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Journey's End Status Update: I wasn't going to mention it this time, but now UNRELATED FLIST DRAMA HAS SET ME BACK A WHOLE LOT (nope, no details) and because I don't know what to say or do except feel bad I have chosen to FLING MYSELF BACK INTO THE ABYSS OF SADNESS and am now torturing myself by thinking directly about all the problems and complications that would come with this new...state of things.  You know, in the interim time before it fell into place

*flings self into new distractions*

Bones, 4x23, "The Girl in the Mask"
Japanese mask, Self, for future reference.  Also, it was boring.  Let me see if I can tug out five things that made it worth my while:

1) ENDING SCENE.  Did you get little shivers running up your spine at how vehement Booth was insisting that love is always worth it?  Because I did.  And then I melted into a puddle of goo and was unavailable for comment for several hours.  Never mind the fact that he actually fed her a bite of ice cream.  At this rate, I will have to start documenting the cuteness in picspam form, if I did not routinely find people to do it for me.  

1.5) FACT: ice cream > beer.

2) "You're a lucky woman, Dr. Brennan."  I love how everybody on the entire planet, except Bones, is now aware of the significance of Booth/Bones.  I think even the body parts on the tables pick it up at this point.

3) Dr. Anime Hair was supposed to look androgynous?  I just assumed she was a woman and gave it no thought until they made an entire subplot out of it.  A really annoying subplot. 

4) Are we officially down to 3 or 4 grad students, then?  PICK WENDELL.  If she still hasn't decided, I guess I could handle it if the law of averages worked out to having a good assistant every other episode.  PICK WENDELL.  Sorry, do you hear that?  Must be some sort of PICK WENDELL subliminal echo...

5) Booth was extremely delightful all hour, but I think I wanted the case to be more interesting than it was.  It had so much creepy potential, and then, blah.

Private Practice, 2x21, "What You Do for Love"
Blech, I can't believe this dreck got renewed.  I had hope!  I was all, if I can just stick it out a little longer...there was light at the end of the tunnel, come on!  And then it collapsed.  What did they do, just watch this episode and ignore all the awful ones before it in making their decision?  Because this one seemed less terrible than usual.  It wasn't great, I was just relieved that it wasn't the worst thing ever seen on TV.

Some thoughts I had!

-OPENING SCENE FOR WIN AND EVER.  Cooper cuddling holding Violet and practicing breathing!  They were like an actual couple and for a few seconds I was able to completely believe that they were actually having this baby together, like it always should have been!  And then Charlotte showed up to ruin the moment.  As usual.  Why is that?  Why can't they ever have a nice scene all to themselves that doesn't end with her?  Because once she joins the scene, then I just start having Big Love visions in my head and convince myself this is all okay because Cooper simply has two wives, and it's really weird.

-Okay, I'm sorry, but WHATEVER.  A 17-YEAR-OLD BOY HAVING SEX IS JUST NOT THE SAME AS A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL HAVING SEX.  IT'S JUST NOT.  Listen to Sam, y'all.  Sam is always right before you twist his head around and force him to follow your moral code.  (I don't even know what my moral code on this show is anymore.  I changes weekly; I think I just go for whichever angle the majority of the doctors/audience don't.)

-That being said, anyone stupid enough to disclose an underage teacher/student sexual relationship and believe that it's okay since you REALLY TRULY LOVE EACH OTHER, deserves to get thrown in jail for statuatory rape.  And seeing as these two were in Real True Love, I don't understand why she couldn't just contain herself until it, you know, stopped being a crime.  It stops being a crime the day he turns 18, right?  

-Dell still sucks.  Also, at this point, I think they've maxed out the limits of their patience and honestly need to fire him.  They can hire him back later if they love him that much, but right now he needs a serious wake-up call. 

-Um, you know what, I think I would let a murderer get away to get a heart for a pregnant lady.  Just in this one special case.  Besides, didn't anybody listen to the guy saying "I wish I could give her my heart?"  I realize that sounds mighty suspicious in retrospect, being within hearing range of his brother-who-happens-to-be-a-nurse-and-also-love-his-wife-more-than-him...but I prefer to think that he committed suicide upon realizing the latter fact, taking a good hard look at his lifestyle and realizing he'd probably never fully be there for his wife and/or child anyway, and this was the greatest gift he could give.

Look, I watched Meat Loaf be ready to do this on "House," so I see no reason it couldn't transfer over.  (Besides, I was just very fond of this whole storyline.  Poor sweet, dopey, besotted brother who never dared to make a move!)

-Violet's sort of...peacock-colored dress, it's magical:

-Not magical: SHELDON.  Ick, ugh, ugh.  There is just nothing remotely appealing about him at all.  Not even in a good friend/nice guy kind of way.  Pete broke up with Idina Menzel for you, Violet!  COME ON, GIVE HIM SEVERAL MORE CHANCES. 

-Sam: "When you love someone, and it's not right, sometimes the best thing to do is let them go.  And move on."  -- ARE YOU LISTENING, COOPER??

-Oh my God, Sam, geeze.  "I can't be friends with you anymore"?  See, I think you can!  You can be FRIENDS WHO DON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR DATING LIVES.  I didn't talk to my friends about who they were dating!  I didn't even know which of them WERE dating unless they had a super-serious boyfriend!  I am living proof it can be done!  I have maybe never hated a storyline as much as I hate The Tango of Naomi.

(see what I did there, with the Rent reference and Idina and...okay)

My feelings on Southland
"It was good.  I love the theme tune so much I had to bust out my flute for the first time in a year and play it, then download it so I could listen to the 30-second clip over and over again and drive myself mad (also, look, here it is in a full-length song!).  I still hate Dewey, but Chickie is my favorite!  Ben is like a cuddly little puppy officer.  Speaking of which, there was a Great Dane!  Sorry, did I say good?  I meant amazing in ways I can't articulate; EVERYONE SHOULD JUST BE WATCHING IT SO I KNOW WHAT TO SAY."  Now if they'd just knock out the narrator, and maybe their insistence on rewinding 12 hours at the start of every episode...
Also, all of the above is just a cover-up for the fact that I have to take my dog to the traveling clinic for shots all by myself this morning, and I'm highly afeared of speaking to the vets.  People are terrifying!  And I've gotten much too cozy in my little nest cocoon at home where I don't have to interact with them.  (I suspect this is why I'm being made to do it.  "Dad has to work," whatever.) 

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