RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Journey's End: Minutes 13:00 to 22:50.

Because that's how we're going to do this, apparently.  In tiiiiiny little installments.  My secret plan is to drive you as mad as Dalek Caan until you snap and write out the entire ending in the comments or something to hurry me along.  I, personally, enjoying stringing out my own exquisite torture as long as possible.

*moans* If I can just hold out six hours, I can be distracted by TV and not finish watching this episode...
*is watching the beginning all over again, particularly minutes 11-13*
Crap.  Minute 13...and beyond! 

*is euphoric*  Do you realize, in the space of 60 seconds we get not only a slight extension of the handhold, but also Jack's death, Rose flinching in the Doctor's arms, Rose's reaction to Jack's death, her being gently pulled away with the softest of all whispers, and the noteworthy fact that he pretty much never takes his hands off her?  BECAUSE I AM QUITE FLAILY ABOUT ALL OF IT.  

I also find it interesting that for all the internet's assumption, she really doesn't know about Jack's immortality yet, and so while there's no good or smooth way to explain it right here, a secret little part of me is still pleased that they keep her in the dark.  I don't know what I'm saying right now; still blinded by squee.  I watched it at least a dozen times and novelized it in painstaking detail; is still not out of my system.

2:45 PM
Must have more.  Just a...tiny bit...*watches 9 minutes and utterly fails to write anything down*

-Um, so I don't know how to feel about Alt!Ten just now.  (Whee, brief glimpse of T-shirt before Blue Suit O' Doom!  I don't really know what I was expecting; I guess for him to look like but not necessarily act like Ten?  Except he does.  Then I'm disappointingly reminded of how rude he was when he first regenerated (although "OI, WATCH IT, EARTH GIRL" was legitimately hilarious), and then...then comes this horrifying revelation that he's sort of...come from Donna.

My tolerance for her plummets a little.  I dont want multiple Doctors, woman!  This is your fault!  On the other hand, my Master Plan for dealing with this episode was going to be that Real Ten went off with Rose at the end and Alt!Ten stuck around for the specials before changing (this would be especially helpful if Donna died - I wouldn't have to feel bad for her losing "her" Doctor)...and Alt!Ten and Donna would clearly get along perfectly well. 

Anyway.  Um.  I'm still not sure how I feel about him, as now he's back to being identical to Ten.  Except for being part-human, where my brain totally does not explode with ways this could be an ideal thing.  Nope, not at all.

-Oh, you so did not have this plan worked out when you wrote "Runaway Bride," come on.

-I then skipped Martha's scene entirely.  I apologized; I plan to come back to it later, but I have absolutely have less than zero patience for another Wandering Martha scene when I'm too busy wondering what kind of stuff being "the playthings of Davros" might lead to for the Doctor and Rose.  Which is why I jumped forward until I got there.

-THERE WE GO.  All kinds of joy from the Doctor mocking and taunting ("No, I've got the word for it; you're the Daleks' PET!"), and more importantly, the sound bite I always redirect in my imagination but now don't have to - "Leave her alone."  And other assorted fun when it's Davros' turn to mock and get under his skin.

-Also, Crazy Dalek!  (I'm sorry.  I can't call him Caan anymore.  It just doesn't sound right)

3:13 (minute 22:49)
Um, so we have a slight problem, which is that I've suddenly lost all interest in the plot and the only scenes I want to see from here on out are the ones including the Doctor and Rose.  I don't care what any of the other guest stars or Donna are doing, and I especially want to forget about Alt!Ten, I just want to hop-skip-jump and follow my OTP.  I actually cannot calculate all the ways they bring joy to my heart, joy I assumed was lost forever.  I imagined it would be good, but I never imagined just how completely I could chuck my newfound Donna allegiance over the cliff once I got Rose back.  Wow.  I don't dislike her, I'm just so not interested right now.

Must rein self in.  *writes above post*

Bones!  That's right, Bones is up!  I heart Canada.  Exiting now, stage right.

EDIT: 4:24
Ah, the hell with it. 35 minutes in and nobody knows where I might stop. 

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