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The title I actually wanted to write, right up until about 9:30, was "*clunk*" to signify what a dull episode "Obsession" was, and how NY just hit its low for the season...

...but then there were horses!  Specifically a Mustang!  And a homeless guy's uber-fluffy (and way too clean to be living on the streets), cuddly white terrier mix!  To whom Danny was all baby-talk like!  Animals!  Exclamation points!

Okay, I really wanted to see Flack reach out and pat a random horse's neck before they left the stables.  I don't care if that kind of thing is frowned upon; I want to know that despite his cat allergy, there is still hope to make him an animal lover, or at least liker.  The pets department is only area that the otherwise completely swoon-worthy Don is severely lacking, and probably the only one in which Danny can show him up.

Then again, here's just more proof that Mac knows horses (ooh!  Fanfic people!  Write me a story about Mac & Claire & Claremont Stables!  Or any other horseback-riding adventure of your choice, I suppose), and I never turn down an opportunity for golden stuff like that.  :)

Because animals are the only interesting part of the storyline, let's keep talking about them.  Who else feels sorry for poor "born in the wild" Harley that he's now living in a crappy stall in the middle of NYC?  I've never been near New York and all my knowledge of Central Park comes from TV shows and movies, but no matter how nice its equine living quarters are, I don't think they include paddocks, much less pastures.  So that poor Mustang probably spends a hell of a lot of time locked up in the equivalent of a jail cell.

I'm not really an advocate for keeping horses in stables, as you can probably tell.  Stables are useful things to have, to protect horses from summer heat, thunderstorms, blizzards and freezing winter nights, but horses should spend the majority of the day left loose to stretch their legs, preferably in the company of other horses.  As herd animals, they require companionship of the equine variety and room to roam.

Also, because no mention was made of the fluffy white terrier after his homeless owner was strolled off (presumably to jail) I'm going to decide my own canon again and pretend Danny took the pup home. He's already got one dog, right?  Why not two?  Oh come ON, he looked so cute kneeling down and going nose to nose with the pup! I want that for an icon!  I want that image, with "puppy love" emblazoned over it, for my avatar!
Other Things
1. Don got a lot of screentime.  It wasn't very interesting screentime - mostly him channeling the Law & Order characters, in all their boring exposition - but at least I got to look at him.  And he had that great line from the beginning, "Couple kids came into the 35, said that a friend's football may have accidentally killed a man.  I locked 'em up for fun."

And another great line later on, arresting a suspect.  "What's this all about?!" "Parole violation. And I don't like you."

2. Wow.  Anna Belknap's face is getting very moon-shaped.  Is not very becoming.  A'right, you can leave now; come back when I can't tell you've had a child.

3. I'm officially getting sick of Adam hogging screentime.  He's an annoying character, borderline as weird as Hodgins HODGES, and more of a pain because people actually like him.  He is my least favorite lab tech of the whole franchise, and considering how little I like the guys down in Miami, that's saying something.

4. Is there a stupider hobby than shopping cart racing?  Because I don't think there is.

5. Danny/Hawkes friendship moment!  "You're comin' over to my mother's on Sunday."  Sweet.  After CotP, I consider this team terribly tight-knit, but if anything, Hawkes still seems slightly on the outside.  So it's nice to see this particular friendship developing. 

6. Detective Angell sighting!  All kinds of chemical sparks a-flyin' there, too.

7. Which reminds me, why does Danny only ask out the women he works with, and why do only creepy, sexually aggressive women hit on Danny?

Ooh, look at the time.  Buh-bye.  *sprints off to class*
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