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(I think I should consider changing my journal's tagline to this lyric.  It is obviously me in a nutshell)

Er, I apologize, but I AM HAVING MORE THINKY THOUGHTS ABOUT DOCTOR WHO.  I can't stop myself so I am hyperactively recording them here - if I don't post my mental progress, I will get so tangled up that I won't remember what the hell I was thinking about at all, and that would make me sad.

(insert: my brain working overtime to try and articulate how I feel about the last scene in Journey's End - well, the last scene that counts, a/k/a Bad Wolf Bay Redux - utterly failing to do so, and then I accidentally come up with a new coping mechanism)

"Wait, I has a new idea!  A RILLY BRILLIANT ONE (by which I mean 'full of crack,' because if I don't laugh, I cry)."

Still operating under the theory that the earth will be sufficiently protected by Torchwood & Sarah Jane (oh, and maybe Jenny!  I forgot about her!), the Doctor pops himself back to...I dunno...1917?  (skipping over that messy little war).  And fobwatches himself right back into John Smith.  JOHN/JOAN FOREVER.  (Joan can just deal with him suddenly reappearing in her life and not remembering that he is or ever was a Time Lord or dealt with aliens or anything.)
(insert: more thinking and replaying while failing to write anything down until my thoughts pick up here)

OH DEAR.  I have been so busy only remembering the potential for good that I temporarily forgot about "You made me better."  Which, that line utterly destroys me.  Every time I think I could be okay with this new state of things, try to convince myself that this will eventually work because if she doesn't accept it and try to be happy then it makes the Doctor's sacrifice pointless (I am oversimplifying things on purpose here - don't argue with me yet; the detailed explanation got lost in my brain).  ...then I remember that and it kills me anew.  It's the only thing in that whole scene that he admits for himself rather than deflecting or pushing her in the other direction.  OUCH, MY HEART. Speaking of things, that destroy me, I'm listening to music on shuffle right now, and -- 

2. Dear Sansa: Are you in cahoots with Windows Media Player?  Surely there's no other reason you'd play "Goodbyes," "Song for Ten," and "Rose's Theme" all in a row?  I'm trying to decide if "Stay" fits the pattern...

Wait, wait, I HAVE A NEW GAME.  For the next 20 songs, I will magically relate the lyrics to Doctor/Rose (and mind the deliberate slash mark).  OBSERVE:  [Edit: The only rule is that if it's already a Doctor/Rose song in my view, it gets excluded, so...take that, My Immortal & Last Night on Earth & Boats and Birds!  And in retrospect, I bet I could make this a real meme - insert your ship/fandom of choice - if I did not have such an aversion to writing even the simplest of copy-paste instructions.]

Also, I was this close to turning this game into that fic meme, where you write something for the duration of the song, but since I've never even tried to write Doctor Who fic, it would all pretty much come out sounding the same: me frustratingly working out my issues with Journey's End in terrible, thinly-veiled third person POV.  So we'll just pluck out lyrics and comment on them, as I do.

1. Blackbird - Evan Rachel Wood
-You were only waiting for this moment to arrive (cue "Rose's Theme" and an otherwise-empty street)

-Take these broken wings and learn to fly
(broken wings, a phrase here meaning New Ten and/or her suddenly clipped joy)

2. I Will Show You Love - Kendall Payne
Well that's just too easy.
Watch your dreams like falling stars, heartache made you who you are

3. In This Life - Delta Goodrem
I have faltered, I have stumbled, I have found my feet again
I've been angry and I've been shaken, found a new place to begin

I think that works pretty well for Rose in Pete's World

4. Do You Want to Play? - Jewel (A CHALLENGE, SIR)
Don't ever give away what you can't take back

Which sort of implies that Rose is an object, but WHATEVER.  He essentially handed her off - gave her away - and now the next time the universes magically break down and they're reunited, as they so would if Tennant wasn't leaving, it'll be too late.

5. Taxi Ride - Tori Amos (ohoho!  You think you're gonna throw me for a loop?)
We've all been pushed too far today

Almost anywhere in the two parts of the finale, really.

6. In The Ayer - Flo Rida
...dude, that's just playing dirty.  Uh, um, that was a practice round!

6. Hard Candy - Counting Crows
All the regrets you can't forget
Are somehow pressed upon a picture
In the face of such an ordinary girl

This is where I really wish I was doing the fic meme...not that I actually have idea , but, you know.  I have a mental picture within the TARDIS. 

7. Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys
All of our time spent in flashes of light


8. Awake - Josh Groban (oh, I see we're back to the easy ones)
We can't stay like this forever
But I have you here today

9. Dignity - Hilary Duff
Curses!  The game has defeated me.  This round.

10. Emily - Jewel
One moment here then gone
With no forwarding address

Hard to pass mail between parallel worlds.

