character, passion had a deeper meaning than "super horny."  I mean, that was there, but when old!Casanova's eyes flash and he insists that he loved those women, you actually get that.  To varying degrees, but yeah.  It's there.  It's there in a way you don't even fully process until you see the horribly sharp and twisted contrast in the last scene with his son and daughter, and you're like...DEAR GOD, WHAT MONSTROSITY IS THIS?  THIS IS SO NOT THE LESSON YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEARN, SILENT BOB!

(which, when did his son randomly start talking?  I was waiting for that explanation...figured he'd at least sleep with the prostitute next door or something.  Maybe I missed it when I was fast forwarding in terror.)

(also, dear old!Casanova...incest between your half-sibling children is WAY LESS SHOCKING than you sleeping with sisters and falling in love with a castrato, I AM JUST SAYING.  You slapped unnecessary warnings all over the third part of your tale.)

Oh!  Also, I highly enjoyed the hilarious bromance/wingman thing going on with the guy I know only as Zack from the crew in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, which was ULTRA DELIGHTFUL since both characters pretty much had the same attitude.  I loved Zack.

Anyway, the important lesson is that it was a love story, and Sir Casanova broke my heart like 18 times, between his nursing the priest back to health, almost marrying only to get thrown in jail, being heartbroken in prison (OH HEY, I remember these scenes being spliced into an AU fanvid for the Doctor and Rose!  It's the one that introduced me to that beautiful song "Set the Fire to the Third Bar"), his piteous sympathy for his One True Enemy and refusing to duel because of it, GETTING SHOT and LYING FEVERISH AND NEAR DEATH AS A RESULT (*is enraptured with joy*), and especially when he just barely missed Henriette for the last time...yeah.

Even Peter O'Toole, who spent 95% of the movie (miniseries?  episodes? I don't know what to call this) being various shades of either creepy or just annoying, finally got to me at the end when he lay dying and calling out for her. 

I don't know if I'm actually recommending this or not.  Maybe just a bunch of YouTube clips would do best?  I think the parts I didn't see are way more horrible and/or many in nature than my memory is capable of retaining.  But then again, there were definite good parts, and lots of scenes that made me laugh (silent conversations!  Mocking and taunting Henriette's husband!  "Where were we?  Ah yes, I was penniless and you were going to run me out of town," or something to that effect)

Finally, the internet has also reminded me that Tennant played Casanova with much of the same inflection and attitude as the Doctor, which explains a lot about why I enjoyed the non-squicky parts so much.  Think he's even got the same accent.  It was just the hair being floppy instead of spiky that threw me for a loop.

You know what else was made of spectacular crack?  DISCO GROUP DANCE ON AMERICAN IDOL, as choreographed by one Ms. Abdul.  Oh, my God.  It was the greatest thing ever.  I could not stop laughing (but with, like, legitimate joy!  It was highly entertaining!  It was like a little preview for So You Think You Can Dance!).  I adore Paula; she is the most adorable person on this entire show.  And her hair was super-pretty and I loved her shirt tonight, too.  Love all over the place!   By contrast, I spent the hour in very real fear that Kara's dress might just fall right down, as it seemed rather precariously perched on her boobs.

And right after that, I got to watch the Ford music video, which - I do not know why everybody hates this segment, because it is still my favorite part of the results show.  You guys, it is like a Super Bowl commercial every week.  Except starring people you know, and it never airs twice.  But after the first elimination, I immediately got bored and wandered out to talk to my brother in the kitchen...whereupon my attention was arrested by a pair of cottontails fighting in the back yard.

At least, I think they were fighting - it was very theatrical and gymnastic, like a ribbon dance or something.  One kept charging the other, who would simply spring into the air over him, and then they'd feint and dash and both hop into the air at each other, then land and zip around in zig-zaggy circles again.  Do they fight over mates and/or territory?  Because we usually just have this one little rabbit who's been hanging around our yard since last spring, and there was a third rabbit just sitting off to the side, very still and totally unphased...  Anyway, we watched them leap and spring for about 10 or 15 minutes before the neighbor's cat came slinking over in full-on stalk mode, and scared them away.

Best half hour of my life.  The remainder of the Idol results did not match up to this joy at all - not least because if you're going to sing "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight," you should not be middle-aged and balding with a paunch, especially if you have hot female back-up dancers surrounding you like Playboy Bunnies - but still, what came beforehand was pretty great.

III. Great, I come on here to write this post and get one video link and now I am stuck in an endless YouTube loop watching hilarious clips with David Tennant.  Mostly Doctor Who related.  It's delightful.  Oh God, this could take hours; every video has like SEVEN RELATED VIDEOS on the sidebar that look just as interesting...

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