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Journey's End Status Update: You know, for someone who got her heart ripped out of her chest 24 hours ago, I've spent a remarkable percentage of those hours laughing.  Laughing out loud, at like fifteen different and random things. I greatly fear my own mindset. I keep thinking I'm going to snap...oh no wait, that was last night; I managed to wake up exhausted from crying so hard right before I fell asleep. Admittedly, I may have coaxed myself along and encouraged the sobbing through any means necessary, including scrawling out copious amounts of sad original fic.  Crying is cathartic and therefore imperative.  The fic still helps me believe in happy endings, though, eventually, as long as I don't analyze anything too closely.

On the bright side, now I sort of get why nobody else was as upset as I was about David Tennant's One Year Notice.  Because...I don't really need him around anymore after this, either.   It might even be preferable if he wasn't, since I have no real interest in continuing to watch the show.  Apologies; my bad. You were right. 

Now. My brain needs distraction!
Coach's words of wisdom for the week are that in love or war, it's kill or be killed. That's right, it goes for love too. Also, he bench-presses 300 pounds, a fact which completely boggled Brendan's mind when he told him, because Brendan couldn't do that. Not because he's skeptical of Coach's abilities or anything.

And, this is why I love Stephen: On Exile, "I'm lucky I'm not on that reward. Who wants to be feasting when they could be in sand? Thank God I have no food and bleak surroundings for a couple of days."

Reward Challenge: *rolls eyes* Running to fetch puzzle pieces, how 'bout no. And watching the annual "native" feast/dance, how 'bout also no. Especially not when I have to see shots of people throwing up. Although I grant you that the martial arts dance looked exactly like those fighting rabbits I saw a couple nights ago.

Immunity Challenge: NOW THAT WAS FUN. Shuffleboard! They actually played Shuffleboard for immunity! I guess no one can accuse them of handicapping the physically weak. I don't know if you know this, but the only thing more fun than playing this game is watching it. I am not being facetious; it is legitimately exciting to watch people knock one another's discs away from the target spot.

Stephen also manages to be cute while falling on pizza like a ravenous wolf. I don't know. I'm glad he finally got something. And I cracked up when Jeff barked at him to drop it at the end of the challenge, and he snaps his head up, wide-eyed, like a puppy caught digging in the garbage.

If you'll allow me to continue my ridiculous fangirling, I am also extremely proud that he orchestrated Tyson's downfall by reminding JT that "This happens every season. Someone goes on [an immunity] run." Dear God, they've cast someone who's not only seen but paid attention to this show! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

Sierra: Is ridiculously annoying, wandering around whining at everyone to forgive her for playing terribly, then insulting and snapping at anyone who doesn't immediately coo with sympathy. It was still uncomfortable to watch everyone being mean to her. And I'm glad she didn't get voted out tonight, because otherwise she would have made the most bitter "My question is YOU SUCK" jury member ever. She still might, but maybe it'll be toned down a tad.

Is SUPER gross, like, I don't know what the internet sees in him but he's never been funny or witty, he's just been repulsive, obnoxious at best and abusive at worst, the whole damn time. By far the most unpleasant person in the game, and I'm so glad they gave him the boot. SQUEE DANCE!

Fallout: Oh gosh, Jalapao Few, I think you made the right decision? (both for me and yourselves) But now you are going to have to make damned sure that Erin sticks with you. One wouldn't think Sierra would have the power to tug both herself and Erin back to Coach & Debbie's good graces, but then again, the Timbira folk are certainly going to be easier to win against than the well-liked Jalapaos...

CSI, 9x21, "If I Had a Hammer"

-BAD HAIR NICKY RIDES AGAIN. Ugh. Every year, we go through this.Now he's back to his head-shaving tricks. I hate the buzzcut. That's it; I'm officially sick of everyone except Catherine in Greg. Per usual, the latter will be sidelined to a few key scenes, but at least Catherine gets to take center stage. In a way I would have hated prior to season 8, but...times change.

-Loved the continuity going on, with references to Eddie and Lindsey and whatnot. (well, there's no such thing as continuity with Linds, but at least they mentioned when Catherine was pregnant with her. So that'd make her 17 or 18 now, yes?)

-The odds on a hammer sticking in a tree and being held so firmly in place that bark grows around it have got to be at least 5 million to 1. I don't even know if I should be eye-rolly or just wide-eyed in wonder and delight. They did at least acknowledge these odds, and that nobody would believe it unless they documented the hell out of it, so I guess I'll pick the latter. They pulled it off realistically, whereas on Miami they'd probably act like this happened twice a year, and on New York, Mac would be like "I have, in fact, previously testified on a case involving the exact same thing."

-ECKLIE! *bounce*

-Oh, Brass. "I call that perp fiction." HEH.

-The scoring seemed especially brilliant tonight, what with all the tinkling piano. You go, Mr. Keane.