11. Ooh Oh - Keri Noble (ooh, oh, challenge?)
What if I want you just to walk away
From all the pain we have both
been through?

*tilts head*  I mean, isn't that what he asks in the end?  Essentially?  I'm sorry it's dressed up in slightly schmaltzy lyrics, but...on second thought, THE POINT OF THIS GAME IS TO FIND A WAY TO WARP EVERYTHING AROUND MY SHIP.

12. What Child is This - Josh Groban
*rolls eyes*  Way to make it impossible on the very next selection.  See, in the fic meme, I could have set something during one of the Christmas specials.  But noooo, I had to be lazy.
13. Wait for You - Elliot Yamin (Oh, hell yes.  Just watch me.  *cackles*)
Rose --> Doctor
You're still in love with me
Don't leave me crying

Doctor 2 --> Rose, hypothetically
Why can't we just start over again, get it back to the way it was?
If you give me a chance, I can love you right
But you're telling me it won't be enough

14. Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap
...the hell, why can't I make this work?  It is a lyrical masterpiece! 

15. A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion (oh, Celine.  KILL ME, WHY DON'T YOU)
RS forfeits this round on the grounds that the song mocks and taunts her and sinks her further into the pit of despair.

16. Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories
Sometimes a lie is the best thing

Lie, a verb illustrated in both the sentence "And I'm him" and Rose's kiss.

17. Stay - Beth Hart (the "Stay" mentioned above was a different song entirely, by Alison Krauss)
When I was young, just a little girl
I'd sing to the sun & dream with the world
Now I got a suitcase full of memories

...I don't know; is a slight stretch.  I again wish I was doing the fic meme.  Little Rose would be delightful.

18. Still Standing - The Rasmus
Wish I could have you by my side
Tonight when the sky is burning

Think I am going to Turn Left places with this one...

19. What Goes Around Comes Around - Justin Timberlake (BWAHAHA!  And yet:)
Don't want to think about it
Don't want to talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
Can't believe it's ending this way

Sorry, that's my reaction to Doctor Who.  Here's the Doctor/Rose bit:
Is this the way it's really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?

See, it's slightly different!

20. Buildings - Regina (slightly edited for repetition)
She would ask for time
An she would beg for time
And he would give her time
But time is not given and time is not taken

Which clearly sums it up.  Also, HAHA.  WAY TO SIGNAL THAT THE GAME IS OVER, SANSA.  ("Doomsday") music library and I have a special relationship.  Be quiet. 

And finally, just because I really want to share what sparked the game off...
Goodbyes - Jess Anderson
Is it so wrong to want to stay now that I've found you?

In other news, this is what I actually meant to post about, before my lousy brain took things in a new direction.

3. Numb3rs, 5x20, "The Fifth Man"
I liked this one a whole bunch.  I'm also pretty sure I'm going to get so distracted by the shiny pictures that I forget what the hell I was writing about and just have chunk of garbled paragraphs that I forgot to go over and edit for coherency.  Like usual.

First, I know this episode is about Don, but I still have to get all the Charmita out of my system first,  because they are the only couple cute enough to require as much screencapping as Medium - as of right now I love them more than Jim & Pam. 

Scene 1: Yep, that sounds about right for Charlie - have a convenient mental breakthrough just in time to get out of moving, and ask you father and  girlfriend to do the rest for you.  XD  I'm particularly amused by the one shot where Amita comes in with a trolley of boxes taller than she is, and when she helps him push the top box off the stack, she totally trips and falls against it, whilst he remains blissfully unaware.  I felt like this sight gag could have been a cartoon sequence and gone on for a really long time.

But Amita gets in a sneak attack and interrupts him with at least one kiss while she's dashing around, so it's all good.  ...I did a really terrible job selecting the right frame.  It, um, it only lasts two seconds!  Was hard to convey her little manuever in one shot! 

Also, HAH!  I love Spy's commentary - "Charlie's moving offices?  Is it because this one's darker?  It is, isn't it?"

Scene 2: Wasn't there a time when Charlie completely avoided his dying mother when she was in the hospital?  (that's a real question; my memory is bad)  And now he'd rather wait for Don than work on math until ordered to do so by his father.  Amita still has to lead him out.

Scene 3: I'm alarmed but not a little intrigued by angry!Charlie hurling unpacked boxes to the ground to vent his frustration at himself.  It caught me off guard, but I've also replayed it like a billion times because it is just so *different* to see him snap.  Also, ♥♥♥ for Amita's ability to handle him  (see, this is why they need to get married. It's just written all over them)  Waits right through his temper, then uses her patented Charlie Calming Voice to talk him back to reason.  Physically turning his face to meet her eyes was a nice touch.  I think I'll even give them full-sized pictures:

"Charlie.  I can't do this alone."

