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Boring post is boring, sorry.

-Cold Case, 6x21, "November 22"
Branch 1: Jeffries is the funny man of the hour this week.  I'm almost surprised they had room for a plot around all the shots firing back and forth.
(as Jeffries mentions he was playing at recess when Kennedy was assassinated)
Scotty: Recess?  I thought you were like 45 when that happened.
Lily: You're confusing that with Lincoln.

Jeffries: How 'bout a little hoagie with that tabasco sauce?
Vera: Better than that baloney thing you got going on.  Least mine's got taste.
Jeffries: You wouldn't know, you inhale the whole thing anyhow.
The Odd Couple's so cute when they fight about eating habits.  :P

and additional snarking back & forth between him Kat as she proves herself Queen of the Musicals thanks to the drilling of one Ms. Kipplebottom telling her she'd never amount to anything otherwise ("Yeah, lots of theater questions on the police test"), and challenges him to keep up.  My attention span was drifting by that point, but what I caught of this mini sub-plot cracked me up. 

Branch 2: Hey there, Liz's ex-partner Cam!  That's what I'm going to call our victim of the week and his overly-familiar face.  You know what, the whole episode was worth it just for the bright-eyed, spunky little girl playing his daughter who showed up out of the blue at age 11 to claim him as her guardian.  She was sassy yet adorable, and it was so much fun to watch her charm him against his will.  It also broke my heart to watch him choose poker over her as soon as he figured out she wasn't really his - and it broke again when he snapped out of Idiot Mode and realize she was more important, only to get gunned down on his way back to her. 

This was one of those weeks where you found yourself really hating the forgone conclusion.  Because, come on!  What a partnership!  It was like Tony Gates & Sarah all over again, right down to the fact that Cam here was a doctor on ER for a while.  No fair that it only lasted two weeks and it took her 40+ years to find out that he'd wanted her after all!  I think that's what stung the most, frankly.  That her last memory was of him yelling at her for being a little scam artist and that she'd better not be there when he came back. 

Although, in a related note...who in their right mind stands up to a hysterical, unbalanced and lovesick woman with a gun without even trying to placate her?  Who the hell, having failed to placate her, then turns their back on her while she's still pointing the gun?  And how did no one on the entire street in the middle of suburbia, in broad daylight, hear the GUNSHOT?!  I realize they were all distracted by the assassination news,  but...come on.  Surely a real-life gunshot is louder than the radio?

Branch 3: I wasn't really paying attention, but I gleaned that Cooper hasn't told his family about Lily yet, so now she's all in a snit that he doesn't love her and is flinging his token-of-protection medallions back in his face?  Wow.  I'm kind of...not in a mood to sympathize with her side.  That was just unpleasant to watch.  I get that she spent all those years dealing with abandonment and now it's like further rejection, but all her yelling and accusations turned me off.

I'm also hoping that the finale is better...but then again, as the excitement from "Officer Down" fades, I'm starting to feel like Cold Case is taking a very gentle, graceful bow of acceptance and is waiting quietly to be euthanized.

Song Number 1 (name and artist):: "Zydeco Gris-Gris" - Beausoleil
Your favorite lyric from this song:: Cocodries dormir en cyprière / Fifollet danser en cimitière
Does this song have any bad memories attached?:: Nope
What genre is this?:: I'm gonna go with...Zydeco. /Cajun. It's off a New Orleans music sampler.

Song Number 2:: "G.O.P." - Beth Hart
What's the last line of this song?:: Maybe that's why Good Ole People die
Have you ever seen this artist live?:: No
Who does this song make you think of?:: Leaving Fishers, which I was reading about the same time I got this CD.

Song Number 3:: "Buildings" - Regina Spektor
What's the first line of this song?:: He was a husband who drove his wife home drunk from the parties
Where did you first hear this song?:: Part of a "Songs With Beautiful Lyrics" post on a music comm
How about the first time you heard the artist?:: A gorgeous montage set to "Samson" at the end of CSI: NY in 2006

Song Number 4:: "Precious" - Depeche Mode
Who could this be a theme song for, and why?:: Ana girls
Why do you like this song?:: The "angels with silver wings shouldn't know suffering" line, and the music in general
Write down the chorus::
Things get damaged, things get broken
I thought we'd manage
But words left unspoken left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

Song Number 5:: "Watercolors" - Nina Gordon
What kind of film would you choose this as the theme for?:: Anything with a sad scene
Who introduced you to this artist?:: The mix station on the radio
Best part of this song:: My tears are real, I like how they feel, I like how they carry me away

Song Number 6:: "You're Not Sorry" - Taylor Swift
The third line reads:: And it's taken me this long, baby, but I figured you out
How long is this song?:: 4:24
Is it one of your favourites? Why?:: Right now it is. I'm exceedingly fond of it - more than the remix version I fell in love with, even.

Song Number 7:: "Hollywood's Not America" - Ferras
How long have you been listening to this artist?:: Just heard this one song in 2008
What's the cover look like on the album this came from?:: No idea
What's this song about?:: Keeping your dreams of stardom in perspective

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