-Greg still goes through his high school year books, and is surprised that other people don't! *pets* On the other hand, I JUST HAVE MORE REASONS TO MURDER RILEY. Why in God's name would you burn your yearbooks? They are the greatest things ever. More to the point, why would you even buy yearbooks if you hated high school that much? (also, people who hated high school are lame)

I tell you right now, if anybody had ever burned a yearbook I signed, I'll knock them in the head with a hammer. I wrote extensive personal messages for anyone that asked. Or whom I pounced on because I liked them and wanted them to write in mine. You don't just go throwing my words away like that.

-Kind of a depressing ending, that. I always hate when established wives/mothers suddenly have to pay for teenage mistakes.

Harper's Island #3
So I love how after talking up the gory-murders aspect, this week we only get one death-by-tripwired-shotgun in the last few minutes. BOO. PEOPLE WILL WALK IF YOU KEEP THIS UP. On the bright side, at least now Hunter's gone. I'll have to come up with new reasons to be grossed out by the skanky fiancee (it shouldn't be too hard; she's super aggravating, and everything about her looks fried and fake).

On the bright side, CAL/CHLOE FOR THE FLIPPING WIN. Hahaha! They used her as bait to lull Sully into getting honeyed and feathered! That is my new favorite moment on this show, even surpassing The Hanging Tree. In a related note, I think I'm just going to shuffle my bet on the killer each week. This week I think it's the Sheriff himself. Who better to surpress evidence or make up a random scapegoat? Although, not ruling out Fishmonger Ex.

Even though, unfortunately, some people speculated early on that Abby herself was the killer, and I have to say that her whole speech to Shane didn't really help matters. It's very easy to believe she's got split personalities or a psychotic side going on somewhere...I'm still going to hope this is too obvious.

Grey's Anatomy, 5x20, "Sweet Surrender"
That was dull. I can distill my thoughts about this episode into six simple clusters:

1) Things I Couldn't Stand: Lexie's ridiculous binge eating (I hate when they choose that route to hide pregnancies), Izzie's manic wedding planning/anything involving Izzie, Callie, Arizona (I skipped SO MANY SCENES it was crazy), and Bailey on Peds.

2) The only part with Bailey I actually watched was the child's death, which gave me the excuse I needed to take my messy and broken-hearted feelings about Doctor Who and BAWL MY FREAKING EYES OUT complete with noisy sobbing.  It was sort of intense and a little worrisome.

3) Cristina is awesome even when she only has like 3 tiny scenes.  "OK, you need to stop doing that!"  I'm pretty sure that if Izzie hadn't been dying, she would have slapped her to get the point across.

4) Um, I still adore Owen. As much as I wanted to skip the therapist's scenes because I HATE THAT WOMAN, I may have continued crying my eyes out all the way through his speech of shame and refusal to forgive himself. "I knew I wasn't together; I knew I was no good for her, or for anyone, and I wrecked her." *is weepy*

5) No fair! Why does Meredith, of all people, get multiple gorgeous wedding gowns? Do you know how hard it is to find a truly stunning wedding gown, whether in fiction or real life? I know because I've looked. And here Izzie, from a hospital sickbed, works magic and just has gorgeous stuff all over the place - I don't know why Mer complained; they were all beautiful. Beaded bodices and floofy skirts - oh, the tiara veil! - and most importantly straps. Hell, the second dress actually had short sleeves (!) and elegant long gloves to boot.

But the last one definitely wins. Just for the rhinestoned straps (or all of it). Oh, and also Mer looking utterly beautiful, which is a thing I'm not sure I've ever seen before, so new and strange does it feel.

6) I heart George to UTTERLY INSANE LEVELS. Like, the wedding dresses were my favorite character of the night, but he was my very favorite person of all. Frustration and anger and hatred towards Alex! (marry me) "I don't get what Hunt sees in you, and I SURE as hell don't get what Izzie sees." YES. George! Comin' alive and saying everything that has ever needed saying! I am so sad there's a chance you're going off to war and/or getting killed, because I am pretty much in love with Owen's newfound admiration of your particular skills and fast-paced-but-calm thinking. 

And your lovely defense of Izzie.  Do you think you guys could just get back together sometime, seeing as she got you out of a dumb marriage and you clearly recognize that she's in a dumb pending marriage?

7) Incidentally, Alex's sneering claims that despite trying, he can't find one little shred of respect for George, pretty much distills everything about why I hate his character down to one single sentence.

P.S. OOH!  If this blind item isn't about Owen/Cristina, I will be upset.  Because, um, I need it to be.  It would make my life if Cristina got to play out both the ectopic pregnancy and regular pregnancy scenarios, however filled with strife the latter might be.  I can't recall this ever happening, so it would be like Shonda had reached into my brain.  I might have to forgive her for Mark/Lexie! 

Now watch, it'll end up being about Brothers & Sisters or something.  Or some other couple on Grey's.  I should probably rein myself in right now and resign myself to the idea that every finale this year is going to be horrible and/or the opposite of what I expect and hope.
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