(Stupid math writing obscuring the view that otherwise would have made pretty banners for some of the six Charmita shippers in the world.  Who directed this, anyway?  Because we need to have words about your frequent problems with filming on the wrong side of windows)

Scene 4: Clinging to Charlie when Don crashes.  Which I would screencap, except that it's so obscured by the blinds it's not even worth it.  Alternatively, I could grab the shot with their arms around each other a few seconds beforehand, listening to updates on his condition, but I'd rather sulk at the director.  Oh, what the hey.


Scene 5: "Don't try and be a hero."  Also, the director wins relief from a tiny bit of my wrath for this lovely shot of their hands.

You know, sometimes when my Pushing Daisies angst of "how did such joy and wonder ever come to be canceled, howwww??" gets to me, I look at these two and sigh in contentment that such joy and wonder continues to roll itself out on a semi-weekly basis. *knocks on wood*

*checks off the wishlist*  Right, so the "Don attacked/hospitalized" scenario is fulfilled...fulfilled quite nicely, too, first with a stabbing instead of the run-of-the-mill bullet, and second, not with some wimpy cop-out hospital visit.  We've got a full-fledged 5-hour surgery, breathing tube, and a flatline/revival with paddles.  You done good, TPTB. 

In the midst of this we've  got plenty of time for Robin to show up and worry (although I protest the imbalance of Robin vs. Alan in the hospital; it's not as Robin was of any more use working on the case when she was, YOU COULD TOTALLY HAVE HAD HER THERE WHEN DON WOKE UP), Alan to show off every parenting skill he's got and remind me why he's not completely useless all of the time, and most importantly, a whole walloping pile of Charlie Angst. 

The Charlie angst is clearly the best part of all, specifically his voice and mini-meltdown accompanying "I can't take it. I can't take seeing him like this."

But I also loved Robin running up, teary-eyed and babbling apologies about not being able to get there sooner as Alan just greets her with a hug, and that rather adorable revelation later on that Alan sang Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (whol album) to newborn!Don. 

Finally, it's probably a sign that I watch way too many medical dramas that my first thought, in the final scene, was "isn't that too many people to have in the room at once?"  My second thought was "ugh, make the Hello Kitty balloons stop; it's embarrassing."  And my third thought was, "ENOUGH with that horrid acoustic version of 'Teardrop'!!!  The original one is perfectly good!  It's beautiful and pretty and sung by a woman!"

I forgive all of these things for two reasons:
1) In addition to Robin's crack about how she has Don's orders for limited duty "in writing and notarized," they share one meaningful look.  It is ridiculously fleeting and all we get, but it's something.  Something that in any non-het-hating fandom, I would expect to be all over icons within 72 hours.

2) Even when they're brief and awkward, honest exchanges between the brothers melts my little heart.

FBI Gang
-Well, if one cast member has to miss an episode no matter what, Larry was definitely the right choice this time around.  (Although, I notice Robin managed to get out of *her* conference...)  Would have been nice to have him there, but wasn't imperative. 

-Colby finally came back!  I barely had spare brainpower to register this, but he and David were back in fine form, even if the latter is busy freaking out slightly about having to be the leader and balance partnership with boss duties.  But that's okay.  He & Granger are awesome even when they're in a fight.

Furthermore, HAH!  I love that when the suspect bolts, Colby takes a moment to sigh to himself and be like, "Not this again," before taking off after him over hill and dale.  It's the little moments you miss.

-I have no time for Nikki's guilt, but I will take the brief glimpse into the past at Liz's musing that when they were dating, she was always terrified of this happening - afraid that he'd be more focused on protecting her than himself. Aw.

-Also, I love that Liz is the only one who routinely remembers Charlie's math.  I barely recognize that they mention Game Theory an awful lot.  Whatever that is.

-I have to admit, I was a little bit worried about Charlie's potential idiocy in going to act as the decoy.  Ordinarily I might have assumed he was smart enough to have the FBI backing him up, but Amita was making a pretty big deal out of him not sleeping.  I had no idea what kind of mental state he was in; "lack-of-sleep crazy" seemed like a valid option.

But since that wasn't the case, I'll just be over here, basking at the emotional charge of "I wanted to see the face of the man who stabbed my brother."

Yep, I think that's all I got on the investigative part of the plot.
4. The vet clinic went well; per usual, the only thing Kym couldn't stand was the torturous boredom of being forced to sit in one place for 20 minutes doing nothing.  And the slight embarrassment of her eventually venting this frustration in shrieky whines, which occasionally crescendoed into yaps at a furiously growling terrier, and forced me to walk her off a little ways so she could mellow (sometimes it is like I'm parenting a toddler).  But other than that, fine.  She likes vet attention - they were very nice - and has no idea she's even getting shots.  Also, there was a wild sparrow flying around the store.  Poor lost bird. 

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