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I should probably get off the internet now.

I. I...huh.  There's a commenter on TV Squad post who is complaining that actresses shouldn't be allowed to get pregnant as long as they're on a TV series - it should be in their contract that they have to use some sort of birth control so that the writers don't have to "write around" their pregnancies.  It's apparently no different than restricting them from gaining 200 pounds or getting a giant tattoo on their face. 

WOW.  I don't even...know...where to start with that.


Apparently the death goes to someone featured in the main credits.  I RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THAT IT BE ADAM OR SID.  Because while this saves Angell (insert squee dance of JOY and celebrations), this swings the speculation back in the direction of Flack.  Which is not good.  In fact, it is very, very bad.  I had already reconciled myself to Angell's death for the aspect of male angst, but I have no such use for female angst.  I can't cope with this idea yet.  I NEED IT TO NOT BE FLACK, OKAY?  To quote Jesse Spencer, "I will walk.  I will f****ing walk."

On the other hand, if you must insist on maintaining Adam and Sid, I will totally not put up a fight at all if you kill Danny or Lindsay.  Whoever isn't Flack, we're cool.  Also, if it's Hawkes, I would be greatly relieved at the lack of blip on my radar, so feel free to whack him if circumstances so necessitate.
III. Medium, "The Devil Inside" (part 1)
In chronological bullet points:

* Oh, right.  Allison is the instrument of the devil.  Because that makes sense.  Then again, she isn't much help at jailing the killers lately... :P  I like all the super mature horns, tongues, and blackened eyes drawn on all the pictures of her, though.  I also quite liked the haunting choral vocals theme

* Barely had the brainpower to pay attention to the Isoflorene Killer case going on in the side.

* Marie is the CUTEST THING EVER, chirping "Keep?" as she hands each piece of mail to her mother for sorting.  Most adorable helper ever.  See, things like this always make me think I want a kid after all. 

* I really don't like Joe's boss, He Of Moody Temperament and Manipulation.  I never know what he's going to spring on Joe next, and as a result the sight of him makes me very uneasy.  I always feel like Joe's about two steps away from being fired as easily as he was hired.  This episode didn't particularly ease my fears.

* For once, Allison's hysterics were justified - even with the tattoo evidence, I still thought she was going a little bit crazy screaming at him to unhook her car and leave her alone...but as Joe says, "I would like to jump on the bandwagon and tell my wife she's got nothing to worry about," turns out her car was kinda sabotaged, and the tow truck guy was intent on abducting/killing are.

* When I read the episode description about the DuBois family essentially being under house arrest due to a crazy stalker, I thought it sounded pretty good.  Turns out?  It is even better than expected.  Love it.  Love all the officers swaming about with food and high-tech gadgets, the girls in the middle of it, and stressed!Joe balking at the whole situation.

* You know, targeting Allison is one thing.  Stalking and building dossiers on her daughters is QUITE ANOTHER.  Love Joe's reaction to hearing such a thing while listening in on the tapped phone conversation.

* Joe/Allison hug #1 (after she hangs up on the phone call):

* Card games with Bridgette, hee.  "Go away, we're warring."  Although I kind of think that scene should come with a "cute or sad?" warning, (c) Cute Overload, at Joe kind of regressing and hiding from his problems by immersing himself in playing with his daughter.

* Wait, wait, Murderous Stalker just walked into the house with a bunch of officers as part of the grocery delivery crew?  Like that?  WORST.  POLICE FORCE.  EVER.  Did they not even pay attention to what the dude looked like?!  Were there not security measures in place as to who was allowed to ENTER THE HOUSE?! 

* At least it gives us Joe/Allison hug #2, right after she nearly gets drowned in her own bathtub:

"Are you okay, you hurt??  It's okay, Sweetie."

* It also gives us a subsequent Adorable Bed Scene, with the munchkins snuggled in between them, fast asleep while the adults have a whispered conversation and get a hand touch to boot:

A: I feel so guilty.  I brought him here - me.  I brought him into our home, I exposed our whole family to him.
J: You didn't bring him anywhere.  He was crazy.  And now he's dead.
A: Still...
J: Still what?  You.  Did not.  Bring him here. 

* ALSO!  Allison/Joe Hug #3, with bonus cheek kissing that somehow manages to have a sexy innuendo.  I blame Joe's lack of pants.  And/or the fact that they have 45 minutes before they technically have to get up.

"You are amazing.  Last night you swore off everything psychic and then this morning you can't get away fast enough to write down your dream." 

[* Random note to anyone actually reading this: Yes, this is all in one episode.  The amount of tactile affection that happens in this house is INSANE.  Death threats are a surprisingly frequent occurrence, too.]

* OK, I admit it, I totally fell for the Super!  Informative!  Dream!  You'd think I'd know better than to trust a single dream that conveniently gives the killer's face, victim's face, mode of death, murder location, date, approximate time and license plate to boot - oh, plus news of the stock market that her husband needs! - but nah, I figured it was just the Universe having a 1-time special of "You stop sharing your dreams and I'll KICK YOU." 

Turns out it's actually Dead Murderous Stalker's spirit screwing with her.  D'oh!  Also, Scanlon should maybe have considered that aspect before he went off firing fatal bullets.  I'm just saying.  He could have shot the guy in the ass.

* By the way, if he's dead, couldn't he have had a conversation with God by this point to find out which one of them is technically right?  I mean, I have to believe that God's plan doesn't involve messing with people's dreams, either.  Think about it, Murderous Stalker Guy.

* At least Scanlon feels suitably guilty.  I wonder how Lynn feels about things.  You remember Lynn, she's pregnant and we've only seen her once this year?

* I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS CONCLUSION, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.  Remember at the beginning of the season, and I was kinda like "Eh, this is pretty good, but I dunno, something's missing..."?  Nope.  Those feelings are gone now.  In their place is every inch of last year's "HOMG I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH IT IS MY REASON TO LIVE."  Please don't get canceled.

* Incidentally, although Southland's relative success made me fear for Medium's chances, last I heard NBC was eyeing Chuck - and presumably whatever comedy is paired with it - as their sacrificial lamb.  Which would be awesome. You should totally kill Chuck and let this show live, network.  You'd kinda be my hero.  (speaking of which, can you kill Heroes yet, or is there a contract stopping you?) 

4. The most important thing I learned in my Tennant YouTube binge: dear God, there is an episode of "The Weakest Link" featuring a ragtag cast from Doctor Who season 2!  This is a real thing that somehow gloriously exists on film (and the internet!)!  WHY WAS I NOT PREVIOUSLY INFORMED OF THIS JOY.

V. I <3 Jeff Probst: More ways than ever to mock Coach's stories!

VI. I've decided I can no longer use the Roman numeral for "4," as it spells a word that I associate with things, and having realized that I am squicked forever.  Just in case you were wondering.

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